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Great Post ! Wishing Meloni and Italy the best...

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I believe what follows is ok. I wrote it earlier as a reply to a post substack by Dr. Colleen Huber,

Good Day Dr. Colleen Huber,

I have just read your article and watch the speech of PM Giorgia Meloni. My take is slightly different. All she says is appropriate. But the people she is talking to (in a way all of us) are already enslaved. She is saying in effect nothing to see here I and those who support me; know that we will take care of this problem of government/corporate power. You can go back to sleep now. All is under control.

While the words are right the true message is wrong. It doesn't awaken the people to their chains and the steel bars for their cage. Even if the chains are of gold they are still chains.

JFK said it best "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country". That and other aspects of his presidency got him and his brother killed. Sadly if she is assassinated I will believe her speech was a wake up call rather than a lullaby.

This not yelling, TO BE CLEAR I WISH PM GIORGIA MELONI A LONG HEALTHFUL AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE. If she can inspire the Italian people to throw of their chains, she has taken a major step on the way to showing us how to liberate ourselves.

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I forgot to ask. In what language is “CNN” an acronym for “horse’s ass?”

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The Nationalists that do not want Monopoly Seeking large Cap Corporations combining power with Politicians controlled by the WEF are Fascist.

My head hurtz

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Awesome! Can we borrow Ms. Meloni?

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Is this woman for real or controlled opposition?

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