Grow a garden and build your life off grid while you still can. Amazon can deliver seeds to remote places but not for ever. Put dollars into tangible items. Anticipate scarcity and focus on new life skills. You will be rewarded by every step you take away from this cratering society.

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Agreed. Very much: "The Covid-19 Pandemic story makes little sense when viewed through the lens of health, safety and science. Viewed through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, however, then all of it makes perfect sense." Also, when viewed through the lens of nasty Big Pharma, greedy politicians, etc, this is all looking at smoke and mirrors, distractions. Yes, yes, yes - one needs to look at who is doing all this and why - power control wealth transfer - and even much nastier stuff. I would say that even looking at this as a "global financial operation" is not looking at nearly enough.

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The super rich are deluded by their own wealth and power, into believing their own hype. We dont have to accept their hype and grand plans, and we need to push back in every way possible, including staying connected and informed, and listening to people with good ideas. Self belief is everything.

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From my little knowledge of e I o ice this crash began in proper in 2008 with the GFC . Banks worldwide were propped up by Federal bank money printing. The biggest winners appear to be Blackrock and Golman Sachs and other big investment groups. There were laws passed in Australia wherein in the case of another bailout the customers loose all their money deposits whatever the bank can take- called a bail in. There has been universal denial this is like a snowball.

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Cull the perpetrators. Become ungovernable - Do Not Comply and make yourself hard to kill. Wake up the sheep before Darwin takes over. Great article and I highly agree with it.

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A superb, word-perfect, essay. Thank you.

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I disagree…..We have to use their system to our advantage to build our new system. We use dollars because we have to….Not because we think it is a stable currency. Example…..use dollars to buy tools and silver.

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This is a pretty good summary, if you want a much deeper dive into these topics I recommend reading https://politicalmoonshine.com/

"There is no such thing as “Covid 19” except as a criminal conspiracy."

Totally disagree, that is really letting the bastards off the hook for their biowarfare programs, which have been running for a very long time.

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"The financial elites know that they have run up massive unpayable debts and deficits."

How is it the "financial elites" will come out of this with all the wealth when it sounds like they have the majority of unpayable debts and deficits?

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Some encouraging points to factor in, notwithstanding Smart Guy's post:

1. It's significant that many US states either refused to go along w the scam or relatively quickly stopped complying. Implication is that the future plans by the Oligarchs won't go as planned and won't achieve the uniformity they need for the kind of totalitarian serfdom they envision. (As example, think Iron Curtain post WW2. The existence of western Europe forced the Soviets to imprison their own populations to avoid losing them. Imagine a federal government that tries to implement their schemes and any of these Red states refuse. People will flee by the tens of millions to these free states. Already are).

2. The feds simply don't have anything close to the manpower to control this many non compliant people over such a large landmass. The US military won't do that kind of job and any attempt to try will result in a 1930s style Spanish civil war. Yes, the Oligarchs will try to brainwash people into voluntarily wearing chains but there will be tens of millions who won't go along. Then what? There aren't enough fed agents to arrest these people. Cut off their digital accounts? Oh yeah, that'll go over real well. That will make J6 look like girl scout camp. Once that genie is out, nothing will put it back. Tip your hat to the new revolution fellas.

3. People are generally way more resourceful than we think and Americans are particularly so. No cash? Big effin deal. People will narter, trade, set up black markets of all kinds. Again, what do the feds do? Arrest everyone? Impossible. People will move to states that are free and permissive as we've seen already.

4. Desantis and Abbott are nothing special as governors, don't kid yourself. They didn't do one bit more than what they knew their citizens expected and demanded. (And Abbott of Texas is a turd who pretends to be a good guy. Even so he bows to the popular will mostly). Point being that any governor of Florida or Texas or TN or many of these states had better say no to the feds when that day of red lines comes or the people will find a new governor.

5. Bottom line. These oligarchs only win if people all comply and continue slaving away. How hard would it be to call for national work stoppages, slow downs, strikes, and such? How long do Oligarchs stay fed, warm, and healthy when the plebes all stop serving them. We keep working now only because it suits us to do so, because we still have too much to lose. But if we ever decide it no longer works then we stop.

6. We always look at the big fear but ignore what we have close at home. We have family and neighbors and community. When times are good we forget. When times are bad we will remember and be better for it.

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Thanks very much for this post.

Are you able to say more about how one might go about “migrating into decentralized local patches both in the digital and analogue realms”?

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I worked in the NHS in England. From day 1 I knew it was a scam (I am immunologist). They called me delusional etc. We closed down clinics for a year. When we opened up there were so many cancer patients (and other) that many couldnt be saved (they were undiagnosed for a year). People were left without healthcare. My friend's dad died, because the ambulance wasn't sent due to covid. He died at home of heart attack. It is crime against humanity and the bigger defraudation of public money in the history. Today all those who called me delusional back then, apologise. Well, this is too late, because of such morons it was all possible to happen. Too many easily controlled idiots in the world.

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Well, first get away from people. People are mostly self serving, self interested scum. Buy remote land. Stay away from anyone professing to be from a group other than humanity. When it all crashes, these are the first to go from people like me or the cunts that run the whole mess. Cartel is knocking each other off having served their purpose. CIA? Avoid all government.

Stay away from social media.

Grow food for barter or eating.

Learn to hunt or grow animals for food. Smaller animals are better. Chicken and goats.

Make true friends with your immediate neighbors. Work together if you can.

Crossbows and guns. Own them for protection.

What is the point of bugging out? Where are you going to run? Drone or squad of soldiers will take you out in 10 minutes. Stay out of site by letting them see you but not being seen. You can appear compliant.

Be careful when trading gold or silver to any entity. Then they know you have it.


Or comply. That is certainly the easiest option.

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Jan 6, 2023·edited Jan 6, 2023

Exceptional post! You capture the most critical element of the fraud we have been living through and yet, aside from one other powerful article from Unbekoming (https://unbekoming.substack.com/p/repocalypse), I see absolutely no one talking about this issue. This is existential. We should note the confluence of supporting strategies in big tech, finance, public health, etc. From this perspective, how should we extrapolate the future?? I think it's the most important question we can answer. I don't see any macro strategy to avoid the likely collapse which means we can't find respite in a slightly changed balance of power in the House or a Ron Johnson investigation or a Jan6 committee to do anything but distract us from the train wreck that is barreling down upon us. How does this future play out? What are the most likely scenarios? How do regular folks anticipate and prepare? What do the mileposts look like? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. I hope you continue to dive into this issue as our very survival depends on preparation for this ongoing event. Thank you!

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All I can say is, “yep”

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