These kinds of warnings (true or not) raise the question of whether or not parents should send their kids to government schools. Clearly within the Marxist framework, kids in government schools are owned by the government and parents just provide room and board. The only way to break the Marxist stranglehold is to pull your kids out and educate them yourselves. Easier said than done but isn't that true for most things in life?

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Gates warned us that the next epidemic would target children and it looks like he was right. Golly how did he know about this so long ago?

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My sister has homeschooled her 3 kids for 10 years. Everyone laughed at her, called her a freak, I was also previously a skeptic, but in the past few years, I’ve done a complete 180. What a beautiful blessing she has given her children! She teaches them real history, not alternate history. They learn of course, and they also play outside, they draw, they express themselves with music and art. They eat real food for lunch, not cardboard cafeteria food. No teacher is raising questions about their gender. They are loved and they are free.

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Some say that Sky is compromised. There’s some interesting insights into those claims.

I met him in Mexico before. Seemed like a genuine guy though.

Just saying that we should always remain skeptical and independently check sources and info.

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UK is going down fast. Probably doing the same thing here we just don’t see it.

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County of Alamance NC public schools are almost all closed- due to “black mold” discovered about 3 weeks ago. It’s one county away from UNC Chapel Hill-the fulcrum of the entire Covid pandemic. It is also a very red county...

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If I had only known then (30 years ago) what I know now. Home schooling is as important as food !

Blessings from Sydney Australia.

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Yet another reason to: Home school.

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I wonder if when people reflexively respond “Pull your kids out of school!”, they are aware they are unintentionally dooming the poor to die. It feels good to feel like one has an answer about what to do, but that answer condemns all the poor of our nation to death. Not all parents are loving and discerning of the times, but every loving, discerning parent *already would have put their children in a safe, private school, or would homeschool them, IF they could. Children aren’t in school JUST because their parents don’t know better. For many families, public school is the only possibility to educate. It’s not “public school or homeschool”, it’s “public school or no school because the only parent the child has must work multiple jobs to stay off the streets”, for many families.

As a chaplain, I have worked with many mothers escaping violent domestic situations with their children, who are in just this situation, and also many mothers who can’t even escape a murderous husband and so must stay with them.

Many people commenting this way don’t know that they don’t really know what it’s like to have no choices, or only bad choices. I’m actually glad for them, as I don’t wish that kind of heartache on anybody. But it’s quite real for plenty of worthy, hardworking, discerning Americans, esp as more and more parents and supporting family members succumb to jab injuries. The parents may have skipped the shot, but the childcare- or homeschooling-providing grandparents, while the single mom works to pay the bills, may be dying and stroking out from the jabs. I see this happening *everywhere* lately, both in my job, my community, and even in my own family.

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Too may schools closed in CT too. All in my area of about 40 miles From NW CT to Hartford and it was odd.

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Although the crumbling concrete is real. It has been a known issue for several years.

My local hospital is built with it.

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I would recommend looking at the CDC study on the Guangzhou restaurant outbreak, a study that presented a lot of information regarding capabilities, hidden in open view, no tips required. The original strain required an exposure of about an hour, which would be consistent with the infectious dose (ID) of at least 100k particles found in everything we've challenge studied from Syrian hamsters to Rhesus monkeys. The outlier study on humans published by Killingsley searched through 38,000 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35, which suggests they had some stringent criteria for what they were looking for, and 18 of 36 required an ID of only 10.

By definition, a highly contagious disease has an ID no higher than 15, and a secondary attack rate of at least 60%. As you see in this study, the first variant of COVID-19 was only highly contagious, and hence capable of setting off a super spreader event, only for them.

Guangzhou, where nine people, age 20 to 84, were infected in about an hour, tells us that your IFR, which is not a standard rate an epidemiologist would use in prevention and control, is manipulated, because the virus can infect people of any age , by function of sufficient exposure, which would be tied to a location, consistent with the findings throughout pandemic, regardless of variant, that they found no wider community spread.

In a past life, I was actually a biological warfare planner, and in the present I had docketed for certiorari at the Supreme Court a half dozen cases in less than a year during pandemic. Or, I can actually be certified as an expert in court,

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He certainly doesn’t look like somebody I would normally take advice from. Not to judge by appearances. He would definitely appeal to the more radical.

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For what it's worth, I would like to share two comments I got after posting this to my Facebook account. Both from people in the HVAC industry.

1. Here’s my issue…. As a commercial HVAC guy. Let’s go along with this, we are saying that hundreds of schools with security cameras are going to stay silent about this? SOMEONE who installed such devices won’t talk? Not only those 100’s of people have to stay silent but most of the school HVAC by code are not accessible by the public because of this. All the HVAC techs will stay silent too?

I’m very skeptical. Bottomline if you have a child in school and YOUR NOT INVOLVED, shame on you. Day 1 when my 4 year old walked into her school for the first time I did the following:

•Mapped out security

•Asked about camera coverage

•Made note of entrances, exits

•Familiarized myself with the buildings water source and air conditioning

•watched food prep

Protect your child by being involved with your child.

2. I agree 💯.I'm a 30-year HVAC guy myself, and I've flown and installed countless RTU's on schools, and it would be really hard for them to sabotage a system unless it was a service tech doing it. Your average janitor doesn't have a clue outside of a mop bucket.

My issues with public schools are all about CRT and DEI b.s.

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