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Great and witty article! Thank you! If it wasnt for lives that will be lost along the way and all the emotional upheaval, scars, traumas, families torn apart , people lives altered in unimaginable ways for generations to come in ways only very deep trauma of war can I would be able to maybe giggle and fantasize that united we can change the course of history unfolding ahead of us.

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Meet a retired Air Force pilot who was scrambled out of Dulles to interface with a UFO. Flying at 500 mph or so, he was along side of the UFO and it speed up and disappeared. He stated it was not from this earth.

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Blah, Blah, Blah...nukes, aliens, covid, climate. The only good thing about all of this is that it seems like a lot of spaghetti is being thrown against the wall. The bad thing, I guess, is that it's sticking. It's so frustrating living in a swamp of zombies who are 1) still terrified of the 'Ro; 2) wholly unwilling to understand the impending doom & despair.

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The Milky Way galaxy is approximately 600,000,000,000,000,000 (17 zeros) miles wide. That is 100,000 light years. IF there were UFO’s visiting us they would have to have technology and knowledge well beyond what we are even close to having.

A) why would they “crash” their spacecrafts here with such high intelligence and technology?

B) they would likely have capabilities to defeat any defenses we would muster

C) they’d likely take a quick look at this 🌎 and see the sh*tshow that it is, and move on! 🤡🤡🤡🌎

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met Von Braun as a kid. He actually came up to me and introduced himself, which blew this 11 year old away. dear old dad was involved with the space program. He also thought highly of him. Considering dad was a combat officer in the ETO in WW II he had NO love for the Nazis.

Von Braun had to join the party to get into their rocket program. He was as complicit as any other tangential party member, but 'war criminal' is a stretch. He was a brilliant visionary. He was Paperclip's biggest prize.

If not us, the CCCP would have gotten him. Keep that in mind. He did warn about how politicians would use this field to promote scares in the future. Project Blue Beam has been on the table for decades and they won't leave anything in their bag of tricks while they're hunted down.

They're setting you up for it right now...

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When All Else Fails: PSYOP-UFO

LOL ... ya know, it wouldn't suprise me to read warnings about naked banshees ready to attack wielding razor sharp crosses claiming that the white race sent them.

Nothing's off the table.

As to people believing it, most will, unfortunately. Lost on most is that just prior to the beginning of the execution portion of PSYOP-19 (since it was planned and prepped for for years) faith and trust in government was in the pits. But lo and behold, the moment it began, trust and faith in the government, the medical "system" in particular, skyrocketed.

I mean honestly, channeling PT Barnum and Edward Bernays.

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I had a normie friend send me an Atlantic article on UFOs (because he thought I was into that stuff due to my “conspiratorial nature”)... I laughed and told him that the article was peddling “little green men” when there’s more than sufficient information that “anti-gravitic” type propulsion tech has been researchers for at least the last 80 years. (The Hunt for Zero Point). Also of note is that there’s a potential link between zero point energy and the ability to manipulate “gravitational fields”. Tom Bearden wrote quite a bit on this topic.

So... yeah. Military tech potential far outweighs any “space squid” story they will peddle. The REAL aliens are the psychopaths who push inhumane agendas to wipe out their own species. Could they be possessed by demons or something? They sure as hell act like it.

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Yeah, if they were an intentional threat, that would have manifested many decades ago. If we keep pushing weapons in space there could be a reactionary threat, but that would be on us.


As relates to von Braun, I’m not familiar with his being a war criminal. I apologize if I may have missed it, but one has to violate an International Law to be one of those, and rocket engineering doesn’t quality, nor does being a WWII Nazi or ranked into SS itself, unless one commits an International War Crime. I met the man in mid-50's. Fascinating - totally immersed in visions of space flight like a kid. All enthusiasm. I remember him describing a future swimming pool in space as a water ball shape with swimming on the inside of the hollow water ball.


I suggest reading one or more of the heavily documented disclosure books by Col. Fletcher Prouty. He was one of the pilots who flew out German scientists to the US, was present at some of the Big Four conferences of WWII, and covers in details how the US operated and what roles our intelligence played from early WWII , including establishment of the CIA and how it went off the rails, Vietnam, shipment of US weapons to North Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, overthrows, false and black flags, etc., up until President Kennedy’s assassination, about which he has a lot to say.


Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, served under three presidents, was the Pentagon liaison between the Joint Chiefs and the CIA. He established the Office of Special Operations (Military Support of the Clandestine Operations of the CIA), and was Chief of Special Operations for Joint Chiefs 62-63. In 1963 wrote the formal directive on covert ops used by Joint Chiefs for all military services. In 1964 retired as chief of Special Operations.

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Throughout history, UFO s & Aliens have always been seen as the enemy. This is a calculated narrative that will justify the money spent to “ fight” them. All countries will attempt to come together to achieve this. President Reagan hinted about this, as did many past Presidents and officials. It’s all a scam. I believe there are aliens but they are not evil or threatening. In fact, one recent documentary I watched, claimed that hidden nuclear missiles ( in the U.S.), had been deactivated or damaged in a way that was unexplainable. This sounds more like a reaction from a higher level of intelligent life.

They don’t want to see us “ F” up our world.

The elites, that planned the Covid fiasco, are concerned they might not be unable to

“ control” aliens, like they do us. Duh?! Wouldn’t that be the coolest? The aliens come to save the planet from tyranny, slavery, and death? With Fauci, Gates, & the rest of the guilty elites gone or “ dismantled”, we would be left with redeveloping our world. ( and in 80 years, we’d screw it up again.) But, it’d be cool. God can do this too, no problem. That’d be extra cool! They are equally as scared of this scenario. The unexplained & mostly unseen, is 90% of our world right? Faith is a weapon they know nothing about. Build your faith & we build an army. No lie. This is spiritual warfare & my Gods not flinching. Neither am I. 😇🇺🇸💕

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There's a video of that particular Trump talking about the Tesla possessions. His facial expressions and words are less than convincing on the 'we found nothing of interest' line.

There was actually another Austrian wizard who was developing a line of technology, one which ultimately leads to the same place Tesla's technology was going, that the government also swooped in on. Viktor Schauberger. His was born out of water and geometry rather than electricity, but his later discoveries were tending towards the subtle forces just like Tesla was with his impulse current technology.

I think they've been tinkering with all of that in places like Area 51. I also think Bob Lazar was put out deliberately (whether he's aware of it or not) to specifically misdirect people with the 'element 115' nonsense, keeping people fixated on a particular physics paradigm involving gravity - I also believe Einstein was a cardboard cut-out designed to shoehorn us into this particular paradigm, just long enough for the ruling class to figure out the real physics and technology.

"The day when we shall know exactly what electricity is will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race" - Nikola Tesla

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Sure it’s listed as abandoned,(sure it was), look at the earlier patents the tech uses. Everything we know is a lie. Project Blue Beam on deck

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People in ufology have been saying this for over a decade. The government will use the threat of an alien attack as an excuse. They even have the technology to install huge holographic pictures in the sky to scare the population. Don’t fall for it. All extraterrestrials are more highly evolved then we are, especially spiritual. If they would have wanted to take over or destroy us they would have eons ago. We are a barbaric, corrupt and violent culture and they have tried helping us many times, with good intentions but man has always taken the information and technology for corrupt and nefarious purposes. Some men has been communicating with other beings for a long time, we don’t need the government to acknowledge what many already know.

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Is it any surprise given Von Braun had established precedence with contributing to the greatest PsyOp prior to 9/11 in the Apollo Moon Landing hoax?

It must be true. I saw it on TV.

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Is this to distract us from the 3 million illegal alien invaders coming across our border as replacements?

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Did you catch the recent Joe Rogan #1853 podcast from 8/4 with Jeremy Corbell about his UFO documentary? Laying a foundation??

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Why on Earth would UFO's want to come here? We are the most screwed up planet in the Universe.

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