Thanks! It’s so hard to have any conversation with jabbed friends, & because of climate hoax, I can’t even change the subject to the weather anymore!

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The only humans that have any type of control over the weather are the ones deploying weather weapons. Amazing how made scientists cause havoc with human health, the weather, geoengineered foods, etc. As always. It's the 99% that are punished and taxed into oblivion.

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Sometimes it is warm. At other times it is cool. Creating crises over climate is the work of the fool.

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Sep 1, 2022·edited Sep 1, 2022


Where was the climate legislation ban on private jets that suck up 3 months of energy with each flight,, if Biden's climate policy isn't actually only a fake ploy to block autonomy to travel and to associate?

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I am done arguing I just state a fact truth bomb

Leave let them explore the words ….

This is a war Truth needs no promoting nor

Defense but spoken …. If they never get it

Let them wear mask get jabs whistle through the

Grave yard get sick claim it’s long kovid

Done did that gone state fact and like a duck

Shake my feathers … I am willing to cut all

False ties I am seeking Truth they have swallowed the lies. Truth is liberating lies

Are enslaving.

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The only one that has ultimate control over the weather is God not man God will determine through time what the weather will be it is written in the Bible if you read it God is the only one that can control whether not a human being there is no such thing as climate control anybody that thinks that is a foolish idiot thank you very much

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But the media is trying very hard to make us think each year is getting hotter. We get a daily barrage of reporting on “severe weather “. Try turning on ABC evening news and see for yourself. Also, I don’t want to get any shit for watching it because the only reason I turn it on is to see what they want us to be afraid of and know their aims. Aside from climate, recurring themes are Ukraine, Jan 6, and Trump is guilty although they try to make us think they are being objective.

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It would also be helpful to see the average global ocean fluctuations for the last 50 years in a download or a link that can be passed on to federal and state elected officials.

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It would be helpful to show the average US temperatures over the last 50 years in a download as well as the average global temperatures.

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