I'm hard core on the Anti-Vaxxer side - all vaccines are suspect. Time to take a serious look at the entire vaccine scam. Follow the money - start there.

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And they are just kicking off the 2023 fall vaccination campaign. NYTs this week “Federal Officials Hatch a Three-Pronged Defense Against Another ‘Tripledemic’ This fall, Americans will be urged to get shots against the flu, Covid and, if they’re older, R.S.V.”. Take all three shots at once says some of the experts, totally safe. What is hilarious is if you enter ‘tripledemic’ into a search engine you can see this is a campaign they have been recycling continuously for the last few years.

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I carry these around:


Specifically #4, #5, #9 = Citizens arrest warning, US Civil Rights Protection (Direct Threat definition), Notice of Discrimination.

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Thank you.

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POTS invention is a disease to confuse and miss direct so it’s not pinned on the RNA injections which causes great harm!

It is no different than SIDS which was invented as an infant disease, so it didn’t reflect on the great harm that vaccines do to our infants because the majority of them are not necessary or needed! It’s big Pharma spinning and creating the medical truths, to fit their narrative of making money!

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Mandated doesn't mean must take or must do, or else. Mandate means this is suggested and if you agree, then you're complying. you don't HAVE to agree or comply with a mandate. no one can force you take anything into your body via being coerced or having lack of informed consent. what colleges and universities, movie sets, theatres, privately owned companies did during these cvd years was to DEMAND you take the injection OR be faced with losing your job or your student status at colleges and universities. many complied thinking that mandate means must, or else. what these powers that shouldn't be did during the last 3 years, in imho, was against the Nuremberg Code. But try to find justice in presenting a case in court where you felt as though you were being coerced, threatened or forced to take something you didn't want to take and put into your body - but at the same time you faced losing your job or your student status. Many think that mandated childhood vaccines MUST be taken. You don't have to comply. BUT, what they do is present you with a no vaccines, no school threat. I don't think many parents challenge the word MANDATE as they should. In 1982 I didn't challenge it. Now in retrospect, I wish I had! Just wait until the WHO and the UN takes over in a crisis/emergency/pandemic situation. It used to be said by Orwell that a boot would be on your neck. Now that has turned into a boot bashing your face in. Where is the outrage, the push back and the unity in challenging CONTROL?

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Spoiler: In the actual 1984, it is smashing into the face of humanity, over and over, infinitely.

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More like the victim’s Immune System has been Spiked.

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It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

And if anyone knows that for sure, it's a Margarine Pusher.

Back before The Cult of the Entwined Snakes attacked people's hearts with Covid, they instructed people with cardiac issues to abandon all natural fats in favor of

"Heart Healthy" (Shelf Stable) Hydrogenated Oils, Transfats, Previously Poisonous Rapeseed (Canola Oil)Oil, and other crap oils labeled Vegetable Oil.

My Aunt pleaded with my Uncle to comply, and with grave reservation, he did abandon butter for the detested " Axle Grease" and the rest of the " Scientific" Rigamarole, and in a few short years, it killed him.

Psychiatry endorsed a madman who would climb aboard a terrified but strapped down victim and use nutpicks to enter the skull through the inside corners of the eyes, and Roto-Rooter the victim's brain.

Lots of other Crimes going back to the beginning.

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PS: If you think it's butter, but it's snot, it's Chiffon.

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Jul 7, 2023·edited Jul 7, 2023

"“It’s my obligation, if I truly am a scientist, to have an open mind and learn if there’s something that can be done,” said Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a cardiologist at Yale University.

“I’m persuaded that there’s something going on” with these side effects, Krumholz added."

I disagree that he's a scientist. He's a "doctor," and doctors are more trained gatekeepers for the Rockefeller anti-neutriceutical SYSTEM that promotes chemicals passinga as healthful alternatives. I would hardly call them scientists unless they specialize within the research arena of certain, but not all, disciplines.

Of course anyone with a significant investment porfolio should understand and even support this, because like so many other things in this world adversarial to individual as well as collective liberty, they're good investments and make money for people.

After all, that's the world we've created for ourselves, Money/Wealth Uber Alles!

Next up CBDCs!

It's good that so many blogs are up now, because the second that happens, those that understand the Who and Why behind it can come and drop that info here.

Next up, CBDCs! If we don't somehow prevent the implementation of those, none of THIS will matter.

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They are threatened that free-thinking intelligent people are able to connect the dots.

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Excellent post. Thanks 2SGuy.

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Over the past three years I have been reading about all the adverse reactions the bio weapon produces in the human body. It all just reinforces my belief that not taking the killer vaccine is the best decision to make. Unfortunately, my grandaughters were given the Bio weapon a little over two years ago, along with my son and daughter in-law. No words from me could change their minds. I can only hope the shot was a placebo.

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Oh my God. Australia's most prominent vaccine-injured doctor just started pushing the RARELONGVAX (TM) psyop and hasn't been turfed off social media. She's still in the fucking narrative. https://news.rebekahbarnett.com.au/p/emerging-evidence-of-long-vax-syndrome

Edit: please excuse my Irish I am literally the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the TV meme right now

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The outright nerve of these people, using a word like "baffling" to discuss the side effects of an undertested (okay, let's be honest, untested) poisonous injection after mere months of development. Even if one was not already aware of the scamdemic that vaccines are, the circumstances surrounding this round of COVID "vaccines" are quite noticeably different than those of prior ones.

WTF is "baffling" about any of this?

It is baffling that not 100% of humans can identify genocide when it is right under the noses. I confess that is baffling to me.

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Long vax is the perfect weapon

It disables and disarms

A population soon to be farmed

Too tired to bother to fight back

Too sick to run away

Crippling mitochondria keep them stuck this way.

Every action they take is difficult

Every task makes them so sore

Difficulty concentrating

Making it even more

Paralyzing and prolonged

Bouts of myalgic pain

It's easy to control you

When we inflame your brain

And give you ultimatums

That otherwise sound insane

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Jul 7, 2023·edited Jul 7, 2023

“Many doctors are now weaponized useful idiots that refuse to openly discuss the truth because putting food on the table in today’s new normal trumps any Hippocratic Oath that they once upon a time pledged to uphold.”

Nailed it.

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“You see one or two patients and you wonder if it’s a coincidence,” Dr. Anne Louise Oaklander said.

How about you first understand pathophysiology and then you see ONE patient and know immediately. Seriously, it shouldn't take you multiple patients to being to 'wonder'.

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NO data on prospective studies that supported mRNA vaxxes worked. Rabies and Ebola. Failed trials.

SIGNALS 8/2021 about increase in myocarditis in adolescent males 12=15 years. IGNORED. And chairmen of "respected "pediatric centers did NOT want to know about it. And even today, physicians think valid data regarding COVID 19 pathology and alternative treatments should be censored. First amendment anyone? Hippocratic Oath anyone?

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Good article, keep up the nice work

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