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Consolidate, then enact change through nationalized banking system?

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God, gold, guns, gardens.

(I just made that up)

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The entire system is based on overheating the money printer, and soon we're gonna find out who's been swimming naked.

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Central banking is legalized counterfeiting.

USURY ensures all money ends up in the same hands, it's only a matter of time. A mathematical certainty.

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Serious question: What would you suggest we do with our money? Time to empty your bank account? Dig a hole in the ground and stash it there? Is there anything left to invest in as a normal citizen?

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The banking system was broken as soon as deregulation happened.

Banks could "invest" aka gamble with deposits.

Add to that, the ridiculousness of the FRACTIONAL RESERVE system which allows them to loan a lot... In a time where most loans are on severely overpriced real estate.

Meanwhile, the real solution would be a state bank that doesn't leech profits to shareholders and executives. One such successful bank is the state bank of North Dakota.

Also what is clear is that most did not realize that the ridiculous rise in real estate Was INFLATION. In fact, it was much more damaging than food and fuel because we spend a lot more on housing than those 2 things.

But dummies thought ridiculous rates of rise was like some kind of investment...

Good job people and pundits with your greediness.

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What was that old saying? "First by inflation...then by deflation." Something like that..

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Nice details! Yes, this is bigger than 2008; a fine example of how fractional reserve banking can be used to elicit bank failures.

Also, it's important that the article points out the role of commercial real-estate prices in the process.

Banks forced to fail also play an integral part of the way it's going to play out globally:


And yes, this is only the beginning of the end:


The globalists' game will also end, but it might not happen soon enough:


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Train like a warrior in a garden now, so that you don't have to be a gardener in a war soon.

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Looking forward to buying a Rolls with my doped gold coin from the Perth Mint. Who's with me?


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It was predetermined that JP Morgan Chase would end up owning First Republic. Be careful of Jamie Dimon and the goal is to have the entire banking industry in the hands of the chosen few. ESG is just the beginning and life will soon suck for most of us. If Biden can get away with everything he and his family have done so can the financial world.

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In the short term fear of a banking collapse is the main issue.. in droughts some farms go but others buy them.. no different only JPM has engineered the crisis to do what they are doing .. picking up the pieces.. with over 4000 banks in the USA you won’t miss a few.. just hope your not holding the one that falls..

in the longer term

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When a bank collapses just get your mates to pretend that you had money in the failed bank as many in israel allegedly did when SVB went broke. These people will be paid back the billions, that they allegedly never had in the bank in the first place, by the people of the World who use dollars for trade or saving as Biden prints more dollars to give these "never were" depositors "back" so diluting honest people's dollar holdings.

Banking is a massive fraud scheme run to benefit a very few families as becomes clearer with each passing day.

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The sky has been full of military planes, a lot of them have "gitmo" call signs, even seen some with "cabal". There are truther claims that Gitmo is the place where military tribunals and executions for cabal/deep state have been going on. Derek Johnson says he was offered to be a journalist for the public tribunals to happen this Summer, and that what's happening in the sky has to do with mass arrests taking place:



Also a couple guys here claim to have insider knowledge that the worst fallout of the financial crash of the cabal's US dollar will be averted with a new, decentralized, asset-backed Quantum Financial System using XRP, XRM, and Starlink (there have been claims benevolent ET's are connected to it, for example in the video below they say the QFS compliance officer somehow is, and this ET connection is backed up by Elena Danaan: https://www.elenadanaan.org/afternoon-tea-with-an-alpha-centaurian):


Interestingly there's a quantum.gov US federal website, and a fairly recent video of Trump using the phrase "New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living" where he hints at new technologies:


Whatever happens, the future will not be boring.

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I mean not really. 2008 dollars were worth a lot more than 2023 dollars. Lol

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And you are clearly right up there with the smartest guys in the world.

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