I have to save this particular Substack to reference in the future. The more I read from 2nd Smartest the more I respect his thoughts and analysis of our current situation. So far things have worked out way too well for the monsters who were and are.

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Damn lizard people. I ain't sayin it's aliens, but.........

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"The common enemy of humanity is man.”

Humans would never say this, but aliens would!

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This is a fucking masterpiece of research and integration, a piecing together, of a monumentally complex puzzle. So much is beginning to make sense that didn't. Wow.

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Technocracy must be rejected, indeed!

For consideration:

Technocracy expert Patrick Wood:


"...Here are 25 comparisons that make the proper distinction between Technocracy, Communism/Socialism and Fascism. To correctly cement the features of each ideology into your worldview, I suggest reading and contemplating this list..."


Part 1.


Part 2.


More here:





"...Technocracy is to liberty and freedom as anti-matter is to matter. It is a gangrene upon the world, eating its flesh and vitality region by region, nation by nation. It is a contagious mental disease where subjects submit to digital slavery, not knowing or understanding that it may result in their ejection from society or even premature death. It is a panopticon designed to control people from the inside rather than by external forces.

Arch-globalist and Technocrat Aldous Huxley predicted this in 1958 in Brave New World Revisited:

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

This is a must-read article.⁃ TN Editor..."


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The fact that even the KGB couldn't find Gorbachev at his dacha always struck me as suspicious.

Blue light is the NWO killswitch- stay away and grab some sunshine: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/the-1-emf-youve-forgotten-about

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(Note: fascism, socialism and communism are essentially close cousins, more or less interchangeable systems all sharing the identical endgame.)

No, they are not close. Fascism and capitalism live in a capitalist economic system; socialism and communism in a socialist economic system. Chalk and cheese.

Thing is, what the WEF lunatics are proposing is not socialism/communism, if anything its techno-feudalism, where the old ruling capitalist class are desperately trying to keep going, even if their economic system is not.

Marx, as the only economist of his time, predicted this would happen, whilst all the capitalist economists were blathering on about never-ending increased wealth for all. Marx stated that as technology advanced, capitalist commodities would cheapen, and so they would not be able to make a profit. This has now happened, which is why there is so much 'wealth' side by side with ever-increasing poverty. Most of their wealth is stored as ones and zeros, and in reality is only worth the hard disks the data is kept on. Marx went on to predict that after the fall of capitalism there are only two choices; socialism or barbarism. What we are faced with now is barbarism, NOT socialism.

Proper socialism is where the working-class majority rule themselves, and the billionaires and Klauses etc. are jailed. They do not rule the world.

That The Great Reset is communism, is one of their most sophisticated PsyOps yet. It brings the stupid portion of the left on board, which they desperately need, as they know an organised (proper) left-wing is the only thing that can take them down. They of course also manipulated many on the left into taking an obviously lethal genetic injection, made by one of the most horrific corporations on the planet (to save them from a sniffle, unless they were >80 yo or sick). The LEFT for Chrissakes, I can still not believe it.

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All interconnected. Covid was the warm up for TechnoCommuNazi fusion.

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Past is prologue. Here's a blast from the past I just came across. It touches on a lot of subjects that could as well be written for today as when it was. And gets into eugenics, even making mention of non-corporeal existence. Defined as you may care to. Today, Foreign Affairs is a consistently globalist totalitarian governance advocacy magazine as far as I can tell. And it is the single most influential foreign policy publication in the US, the world for that matter. I'm doubtful they'd print this article again today.

About Stalin, Hitler, was written soon after the Hitler-Stalin Pact was signed. There's a lot to pull forward from this, many aspects especially poignant. Have you read this before? I'm still digesting it. And I believe a lot of the smartest and 2nd smartest guys in the world will find it very informative and illustrative.

Science in the Totalitarian State

Foreign Affairs, January, 1941


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W.O.W! This Stack you so cleverly and concisely compiled is powerful in so many ways! You make it oh so clear on what, why, who, where and when everything that took place the past three years happened as it did. Hats off to your bravado in sharing this MUST READ post to the Substack community. Looking forward to your next read.

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This remarkable compilation of sordid history puts so much of what’s going on now in perspective. I couldn’t stop reading and am listening to the jaw dropping presentation from Major Jordan.

This stack is a tour de force!

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"The common enemy of humanity is man.”

Classic Rockefeller misdirection/deflection!

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I have never mentioned the word communitarianism. I am talking about communalism. It's different. The rights of the individual are foremost.

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Quite a synopsis. Thank you.

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