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OK. I’m a former senior pharma exec. This guy was not in research. He won’t have published any papers.

He was in product strategy, which is essentially working out how to allocate capital across your portfolio (in studies, marketing, launches or M&A). These people have an overview of what’s happening in R&D but never do any R or D.

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Sadly, I really think so.

Attorney Jeff Childers agrees with you, 2SG:

An excerpt from his commentary:

“Walker’s interview comments confirmed just about everything we’ve long suspected about pharma. In fact, his claims are so believable that it is also unbelievable. It’s an explosive story tailor-made for conservative conspiracy television. In fact, it’s SO believably unbelievable that some people literally don’t believe it and think Project Veritas — and the rest of rightwing media — are being set up to be totally discredited.

In other words, it seems too good to be true. If I were suing Pfizer and someone sent me all these materials, I would be EXTREMELY cautious about running straight to court with it. I would want to triple-check it first. You could lose the lawsuit if it turned out to be fake.”

Then he points out how much of what Walker claims about himself, for example, graduating from Yale, can’t be verified, among many other points.

☕️ DIRECTED SIMULATIONS ☙ Thursday, January 26, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠


This story needed to be handled with much more caution than it was, and my head spins from all the potential implications this could have, regarding PV’s reliability.

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webb went after dr. richard fleming which is a big red flag, tagged him with the felon label, big tell.

not a reliable source IMO. here's brian o'shea's take https://brianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordon-trishton-walker

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Here is a comment left on the O’shea article. Seems to be pretty sure hes fugazi.—

Hi Brian, to me it looks like nothing in his bio adds up.

Here are some inconsistencies and strangenesses about all the info on Walker you provided: (I'm of the opinion that he might very well be a fake, so we need to be very very careful - I write for Brownstone https://brownstone.org/author/debbie-lerman/, in case you need my Covid warrior bonafides.)

1) Why all the aliases? I've never met a legitimate doctor with so many different name combos

2) in the May 18, 2020 article about Covid treatments, his name as an author is listed without an MD (whereas one of the other authors has it), although he supposedly graduated from Med School in 2018.

2) His date of NYS licensure (which needs to be verified - I'm not going to do that now, but somebody should) is October 2021, right in the middle of when he's supposed to be working as a consultant at Pfizer. What's that about?

3) all his research is on urology and is very very basic - not someone a recruiter would look at and consider a candidate for a brilliant research or consulting career. Of course, there the equity and inclusion factor, but still...

4) On the match list from 2018 it says he went to USC, but his resume says UT and Yale, no mention of USC

5) the match list says he matched with a program at Tufts Medical Center and the USNews profile says he did a urology residency there 2018-2020 but his resume says he was a resident at Mass General (a Harvard hospital) June 2018-Nov 2019.

6) Urology residencies are extremely hard to get into and are FIVE YEARS long. https://www.massgeneral.org/urology/education-and-training/harvard-urologic-surgery-residency-program.

Did he drop out after a year?

7) The timing of his various academic and professional positions doesn't add up. On his resume under experience it says 6 years, but he only worked as a consultant starting in November 2021 and had a year of work 2013-2014, presumably before medical school (whichever one he might have attended - or not?)

8) none of the people he follows or who follow him are people of color. You might say this is a racist comment, but in my experience with friends who are in different racial communities, there is usually at least a 50% representation of their own racial group in their social media friend community, and usually much higher.

9) his pinterest profile has nothing that looks like he actually pinned - all totally generic

10) There is absolutely nothing about this guy before 2019 that says top pharma exec in charge or worldwide operations. Highly, highly suspicious.

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Doubt they were played. They vet and vet and vet again. The wired person was a former Pfizer employee. His licenses and certifications are on line and can be seen at Jaime Jessop’s stack.

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I still trust Pfizer, as much as I trust gates. And gates is a pile of shit

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Lots of disnfo flowing. This helps set the record straight, plus more coming from PV today. If you listened to the Twitter Spaces last night you heard that he was talking to ANOTHER Pfizer employee that he was on a "date" with. https://brianoshea.substack.com/p/who-is-jordon-trishton-walker?

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Go through all these comments and see how many utterly fail to realize that Walker is the perfect DEI hire. It makes perfect sense that he was brought straight in to an upper level role at Pfizer as a DEI poster child, with little or no experience to warrant him getting the job. That's how DEI works.

Once there, of course he would be privy to management meetings and other internal communications. If you've never worked in management at a big company you have no idea.

A bunch of you need to realize that just because many former "conspiracy theories" have come true, it doesn't mean that there isn't still a bunch of loony tunes shit out there.

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Just another hired gun to do the bidding for Big Pharma. What needs to be exposed is the coordination between Big Pharma and the CDC/Darpa/DOD/CIA consortium that are going down the biowarfare route in lock step for fun and profit. If you have not read my article $$MOTIVATION$$.

Please do. https://thomasabraunrph.substack.com/p/motivation

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A lot of people have suggested over the years the vaccines put pressure on the virus to mutate along with their new pharma antivirals like Molnupiravir and Paxlovid. Now they may have discredited a lot of people that have put this out there.

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Kim Dotcam is a huge Jacinda Ardene fan. That’s a huge red flag for credibility.

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Nah. He really IS that stupid. Certain "boxes" were ticked in HR and upwards and onwards!

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Not a hoax degrees confirmed as well as employment history. Apparently he worked at Boston Consulting Group and was "loaned" to Pfizer. George Webb id full of sh*t.


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The whole thing makes more sense if it was a set up. They have poor calibre staff at Pfizer if he's an example of their highest echelons.

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Thanks for this - it is EXACTLY what I was thinking as the various SSers I follow rejoiced and regurgitated this obvious lie.

The PR Team is clever - and devious --- and they will do anything to keep the mob off the scent of what they are really up to.

They want the mob to believe this is about $$$$$.

Notice how they allow Fizzer to dramatically increase the price of each dose of Rat Juice.... the anti vaxxers look at that and say -- yep - it's all about $$$ and greed.

And now they plant this clown who admits it's about the endless $$$ train.

This is not about money - it is an extermination campaign cuz https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=220

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