Still waiting for anyone in power to demand an immediate stop to these shots and removal from the market. Investigations, outrage, and hearings are not going to save people as long as these shots remain on the market.

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I'm 100% not smart! however even me at 70years of age has managed to work out that a lot of the sleeves rolled up & syringes in sight or even in the bared arm were for pr.

Anyone thinking that those publicity photos & videos were injected with anything other than saline is beyond daft.

I base my conclusion on the fact that close to, or zero poiticotards have even been confirmed as being harmed or dropped dead from the injections. Same goes for all of the RsClowns attending the WEF, any & all of the other initialed outfits too. Zero harms, zero deaths.

As for vax certs. Anyone believing there aren't any fake certs, electronic or paper ones, isn't thinking right.

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1. He said they are mutating PEOPLE; not a virus. It’s more likely he’s referring to Transhumanism which will attempt to guide human evolution in a very particular direction.

2. If nobody has ever observed a virus transmitting from one person to another after 150 years of experiments...how can virologists possibly recreate the same mechanism without 1st demonstrating how this transmission takes place?

3. The Wuhan lab leak psyop was, from the very beginning, the official story THEY WANTED YOU TO BELIEVE! They knew a few benighted people would believe the Wuhan wet market bat germ explanation...so they provided a more plausible lableak story for the “skeptics”. (Who btw bought it hook, line & sinker). They will always provide two cover stories and always a false dichotomy; contrasting narratives where one will seduce the left and the other the right. Did Epstein kill himself or was he murdered? Of course there is always another option (Epstein’s death was faked) but they would rather people debate two possibilities that are both false. They narrowly frame the debate by ridiculing and violently opposing any suggestion which falls outside those parameters. Covert operations ALWAYS operate on multiple layers of deception.

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It is quite the feeling to get to the realization of the profane steering us. Not just greedy, or selfish, but truly evil.

I recently finished the Abolition of Man by C.S Lewis and he speaks of the eugenecists in democrats. Described as a continual conquering of nature, where in when we reduce something to nature it loses qualitative value, just numbers and raw materials.

All the technological and chemical steps forward were another step closer to becoming nature, which we celebrate conquering at every turn.

Unfortunately the PR and vending machines continue to function. When we went to school we were conditioned so heavily that an entire relearning is needed just to look out the window.

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Your Dad took the bioweapon. Did you Don Jr? Many of us here had the good sense not to. They created a bioweapon for the bioweapon, the kill shot.

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Too bad narcissistic Don Sr, is still shilling the poison. He has had many opportunities to say he was mistaken, but I think that time has past.

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It’s full steam ahead to produce nano drug injections to treat disease states! Billions and billions are being invested by over 100 drug manufacturers to create solutions to disease states with injections! Having no liability for creating ineffective drug injections that are not determined to be safe, allows them to move full speed ahead in their effort to create injections that are the false solution to treat diseases!

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Jan 31·edited Jan 31

I hadn't considered this whole scenario as a great distraction. But since you've mentioned it... I agree. All the bad news about the vaccines is overshadowed by that Pfizer guy. And could it be that 'Project Veritas' is in on it ?

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Where's dad, junior?

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Jan 31Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Anyone who is still getting fooled by the propaganda needs another booster.

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You are still not recognizing that behind all those 3 letter agencies there's only one power: Freemasonry. By the way, every single intelligence agency was founded by masons.

Conspiracy litmus test

How was it possible that mainstream media in different countries would cover news with the same scripted template, being the only difference the inclusion of local comments from the same pre-approved pool each time. How was it possible that all dissident scientific and medical voices were ignored and censored?

When there’s no money trail/profits, what could explain precise coordination in 100+ countries (government agencies, politicians, judges, corporations, media, military, police, secret services)?:

• Why did the freemason President of France and freemason Fauci fund gain-of-function in Wuhan, supposedly being China THE enemy?

• Unlike previous PLANdemics, it wasn't about selling billion$ of snake oil to governments, but about shoving it through your veins. This was most obvious with child and pregnancy haccination.

• Considering they control almost all listed corporations, they lost trillions with the lockdowns (they don’t care, they forge money).

The PLANdemic wasn’t about the rich getting richer but about a global power grab. Only freemasonry can explain infiltration and coordination of all positions of power, especially, where there was no money trail.

The more you study, the more smoke you can find from the smoking gun, not gun, cannons. Conspiracy-skeptics and cabal-deniers can't explain why those powers are spending billions in de-carbonisation, injected Bluetooth nano-routers, 5G, chemtrails, toxics, war-on-meat, gender ideology, paedophilia, robot-philia, human rights for the non-human persons (animals, AI robots), etc. Even if they admit the de-population progrom, they can’t explain the push for in-vitro fertilization, which contradicts depopulation.

If they just took time to read, they’d find it is proven beyond any doubt that the satanic digi-tatoship wants to murder 95% of mankind while there's no democracy when all parties are under freemasonic orders and pockets (n.b. democrats and RINOs).

Subscribe to find the TRUTH and the solutions:


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can never forget the Trump clan dancing in the trailer on the 6th of Jan 2021 while some people got shot and many wounded at the capitol.. It's almost like the dancing Israelis on the 9/11/2001

I HOPE A LOT Americans will get cleverer and learn to STOP supporting DEEP STATE CRIMINALS!

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All I am seeing is “Sidestepping and Band-standing”. The excrement is about to hit the oscillator...just my opinion. None of them are going to get out clean.

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Been saying ever since Trump announced that he’s going to have to address the failed and faulty “vaccine” product he was pushing under the Operation Warp Speed name. It will require the most carefully choreographed pivot on current political PR terms. Can he pull it off? Honestly don’t know if he understands what an epic failure this thing has been.

I have a fondness for the guy. He got us on the right track. But he needs to get straight on this. All people have egos, and powerful people have big egos (that’s why they’re powerful) so it’s going to take soul searching and skill to pivot to the next stage. The public is moving—slowly now but then quickly I predict. By end of 2023 we’ll be in a very different place.

This is going to be a big transition year. Strap in.

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Clown show. Anyone who paid attention knew it was a scam and didn't get jabbed. Who did what is irrelevant. No wrong will be righted. You got jabbed, that's on you. Moving on.

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& the son in law had a huge financial gain with setting up Israel for the first jabs

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