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Hence the reason the Greek word "pharmakeia" is translated "witchcraft" in the book of Galatians and "sorcery" in the book of Revelation!:


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Considering abortion is satanic and that COVID vaccines were made using cell lines from dissected-alive babies, what if they are making satanic spells over the vaccines?

WARNING: what’s coming next:


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The vaccs are satanic enough without spells cast over them. Isn’t an ingredient Lucerfierence?

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It does indeed seem to be happening.

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I had an idea today. Someone had mentioned putting markers up ( flags or ribbons) to represent deaths from Covid vaccines. They are doing this in Europe, so I looked it up. The problem here is it wouldn’t last, or we would need a “ protest” permit, too much red tape to take up that much space in a park, etc.

So, what about ribbons around trees or anywhere? Like back in the war days,


But, maybe instead of yellow we do red, white & blue. The elite globalists hate our national pride and love for this country. They want us to be all one country under tyrant rule.

I think we show them, visually, that we will defend this country to the end. We can use yellow- but definitely not white. That’s a sign of surrender, and that won’t happen.

The ribbons can represent lost loved ones to the Covid vaccine. It can represent how strong we are & that we will not forget the last 3 years. Names can go on a larger ribbon or words “ we won’t forget”, on others. Or just plain, doesn’t matter. And if it really takes off, it would send a message nationwide & worldwide that we are done with the lies, the bioweapons, and continual fear- mongering, by these cowards. Mostly, it would represent the individuals, and their families that have paid the biggest price if all. And the deaths will continue, unfortunately, as will unknown side effects from these experiments in our bodies. We can’t wait any longer to do something.

I can get this to as many substacks as possible. And if others do the same, we can get this to go viral. It certainly can’t hurt. And letters to local papers, in the editorials, can explain the ribbons. When a lot are seen and duplicated, the message will be loud and clear. We can do this! What do you think?

I love the chalk idea but I live in drip, drip, drip, Seattle. Waterproof ribbon should work.

Also, painted rocks along paths or parks with Bioweapon victim’s names, etc. would make people pause. It’s time to get busy.

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In the middle of all this... (fortunately I am aware of all these pieces so it doesn't slam me quite as hard as when I learned about each piece originally.)

... I wonder who you are speaking to, who is reading you? And what is the goal of this information?

Because this is all damn traumatic. Is the amount of information that many are writing to... a trauma response to an overload of horrifying stuff? The writing itself.

Is this constructive?

Are others being helped forward?

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"Therefore, since we have these promises, beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God's fear'' 2 Corinthians 7:1 Your body is your temple, must keep clean from defilement

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Today: UC Medical Center Fires, Assaults Medical Provider 1.5 Years After Pandemic

This is still happening to thousands in America (Let U of C Know How you Feel!) https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/today-uc-medical-center-fires-assaults

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You should ask all those questions to my doctor.

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To take Elizabeth's post a bit further, one substack writer has decided not to publish negative comments (I think it's a good idea). In no way is this a negative article, but don't put all of your faith in only God. That sounds wrong, I hope you see I mean trust yourselves too. Otherwise, I think everyone has covered this.

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Sorry for 5he above spelling!

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And why have we not been hearing every preacher of every denomination speaking about this? Because they haven’t truly listened to the lessons and are captured by those above them.

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