Apologies in advance for any typos, errors, etc.

This article was written very quickly to address comments made earlier today.

I hope this article helps clear up some issues up, though i would not be in the least surprised if it causes greater confusion.

This was all whipped up off the cuff in a matter of minutes......

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Sep 12, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

I too attempted to address this controversy. I discount a lot of Desmet's book, I simply don't like it much and yes he seems to at least eagerly avoid the very opbvious conspiratorieal behaviors that are evidently involved, and a lot of it is well documented. Breggin certainly went too far with his final ad hominem over a professional mistake Desmet may have made. Breggin's book will be evidence in court. Desmet will not, nobody would try to use his stuff as a defense given the level of evidence that we already know about. However, Desmet is helpful in exploring how society behaved. And again, the way people went along with the lockdowns and the vax is not exculpatory for those who perpetrated these abusive regimes, but it is an important issue in society and we need to come to grips with that. https://pharmageddon-and-phoenix.letterdrop.com/c/allopathic-autodaf

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Sep 12, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Very nice article. I agree that Desmet’s ideas explain some of what we are living through but it does not explain the bigger picture.

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Sep 12, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

malone was given the job to make this psycho famous, and through him this mass formation bs. malone sounds like an operation with a team assisting, got all these expensive movies etc. etc.

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Sep 12, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Oh my,

Such a spirited group!

If an article be judged by the intensity of debate…

Excellent job 2SG!

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No, you're still not understanding Desmet at all. It's so weird how people are having such trouble understanding him. It's kind of mind blowing.

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Oct 2, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Gosh, this latter commentary on mass psychosis is just brilliant.

Thank you.

And indeed the whole mess of propaganda does flow freely in and out and

through the mass of it. One must think with a rebel nature to get a toe hold

and climb free. It isn't easy but well possible.

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Sep 30, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

YES: Mass Induced Psychosis is the mind control bridge, or hinge that facilitates the fears, meanings, values and ultimately agendas. BY THE WAY, Thanks for the word, INDUCED. I've been using it in many places. THEN, my experience is that more people are in an induced HYPNOSIS (awakeable) than in an induced PSYCHOSIS (locked into madness).

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Great piece...and a hell of allot to digest.

Your last points resonated with me, on this initial read. I need to go read your other pieces, but will proffer this here.

We (Americans) have had an active and long standing propaganda arm, effectively from the time Warner Bros was formed in 1918. While the government apparatchiks were not in place yet, the foundation was set for the forerunner of Barthes' wrestling.

I've often verbally sparred with fellow conservatives over their continued, gleeful patronage of an industry, that is overtly & covertly calling for their destruction. The psyops, waged by hollwood, are masterful, when compared to the government...but they are catching up.

Think of the absurdity of the following:

- An industry in business to sell fake stories

- Told by actors (members of the peasant class, chosen for their appeal)

- Sold to the peasant class as a whole.

- This industry knows that the peasants are prone to psychological manipulation

- Part of their industry, is focused on endearing the actors, as heroes, villains, idols, role models, sex symbols and the societal ideals where looks, body shapes, mannerisms and fashion is concerned (remember they are pretending to be fake characters in a fictional story).

- The propaganda model like a filtering lens...is undetectable to the audiences and is interchangeable, as the product/message changes.

- At some point hollywood, is elevated to an elite class strata...it's now referred to, as if it were a sovereign nation...hollywood.

- Through the decades it swayed the complexion of societal morals, values, politics, voting, patriotism and social norms, without the peasants even notincing.

Now here is the absurd part...in the last 10 years or so, the actors have shown open contempt for the peasants...the ticket buyers.

Since Trump and COVID, hollywood has openly labeled half the voting populous as nazis, racists, phobes, idiots, terrorist, fascists and murderers (did you refuse the mask or jab...then they are talking about you).

Absurdidty...when the theaters opened back up...those same filthy peasants who were spit on by the industry...RAN back into the theaters...cash in hand.

The new top gun came out and you would have thought, we went back in time to the day after 9/11, where we all were waving flags and Americans, no division, no animosity, just kumbaya.

One movie, wipes away any memory of the manipulation, persecution and devastation the industry foisted on the peasantry.

It should be noted, that movie made 156 million...in just it's 4 day opening...in the U.S. alone.

So, ask yourself, how was it that the peasants who were shouting about rising food and gas prices, the building recession and coming depression...had no issue handing over their precious fiat dollars, to an industry that is openly leftist and socialist...and hates them...between movie openings, of course.

Let all that sink in and then ask...what the hell will it take to wake these peasants up?

I've been asking for 8-10 years and still don't have an answer...let me know if you find one.

How is that for a psy-op program??!!

Full disclosure...I am off hollywood, sports, any leftist musicians and actors.

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Don't forget that the scamdemic was brought to you by the same "coalition of the willing" that brought you 9/11. This is arguably the best, most concise summary of that day in existence>




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President Ford by executive order band the CIA from any activities in the United States and then Obama reversed it?

And the American public doesn’t have a clue what is going on?

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Mass formation. Not mass formation psychosis

It helps to understand the lemmings and the sheep

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I can only recommend that you follow my good friend and mentor, Jim Quinn, who's amazing website " The Burning Platform" tells the story of the consequences of Mass Formation within the context of 'The Fourth Turning' through which we are moving in 2022/3, to reach an inevitable bloody climax sometime before the end of this decade. He says:

"The simmering hatred between the left and right has been rising towards a boiling point since the 2016 election. Everything Biden and his Obama handlers have done since his installation as president in the rigged 2020 election has been designed to sow discord, create chaos, and tear apart the fabric of this country. Authoritarian despots always accuse the opposition of crimes they themselves are guilty of having committed."


I post at TBP every week as I track the course of the multiple collapses we are witnessing, financial, social, economic, and more through the eyes of the last great empire - Great Britain - and empire upon which the sun never set:


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I’m jumping back to the topic of Malone as I didn’t have time to comment on an older article talking about him.

I always thought his story stunk about why he got vaxxed. He shows up out of the blue disparaging the vax ?! He was kinda late to the party of why we should be anti vax.

He told us he had covid but felt it was lingering like “ long covid” and he thought getting the vax might alleviate his symptoms?!!!!! It’s like what???!!! Anyone with a sciences background knows that makes no sense normally.

He thinks the vax is terrible but gets vaxxed? It never made sense. Just like Desmet showing up out of the blue with Malone.

To me they are both CIA manipulated players put out there to help control the masses.

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Sep 12, 2022·edited Sep 12, 2022

Your clarification makes a lot of sense.

The way I see it is that Desmet has looked at the frailties of the human condition and accordingly constructed a new pathology (as his profession tends to do) to describe the current mind boggling obedience, compliance and acquiescence to tyranny. As you correctly point out 2ndSG, what Desmet seems to ignore is the inducement, the intentional and planned manipulation and exploitation of the vulnerable masses. To not see the evil planning behind the plandemic and to blame it all on the mental weaknesses of the frightened crowd is missing half the story. It's a co-created tyrannical reality. For mass formation to exist, a lack of critical thinking and discernment and associated anxieties is necessary, but so is the intent to control and exploit. A Mass Induced Formation is therefore a more accurate description of the current tyrannical dystopian nightmare.

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