I don't feel like I have the power to do anything except for:

- Vote and contact my U.S. representatives in Congress. To that end I contact my U.S. senators and congress rep regularly. Probably once a month or more frequent. And I vote every year.

- Stand in a peaceful protest and hold a sign, and be a voice of sanity on social media. And get condemned and possibly labeled as domestic you-know-what.

- Refuse to be vaccinated unless/until there's years of data, that is independent, unbiased (as much as possible), and from the global community (not just in the-most-profit-driven society in the world, the U.S.), AND the U.S. adverse effects (VAERS) data has been thoroughly and seriously processed (don't know if I'll ever believe that's happened though).

This all feels very weak and ineffectual. What am I missing? A sign in my yard perhaps, but that feels weak too. I am not asking you to advocate for anything crazy, but am I missing anything obvious?

In the comments of El Gatto's post today (where I found your substack) someone said **refuse testing** Is that something worth promoting loudly?

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