Both my brothers developed atrial fibrillation after getting the Pfizer shots. My one sister got recurrent breast cancer and blood clots after her Pfizer shots. Friends died after theirs. Am I pissed off? Oh yeahhhh.

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Just remember, next time you read or hear stats regarding 'Vaccine' Safety and Efficacy, just remember the Pfizer, Moderna, (et al) injection makers slogan; There's no profit in healthy people!

They are desperate to make more of us sick and for a longer duration in order to sell more depopulating products. These injections degrades our natural immunity and is demonstrated because, all those that believed the Covid Jab was authentic, now catch Covid far more than us unjabbed = FACT!

This DEADLY injection farce has become so deadly and rife, we now mist assume that EVERY JAB is now laced with mRNA poisons that will Genetically Modify those foolish enough to continue to accept the lies about Safety & Efficacy!

The Pharmaceutical industry is now so mercenary and CORRUPT we must assume that NO INJECTION IS SAFE from mRNA (Gene Editing) modification of all of us.

Take any jab now and it might Genetically Modify you! 'Informed Consent' will never be obtained! They don't want you to know the world is being depopulated by the CULL that never gets a mention!

Profit is vax makers priority - That's why the crap is DEADLY and useless at dealing with Covid! Just as well the Fauci enhanced virus was not as DEADLY as he had planned!

Vax makers motto = There's no profit in HEALTHY PEOPLE so how can we make them ill and for longer? NO LIABILITY is paramount in the Vax industry! Otherwise they'll all be BANKRUPTED!

'Mr Vax' = Bill Gates is helping alleviate Climate Change by destroying forests in South America. He's uprooting everything GREEN , then burying all the trees! Does anyone disagree that this lunatic should be locked up?

It seems you're not welcome to talk publicly anywhere unless you 'SELL' the DEADLY INJECTIONS and the Covid FEAR PORN!

Don't even think about mentioning 'IVERMECTIN' or 'Excess Deaths' (caused by Big Pharma's useless injections), or 'ZERO LIABILITY' for those who make the POISONS they pretend are 'VACCINES'!

Don't talk about 'Gain of Function' being an experimental process originally used to create bio-weapons by the US military. The experiments were then continued by Big Pharma for profit, and to maximise the DEADLY impact of Viruses upon humans. This justifies highly profitable but useless PRETEND 'CURES' called Covid Vax and other profit making depopulating injections, for which they accept NO LIABILITY!!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots since 2020.

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Thank you!!

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Thank you!

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Coupon not working

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I've got a couple questions about the ped meds that no doubt have been answered many times already, but I'm fairly new to this Stack, so maybe someone here can help?

What's the shelf life on these medications? I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on medications that will lose potency faster than I'd use them. Are there any instructions here for human use? Are they to be used only in the event of illness, or as a preventative as well?

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Please forgive me for this dumb question......but I’m not following the reasoning for advertisement for fish and animal meds in the email....I’m not vaxxed and am fully awake. I think I know the reason, but would someone kindly confirm? Thanks so much.

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