Maybe Zelensky can provide a bridge loan.

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They need to change the bank name to SVB of Ukraine. Money will fly into them.

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So....the taxpayers are going to bail out Oprah and Prince Harry....isn’t that nice of them.

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I keep on telling you all, The Crown is the Root of All Evil, and so, quite naturally, tfe Duke of Sussex will be covered in this or any other unpleasant circumstance

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Mar 12, 2023·edited Mar 12, 2023

Ah, but which family married into The Crown in the 19th century and control it now?

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A bunch of German Petty Princes known as " The Studs of Europe" for the many thrones they have usurped .

Apparently, what made Victoria mourn so deeply for her beloved Albert was missing his " Big One".

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I read it, but I am dubious about his conclusions.

For instance, five Bar attorneys as signatories supposedly invalidated the document.

What about the majority of signers who were not?

The Royals are Figureheads, but the Monarch is a full member of two Temples?

This was a very popular topic on line twenty years ago.

I have seen multiple analysis, and none was entirely convincing, including this one.

The basic facts may be accurate, but I am unconvinced by the conclusions.

The idea that a Bar Attorney is obligated to the Templar, with out realizing it seems especially doubtful.

I don't believe anything that doesn't clearly state the obligations of the signer can be enforced.

All in all, I believe the only hope of getting an accurate analysis is to have an actual attorney evaluate it

It's an interesting article, but I don't believe Francis is actually qualified to analyze it .

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Plenty of times I've invested in uninsured assets such as stock of crummy companies that went bankrupt and I lost everything. Nobody ever offered to bail me out. Taking taxpayer money to bail out these people who had uninsured assets is nothing short of stealing from we the peons. I've never heard of such a thing. Why is there always two sets of rules? Actually, there is only one set of rules, but two different treatments. I always follow the rules, and I always get screwed. These people don't follow them, and they get bailed out anyway. So why have any rules at all? Sickening!

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The entire financial "investment" structure is a scam and has been for a nearly a century.

If people had invested in their own businesses, businesses of friends, etc., kept things truly local/regional, and not sent all of our manutacturing packing overseas, perhaps we'd have a chance.

Not that it makes you feel any better, but I lost my entire business that I put what little I had into. First in '08, then after trying to (foolishly, apparently) dig myself out, lockdowns put the final screws to it all.

Among the worst parts were watching programs shove money that would have saved me, at women and minority owned businesses that I had absolutely zero chance of getting, while being told that I had some special privilege in life. Yeah, sure.

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I feel your pain. I also closed up my consulting business after the lockdowns. Of course, forcing us to do that was all part of the plan. No mom and pop businesses allowed.

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BTW, that's what 2008 was all about, eliminating small and medium sized businesses in favor of the enormous corporations. THAT'S how they're going to control how we "own nothing" and have to get everything from them, which they will dispense only with their approval and pending our behavior.

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Ahhh, but here's the rub, "rich" with what? Central Banking (aka Company) currency?

THAT'S the problem, the SYSTEM, not anything else.

Again, the solution is to ditch the SYSTEM, but along with that it would include pitching away any of the filthy ill-gotten lucre obtained therein.

THAT'S why we are destined to the NWO fate, because of our greed and unwillingness to rid ourselves of that SYSTEM along with everything we've gained in it, in exchange for not only our, but our childrens', grandchildrens', etc. liberty!

Again, "... the home of the brave" will opt for the cash, but the irony there is that after we do, it'll all be confiscated anyway. That's when the wailing will come. LOL

1 Tim. 6:9 But they that are minded to be rich fall into a temptation and a snare and many foolish and hurtful lusts, such as drown men in destruction and perdition.

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The depositors at SVB are heavy donors to the democratic party and need to be placated.

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Mar 12, 2023Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

All this craziness right before the Feb CPI print on this Tues.Coincidence?

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Let me guess, they found out that most of the depositors are woke and are willing to let them get all of their money back even though FDIC only insures up to $250,000? If it were my bank I doubt they would bail out my pathetic $2500.00, lol.

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Bix Weir RoadToRoota.com sent this message today.

"There are 18,400 Regional Banks that will likely CLOSE THEIR DOORS by the end of the month! "

Bix sent me this link, and I think it is supposed to have a list within this large document of the REGIONAL banks.


Regional Banks Industry in the US - Market Research Report

Updated: February 28, 2023


I notice this document defines "REGIONAL banks" (Federal Reserve System supervised banks ) lower parameter as 50 billion.

but what I read this morning at


"regional banking organizations as those with total assets between $10 billion and $100 billion. "

I wanted to be helpful and give y'all a link to a handy list of REGIONAL banks by state so you will know wear to run not walk tomorrow daylight saving time morning. Such a handy list is not to be easily found so far as I am able to determine.


Really doesn't matter. Water Food and ammo is solution for us po folk.

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I find no lists in either link.

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I too found no lists anywhere. Our government at all levels is incompetent and untrustworthy.

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Oh, good! I thought I was missing something somewhere. Whew!

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Did you see that SVP had 338 open positions on their cater site at time of collapse. This is a way of effin with job numbers where corporations post evergreen jobs that they have no intention of filling to create a false perception of success. It’s all fake folks!

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I didn't want to read through all that legaleze crap, but did that have something to do with transitioning everyone to CBDCs? ... aka forcing them into them in a way, ... "an offer we can't refuse" kinda way?

If so, you're entirely on point.

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Rather than a Trojan Horse, think of it instead as Babylonian Whores

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Thanks for posting the link 🔗 for easy access. It'll take some time to read through it as is designed by the technocrats so it boors you to tears with more of the same drool.

We (the technocrats) have decided what's best for you (the peasants) so we're implementing this wonderful new way for you to pay us (the technocrats). It'll be one world order for all whether you join us or not.

As little boy Bush W said "you're either with us or the terrorists" but now the chattle (as the technocrats cattle) are the domestic terrorists because you don't want the chip (the mark of the beast) so you can buy, trade, sell, eat, live etc.

Problem, reaction, solution. It's worked for centuries why would they stop now?

Furthermore, for the 4 paragraphs I did read it occurred to me that anyone truly believes "Joey B" wrote any of this must really be gullible. Old Joe sold his soul many decades ago. He probably doesn't remember when it was.

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Cattle drive of the chattel into the corral of CBDCs. Bush mispronouncing "nuclear." Vision of family members handcuffed together walking into killer waves. Keep an eye on hawkish Israel now that Iran and Saudis are making friends and BRICS is making moves. With Nuland and Kagan in the remix, PNAC's "new Pearl Harbor" vibes are increasingly haunting me.

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I feel you! Welcome to Mackinder world island and the multi polar world order. PNAC also foretold of a health emergency which many people thought was the poison envelopes sent to high level congress critters after "the new Pearl Harbor" was it . I think it was maybe CONVID 19. The controllers will push in the needed direction to corral all the chattle.

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The irony of Bush's statements were that he/they were the terrorists.

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Totally agreed! This is what I said when FTX went tits up:


I’ve been reading a lot about the FTX saga, and most places around the internet characterize it as a “crypto story”. And while that’s true in a general sense, FTX is only a crypto story in the way that “The Wolf of Wall Street” was about finance or “The Smartest Guys in the Room” was about running an electric company — these backdrops just set up the details of that particular fraud.

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Oh to dream, in another world, where the entire Central Banking structure were allowed to get shitcanned back in '08!!

A girl can dream!

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There was still marrow in the bones.

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Yes, that "marrow" being the timing needed to transition the world to CBDCs. If they had been ready for that transition back then then we'd be using CBDCs right now. Well, I'd probably be dead, but you get the point.

And the irony is, that even if they were "Too Big to Fail" back then, they're surely more so now.

Expect a collapse in some way, shape, form. Then expect the altruistic narratives giving us "an offer that we can't refuse," and perhaps seemingly at that time a quite generous one, given our voluntary transition to CBDCs. I will refuse, but most will accept.

Once that happens, they will, obviously, have complete control of "our money," which is really THEIR money given that the Federal Reserve and BIS are privately held corporations acting in THEIR OWN interests, NOT government agencies or departments supposedly out for the common good. ... and as if that were even how government(s) is defined. LOL

At that point they'll take what they want and control everyone as THEY see fit. It'll truly be game-over, check-mate.

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Global group noncompliance until the criminals are thrown out and local governments seize true democratic power will be the only way.

The majority will be victims.

Time then to direct the tyranny of that majority back towards the hydra heads of the snake.

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All meaningless unless the base for the power of the NWO, which controls ALL the significant politicians under it. That's the system of currency.

Again, it, that very system of currency, is in PRIVATE HANDS! In other words, private people, the few wealthiest in the world, OWN the US lock, stock, and barrel. The pols will do what they dictate.

The power stems from the system of currency. Hence the following quote which is attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild;

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws."

If it were merely politics this problem would have been solved decades ago.

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Obedience is not a virtue.

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Blind unbridled obedience sure isn't. Neither is obedience to antichrist things, of which these are one of. One cannot serve God and mammon or another master.

The problem is that in our nation we've reinvented God & Christ to something He isn't, thereby alinging ourselves, or at least the contingent among us in the mainstream anyway, with antichrist interests and undertakings.

If people weren't so focused on weatlh, and I'm referring to people that claim to be Christians, aka followers of Christ, then we wouldn't be where we are.

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Where is George Bailey when we need him?

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The George Bailey's were done away with decades ago. Somewhere around the JFK/Niixon era. If you get it you get it.

Now, due to our demoralization, and our own complicity in our own moral demise, we've been thoroughly demoralized and have been re-trained, much like animals are trained, that greed and the worship of mammon are now Godly things that are compatible with New Testament teachings.

It's incredibly interesting to watch from that perspective, I'll leave it at that.

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Pottersville is running out of fentanyl.

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So taxpayers with 60.00 in their bank account are going to bail out tribe members with millions in their account once again WTF

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I think your suggested scenario is spot on. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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COV Health crisis ➡️ Staffing crisis ➡️ Groceries & food shortage ➡️ Inflation emergency ➡️ Rental crisis ➡️ Climate crisis ➡️ Environmental crises ➡️ Wealth crisis

Keep people in a constant state of fear and panic and watch the great amygdala hijack.

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