Too woke to fail. I will be posting all the SVB receipts and cringe LinkedIn flexes tomorrow.

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The government has a "plan"? You can be sure the plan will make things worse than they already are.

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What would the response have been if it was a bank collapse in Iowa rather than on the left coasts? On another note, a study has shown that moose are big contributors to climate change and need to be regulated. A new insanity emerges every day.

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So if they can just print money like that -- create wealth ex nihilo -- why the hell am I paying taxes?

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You can tell the protected class by how much protection their money has. If this was the 2nd State Bank of Oklahoma or the Bank of Republican Party Members, they would get the bare minimum.

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Serious question, if the taxpayer bears no losses, then who pays? Last I checked the government produces nothing and therefore doesn’t have income. Our taxes are their income. So, since all debt are paid, either by the borrower or the lender, who’s paying?

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SVB failed because the alleged Government bonds they are holding are underwater and costs them $15 billion in losses. It was NOT due to wild speculation by SVB, but by Biden’s total incompetence when dealing with inflation, the supply chain, energy creation, illegal immigration and transportation. Trump left the economy in a strong enough position that it took 26 months for it to totally collapse. But even this situation can be fixed, but not with this administration. Maybe the next and definitely if someone like Trump takes control who actually understands government does not fix things because they do not MAKE anything except problems. If you did not believe stolen elections have consequences, well welcome to reality. In small words, EVERYTHING JANET YELLIN IS TELLING YOU IS A LIE. If SVB is insolvent, so is EVERYBODY else

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Both the FDIC and Treasury are de facto subservient to the privately held corporation that is the Federal Reserve.

The interests of the Federal Reserve, and for sure the interests of the largely foreign owners of the Federal Reserve, are NOT the same interests as those of Americans.

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Just got these two messages from Bix Weir RoadtoRoota.com

First this video


Then this


The Fed is lying to us and bailing out Banks and Institutions that hold the debt of the failed banks!!

Next they will bailout the Bond & Equity holders!"


The taxpayers supposedly won't be asked to finance the bailout of SVB directly but taxpayers will pay for bailout of other financial institutions that hold SVB debt. Save old shell game.


I was always taught that USA was founded on "free ENTERPRISE" principles, not free MARKETS.


Here is one of my favorite videos about "Libertarianism" which is basically "the Austrian School" and much emphasis on freedom (liberalism) and "free markets."

Find it if you can -- old article online by libertarian Congressman Ron Paul titled "In Praise of Price Gouging."

The Church and The Libertarian


16:50 video runtime


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Supporting risky financial behavior by banks has just been endorsed by Yellen!

Another step closer to financial Armageddon! Biden and Fed policies are the root cause!

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Old Yeller front and center-how inspiring!

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The timing wasn't right, just yet.

Conveniently, when the crunch comes, the Fed and the Government will claim they did all they could, but... and the masses will accept both this pitiful distraction, and their impending fate.

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What I think might happen: There will eventually be widespread bank failure, bank runs, and a US dollar hyperinflation event, the Cabal and Biden administration might use this to push CBDC which the public will push back against, somehow Biden gets impeached or we have to wait till there's another presidential election; then the Federal Reserve ends, and a new gold-backed dollar emerges, with or without immediate disclosure of the so-called "Quantum Financial System" behind it-- if this system is actually real, which might tie into Quantum.gov and Trump using "Quantum Leap" in the title of one of his recent Rumble videos. But this is all speculation mostly from rumors I've heard on beforeitsnews.com.

In relation to this I want the most cutting-edge, public news, and I'm finding that the general reality of that is that you have to leave behind strong probabilities for murky probabilities/possibilities; especially with limitations on time, ability, and mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, to devote to research to find information patterns, oftentimes in murky anecdotal rumor mills where you're going to potentially find more novel news in the present day. Part of this is because the Cabal has made humanity fearful and socially divided to keep collective human intelligence from becoming a global value.

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Next up, the FDIC collapses. Immediately after all the woke banks cash in.

Also good to know...https://patrickwood.substack.com/p/bank-implosion-how-safe-is-your-bank?r=17lnm7&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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No argument with the premise. But, uninsured depositors have been made whole 100% of the time, with the only exception being Indy Mac, since the FDIC has been in existence. I’m not saying it’s the correct approach. But all the gnashing of teeth is overlooking the fact that what has occurred is not new.


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PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH collapse. Where is the TM? Gotta protect your intellectual property. You accurately labeled the second phase of the Great Reset.

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