I saw Harari speak in a great video by JP Sears and Harari freaked the heck out of me. It’s like he wants us to lie down on his table so he can experiment on us and if we die or get maimed it’s fine with him because we are no more than lab rats to him and the elites.

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There will be no mass unemployment. On contrary there is going to be a labor shortage EVERYWHERE. What percent of 66.6 percent of the US population currently vaccinated is going to be permanently crippled or killed by the vaccine? Pick your percentage... it doesn't matter... we are losing a shit ton of people who will not be able to be replaced. I predict anyone with the ability to work and has skills, talent, etc. will be high demand and will paid VERY well.

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These globalist morons really do not have a clue. There are millions upon millions of people that have free will and will not comply with this totalitarian BS. The free market; black markets and human ingenuity will find a way around these evil bastards.

There are way more of us than them, and when push comes to shove the globalists have forgotten this!

Money and power only go so far,

What happens when the currency like all fiats have, goes the way of dinosaur.

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May 31, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

The hounds have been waiting for the "go ahead"signal. Chomping at the bit. They will have an endless supply of humans to torture while they experiment on them.

I believe harari was probably grown in a lab somewhere. I consider him an abnormal abomination. With a "mengele"type energy

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Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right.

These guys sure are dumb for being so smart. I don’t think their evil Bond plan is going to go off without a few hitches along the way. And they like to stick to their plan. They ain’t so good at improvising. They will fail. It might create a lot of pain and suffering for the world. But ultimately they will fail. Morons.

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Enough of these lunatics.

Eradicate them, humanity would rejoice

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UN Agenda 21-2030 GOALS.

 One World Government

 One globally controlled cashless currency

 One global central bank

 One global military

 The end of national sovereignty

 End All privately owned properties (except some elites)

 End of the family unit

 Depopulation, control of population growth and density

 Endless mandatory quackcines

 Universal basic income (austerity)

 Microchipped society (for trade, travel, tracking and control)

 Implementation of a world social credit system

 Internet of things (IOT), everything hooked to 5G monitoring including your body

 Government raised children

 Government owned and controlled schools (education)

 End private transportation (no more owning cars,…)

 All businesses owned by government/corporations

 Restriction of non-essential air travel

 Settlement zones (concentration of humans in cities only)

 End of private farms livestock and irrigation

 Restricted land use, end of single family homes

 Ban on natural non synthetic drugs and medicines

You will own nothing and be Happy!!!

World Enslavement Foundation (WEF) Cult.


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He seems like the embodiment of "the useless class."

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They not only want to control us. They want to kill us. All I'm saying people, is you better get ready for the biggest civil war in history. This is no game.

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Pathocracy: When psychopaths get control of the levers of power. This guy, and his WEF masters and peers, is a poster child for Pathocracy. I learned the term from the book Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski:

The first manuscript of this book was thrown into the fire just minutes before a secret police raid in Communist Poland.

The second copy was personally delivered to a contact inside the Vatican, only to mysteriously vanish.

The third was pieced together in 1980s New York by the last surviving member of an underground research team, only to be banned from publication...

Until now.

Forged in the crucible of totalitarianism, Political Ponerology is written by psychiatrist Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski, who draws on his experience and clinical insight during the decades he spent under the crushing heel of the Nazi and Communist regimes.

Decades ahead of its time, and brimming with unique insights and depth of vision, Political Ponerology explores a genus of highly adapted and charming psychopaths who bend political parties, institutions, and media to their depraved worldview, dividing and hypnotizing entire populations, and paving a virtuous path to genocide, mass repression, and gulags.

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The parasitic elites think their Gods!

I find it remarkably funny, these morons couldn’t tie there shoes without there personal lackey servants! When the world goes to hell in a hand basket they will be the first to go!

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They wish. The lizards better be real committed, because this time, it's going to cost them in ways they have not forseen.imo

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If a highly trusted man issues his own currency, the globalsts fortunes will be worth a cup of coffee . And the bastards would have done it to themselves.

And currency replacement, by this trusted man, would be difficult to use in other areas (anti globalist).

No usury.

No betting on its value going up or down.

On and on.

Who could this be? Great Catholic Monarch or Holy Pope .

Both prophesied by many saints over centuries

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