Hmm. Perhaps the Wellcome Trust people funded the study because they are delusional enough to actually expect these so-called unassailable experts to arrive at a different result and now it has backfired bigly on them. Steve Kirsch says he has an insider at the CDC and that pretty much every person working there is a brainwashed Covidian Cult True Believer. They will never accept study results that don’t confirm their biases. Some of these Fascist Eugenicist Oligarchs minions are too clever by half. Pride cometh before a fall…

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This turnaround is timed, with the others, to support the narrative that WHO should have global control of all public health because domestic public health entities are incompetent. The WHO Treaty is back on the table fter being defeated already this year. They think this helps their cause and that they can somehow present themselves as a better alternative.

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That's some crazy shit right there.

Wellcome Trust Is DEEP into AI/Transhumanism. Highly recommend Whitney Webb's dig into the matter.


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Yes, it just fizzles away as gamed in the SPARS document. Their mission is accomplished, of big depopulation then they get to rule a sickened, weak, demoralized bunch of serfs.

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Great analysis and well researched - thanks.

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Bravo! Great insights here, and the theory feels spot on. The cabal’s endgame is to make the world feel so upside down that we will readily embrace the Great Reset at some point. It just blows my mind that they hold the baton and orchestrate the machinations on earth with a steady tempo. Now we’ll be trying to convince the sheep that this was all a grand plan perpetrated by the same people. What a psy-op. Does anyone still believe someone like Trump is coming to rescue us? Is there any organization on the part of the righteous or is this just going to roll on?

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Wellcome* and Pirbright - Tavistock type Royalty + Intelligence run

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That caught my eye as well, but I assumed the research positions for some of the authors are funded by a Welcome Trust Grant and they are not aware of this particular paper.

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We should make sure always to blame the handlers of the mid-level operatives such as Fauci and Birx. Expose the WEF and its plots constantly, until every normie knows about Klaus Schwab and his gang and their plans for a Great Reset.

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There seems to be coordinated campaign with MSM presently telling the truth about initial injection platform. I don’t know the reason, but It appears to be intentional.

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Makes sense. The global manipulators need to keep the uncertainty levels high.

So with every twist in the plot they will switch their narrative, without warning and without logic, until people won't know who to believe, what to believe, how to go forward.

They are betting on the human tendency to surrender their useless decision-making powers in return for a future they can count on. Peace of mind in exchange for your tormented soul.

And they will seed uncertainty among us, the noncompliant, until we also aren't sure who we can trust... and the resistance is fractured by arguments. 'Divide and conquer' has always worked.

The solution? We need to fight back on the spiritual level, because that's where the globalists are getting their dark wisdom from. (They freely acknowledge this in the UN.) Those who rely exclusively on mental processes will be out-maneuvered every time.

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In an interview conducted by the German Corona Committee a few months ago with two English medical professionals (I forget his title) revealed that. Boris Johnson was funding some new facility and which would have a focus on cancer. The female interviewee found this odd given that cancer rates were declining in the UK. She mentioned that there was a research triangle of sorts between Oxford, London (I think) and one other area (perhaps a technology center). The inference was that there seemed to be a plan in the works for a new approach to medicine that is technologically based. Between hints of a revolution in healthcare and in food/nutrition, there appears to be a goal of radically reshaping and controlling humanity through these two domains.

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So, since we are living out the book of Revelations on the daily,— it’s a good time to mention that, in spite of what many Christians say regarding how things will

go down, the antichrist comes in peacefully and prosperously. He won’t look like a devil nor a crazed Charles Manson. He was made “the full package, comely…” He will be handsome, charismatic, smart and silk tongued, and he will likely swoop in, in just the kick of time, in the midst or great turmoil, and act as a “fixer” of sorts— until he isn’t.

I think we can knock every politician I know of right off the list, just based on the “smart & good looking” aspect, alone. And certainly Sleepy Joe nor even the much-beloved Trump are silk-tongued smooth talkers. I don’t think BoJo could recite the alphabet without outside help and 26 cue cards.

The final generation, the last days, started if you will, when Israel became a nation which was in May of 1948.

Exactly what a generation IS, has sort of changed over the years. On average, how long do people live? How many years to a generation? Just don’t count life expectancy since the vax rollout. That will skew everything.

Know that 911 was a sort of Harbinger of things to come, a warning that if we didn’t straighten up and begin living as we should, honoring God, we would likely be destroyed. Since America is a type of “Jr. Israel”, God’s beloved, made up of many descendants of the tribe of Judah, the warning was to us as well. (All the son’s of Zedikiah were killed in battle, in Isaiah. The daughters of Zedikiah went with their uncle over the Caucasus Mtns. —hence “Caucasians”, into Europe, where SCOTA, daughter of Zed, founded Scotland, and the sisters founded Ireland and Britain as well. The Stone of Destiny, the Stone of Scone, the stone used as a pillow when Jacob battled the angel of God, and was promised he would always have a descendant on the throne, lies under the throne where the British monarchy are coronated. The stone has been stolen 2 times, once by nazis. There is something in the bible about the 3rd “turnover of the stone”… I can’t remember the verse at all. The stone lies under the cathedral, beneath the throne of coronation. The very first promise in the coronation vow is to protect and keep Israel. That’s why they eat scones, as a remembrance).

All that to say, in Isaiah, the Lord promised the Israeli army would lose because they were not seeking HIM. Foreigners came into their land unbeknownst to them and routed them badly. Rather than take it as the warning it was intended to be, the Israelites basically shook their fists at the foreigners and in the face of God, declaring that they would build back stronger, better, bigger, replacing the sycamore trees (that had fallen in that battle) with strong cedars, and they would show THEM who they were messing with. **They declared their strength to be in WHO THEY WERE (we’re badass and we will show YOU!) rather than in WHOSE they were. (“Our strength is in the Lord God” was what He was looking for…) ***

*SO, when we (USA) we’re so badly harmed on 911, the country pulled together. The sycamore tree right by the little church where Geo. Washington went to pray the minute our country came into being, fell right onto the church.

—Days later, Geo BUSH, recited from Isaiah, what I thought was so perfectly fitting at the time, how we are AMERICA and we will build back stronger, better …

(I was cheering Bush on for reading that passage!)

*Sadly, it was the very same passage the Israelis said when they shook their fists in the face of God and those foreigners. It was a harbinger of worse things to come, until the children of Israel finally saw their wicked ways and where it had gotten them, and subsequently saw their way back to God.

*Search what passage Geo Bush read from Isaiah, after 911. Search the previous chapters, which will mention the sycamore and the cedar. Know that people donated strong cedars to be planted where the sycamore that had been around since the days of Geo Washington, and they were planted a year or 2 later. Search other parallels, and perhaps read ahead to what’s next in this tsunami of evil were are currently immersed.

*And if anyone can help me figure out exactly what a generation is, I’d love to hear it. I think we have till 2068 at the very latest, though 2025 makes 80 years. *If you factor in the covid life expectancy drop—(like a rock)- it may be 2023, for all we know.

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VERY SIMPLE. The truth on the deadliness of the vaccines was leaking out, in spite of massive propagandizing by mainstream media (MSM) - and many of those successfully propagandized were the elite or their families, associates, friends. ------- Totally fearlessly, Klaus S, in plain sight, published his book relating C19 and his dreamed about "great reset" only weeks after the start of the story of the pandemic - so it is very clear that they don't care and aren't afraid of their plans being revealed. After all, they, directly or indirectly, control money as the world knows it, and the police and military, as well as 3 letter agencies - maybe worldwide. ------

If one thinks that the Ukraine war is - as it seems to be - or started for the reasons blithely given . . . or that Russia, a space-faring nation with huge industrial capacity, 30 times bigger than Ukraine... was actually "buckling" to Ukraine, .... then there is a bridge in Manhattan for sale cheaply .... ----

Think back - to Ron Johnson's "2nd Opinion" on Jan 24, the February trucker's anti-vax, anti-ID convoys in Canada, US and elsewhere, the growing C19 statistics in February, when, pooof, most all C19 mandates evaporated when the Ukraine was invaded.... Sometimes, the choreographers are not listed in the program of the play or puppet show ... ----

Wellcome controllers recognized that the vaxx reality would soon be clear, even to the most ardent MSM followers! So, like Klaus, why not partially admit the couched "truth"...

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Good insight. What we know for sure, if those who are behind these psyops are several steps ahead of us. The value in chaos is obvious. I imagine too, there is some in-fighting going on. I can't imagine all the players are in agreement on all the issues. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll end of battling each other into extinction. (As Catherine Austin Fits has suggested.)

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Of course, with everything that comes out, even the stuff the we agree with, you have to ask why this and why now? I do agree that it could be admission of guilt to let people know they've been poisoned in order to tear apart society, but there is a flaw in this thinking. I was going to say that I don't think anyone would give a shit, as they don't seem to give a shit about anything else. But then I forgot about the MSM brain washing. The MSM will turn this up to 11 to get the reaction they want. But will people really see the UN and The WEF as any different. SURELY NOT. THEY WOULDNT BE THAT STUPID WOULD THEY?

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