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I am getting a good education with you, and i am beginning to think perhaps being naïve is preferable. I don't like what i think is coming and probably already in motion.

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"Criminals use guns, so you can't have them."

"Criminals use cash, so you can't have it."

"Criminals use private/secure communications, so you can't have them."


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The globalist agenda is not sitting well with half of the (increasingly) informed U.S. citizenry. Chaos ahead!

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“The goal is to reduce cash fluidity in the market, mainly because crime organizations tend to rely on cash. By limiting the use of it, criminal activity is much harder to carry out.”

This crap is comical. “... criminal activity is much harder to carry out.” Geez the entire international banking system is totally dependent upon washing international criminal cash (in new speak, it’s now “transnational crime”). Currently that amounts to washing approx. $2 trillion annually with most if not all major banks involved daily. Wall Street, as it is affectionally called, is deep, deep involved in profiting, by the way. Without this annual criminal cash flow of trillions the international banking system would collapse. This is no secret. Not new news. Just doesn’t get a lot of coverage. Better to stop the little guy from using cash so he/she can be tracked, while those doing this tracking profit from the trillions openly being washed by our world’s major banks.

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I think they want to own our bodies not so much the minds at this point. Meaning they want our bodies when we die so as our bodies dont go to waste. These bodies then can be used as necrorobots with the electrical system already in place. Just plug and play. The electrical system needs to be built while we live since it takes quite a bit of time and our live bodies need to built them with the help of nanotechnology. So all the money which will be given to us while we live as useless eaters will be less useless and we sell our bodies at our death in about in 20 years or so to the government which will then use these bodies to do work needed under control of an AI. No more wondering how high quality human like robots will be built no they are already built just need some wiring to connect to AI. These necrobots will be a stepping stool to next generation complete gmo-robotics. But these bodies need to be harvested when in peak performance like at age 50/55 or so. This means we need to die at latest 55. But we will be given an option to put our minds for access of family into the Ai as a merger and also as an individual to be happy in the metaworld we create for us during our lifetime. In this metaworld our friends can visit us and interact with us to later join us fully as well. Our bodies in our lifetime will be taken care of for 'free' if we promise to give our bodies to the government at age 55.

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Fuk these fukers

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I can solve most problems in the US but people lack the guts to do it. Make it illegal under the laws of treason to belong to the WEF or participate in any of their events. Do that and you will see who is against this country. These scum will fight tooth and nail against that law and when they do we have to take them out.

I’m all for the right of Americans to make their own bad decisions but when did we give them the right to be beholden to outside the US forces.

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Everyone should be familiar with V. I. Lenin's "Hanging Order" telegram of 1918," just as they are familiar with the quotes above by Karl Marx and Klaus Schwab. Why? Schwab keeps a bust of Lenin on his office bookshelf behind him, seen in many photographs. This is no accident. There are no other persons in photos or statuary busts visible in these office photos. This deliberately positioned bust of Lenin is a clear signal.

Here is Lenin's "Hanging Quote:"

Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. The interests of the whole revolution require this because 'the last decisive battle' with the kulaks is now underway everywhere. An example must be made.

1. Hang (absolutely hang, in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known kulaks, fat-cats, bloodsuckers.

2. Publish their names.

3. Seize all grain from them.

4. Designate hostages - in accordance with yesterday's telegram.

Do it in such a fashion, that for hundreds of verst around the people see, tremble, know, shout: "the bloodsucking kulaks are being strangled and will be strangled".

Telegraph receipt and implementation.

Yours, Lenin.

P.S. Find tougher people."

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Brian of health impact news writes that, people that believe that all jews are part of the davos kind of globalist satanic cabal, should see what is being done to one huge part of the israeli population. And he believes this is an evidence that this huge part of commom jews in israeli are also simple carbons the cabal decided that is in time to be reduced. And that the big over representation of ethnic jews (Ashkenazim/sephardim) in the top places of the apocalyptic cabal, will not save the simple religious jews from being part of their targets.

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So many in these industries... Don't any realize they are committing suicide if they comply? So what if they get $800k bonus... That will be worth nothing in 18 mo...

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israeli mob isn't gonna like this. could be the best thing that ever happened to the dollar

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Well worth the few minutes it takes to read. Just hoping that 'worth' will not soon be measured in negative social credits. Sharing this with several 'private' F.book groups ... but I noticed that as of yesterday, F.book's algorithm is limiting the number of shares I can make, of course 'to protect their community standards'.

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Blatant over-reach! 🤣🤣🤣 FAIL FAIL FAIL!! Totalitarianism will ALWAYS self-destruct! Implosion is brewing. ALWAYS! By it’s very nature and insatiable appetite for control they will consume themselves! Get your front row seat now! On Substack 2SG. They cannot account for nor deal with the growing mass non-compliance!

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They can fuck right off. We'll stop using all forms of currency and/or trade.

They think we are going to keep using the system they control. Nope.

They'll be begging us to use it. Picture Oliver "Please, sir, I want some more."

Oliver will be the elite mother fucking assholes.




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I am 74 years old and I have been studying the Bible for over forty years. FYI: There are two sins Jesus Christ will not forgive: (1) The first unpardonable sin is denial of the Holy Spirit. (2) The second unpardonable sin is accepting the Mark of the Beast.

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Klaus said that we would own nothing, but not he, Bezos or Gates. So, it is not communism what they plan. Perhaps, fascism is a more appropriate term.

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