Thank you for this hopeful news 💝

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Looking forward to the teased forthcoming article!

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Very inspiring stories. Thanks.

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WOW! What Fabulous News! God Bless all those that created this Protocol.. and God Bless all those who have helped..to heal themselves.

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I just can't accept that Heart Issues that follow the Deadly injection called Vax, can ever be repaired. It's unreasonable to suggest that you can Pfuck with the human heart with Experimental concoctions that supposedly Genetically Modify every recipient - and expect, hope or prey that it will ever recover from the intended damage.

The UK Covid inquiry is an expensive 'WHITEWASH' with important issues like ivermectin being suddenly banned to justify an mRNA GENE EDITING Experiment, to be injected into every unwitting, unsuspecting human in the UK.

Other topics banned from the inquiry are the recent explosion of 'Excess Deaths' caused by the useless injections they call 'vaccines' and the matter of these deadly injections being purchased with a ZERO LIABILITY clause - An onerous Contract that our pathetically stupid government blindly accepted without consideration or negotiation.

Apparently, some governments are now showing signs of waking up to the reality of the WHO Treaty, which is crucial to them implementing Slavery upon us all.

It seems Germany is the latest to resist the supposed 'TREATY' and other Nations like Holland and Italy have recently introduced more realistic Right-wing democracies - which could mean others will follow before the WEF NWO Coup is applied.

Very little chance the sleeping UK Government have even realised there's a sinister plot afoot! But we live in hope that there may be some politicians with the ability to think.

The CORRUPT World Health Organisation is now defunct, obsolete and finished. We, the people hereby reject any form of representation or advice regarding human health, and from whom we accept no edicts, mandates, instructions, rules, laws, orders or demands. The WHO is finished!

We, the people have spoken!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined dots starting January 2020.

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No coincidence doxy is great for many things, even lists indication dosing for bioweapons .. no wonder most of the world has had a course or two lately

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Feb 16·edited Feb 16

In reference to the mention above of the skin lesion virtually disappearing, and having read several accounts here on this ‘stack about successful treatment of skin cancers, I decided to try topical treatment of several Seborrheic Keratosis (not sure of the plural of that is!). I had a large SK located under where my bra strap hits and decided to treat it topically with ivermectin. I rubbed a tiny bit on, whenever I thought about it, but never more than daily. After a few weeks I switched to topical Fenben. At the end of 4 weeks, it went from a bumpy brown 3/8” spot to a flat, difficult to see flesh colored spot about 1/8” in diameter. Granted, this was not a very scientific process, but nonetheless, I am encouraged, as previously the only option was to freeze these spots and leave a scar. Now treating 2 additional SK’s on my face under the hairline. Posting this in case anyone else has seborrheic keratoses they would like to test with.

Also, my husband has eczema on his elbows and knees that he has been treating topically, alternating IVM and FenBen. His eczema has responded better to these 2 drugs than to any prescribed meds he’s used in the last 20 yrs!

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You go first Sid! I'll wait for another 10 years to study the outcome!

Good luck with your beliefs and hopeful expectations. My opinion is that the DEADLY Covid jab will, at best, adversely impact normal Life Expectancy, but don't take my word for it!

Mick from Hooe (Unjabbed and ready to fight dirty!)

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Ps can you take it too long? How does it affect the gut micro biome?

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Dec 2, 2023

I’ve been prescribed doxy for a skin infection 100mg for 28 days So it could be very beneficial for cancer too! How long would one take it for that? Is 2 weeks long enough? Thank you!

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