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When anyone says global climate warming

Or crisis I snap back Weather Wars.

Also their BS carbon scare oooh we are

Having a carbon foot print is soooo oh

No my carbon is taking up precious resources. Good Lord. There are article

Written in 1968 that continents would be

Underwater by 2000

Ask Obama why he bought his mansion

On the beach front?

These people are perverse they say do

Anything to seize power control

If they can take their own carbon

Concerns to another planet this would

Be a better place ….good riddance

I say enjoy your trip

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The problem is convincing the people who are in the cult to look at the facts.

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yeah well club of rome, 300s, davos, WEF ... whatever ... just mirrors ... what matters is much much deeper ...

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Years ago I predicted that eventually the "Cult" would come to the conclusion that nuclear weapons would have to be used to create a "mini-nuclear winter" (another scam) in order to moderate the effects of "Global Warming."

The most likely place for this operation to take place?

Sparsely populated regions of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, and North Dakota.

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Climate Psyence

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Well, didn't we already establish the fact that CO2 rises FOLLOW temperature rises by about 800 years? So, this would be further confirmation?

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What we're all going to die / Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood' https://youtu.be/TMrtLsQbaok

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Another excellent detailed and useful article to refer to when and if the subject comes up, though it’s rapidly becoming somewhat taboo in polite company, like so many other everyday conversations we used to be allowed to engage in without fear !

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