Once again, I need to point out that the problem is NOT incompetence. This is ALL preplanned destruction of the middle-class in its entirety.

Louder now , so those in the back can hear:


Thxu, plz drivethru

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"When they pay my heating bills they can decide how it’s heated." Fits right in with UBI. Tied to your social credit score, of course.

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Can't help but believe this is all preplanned and purposeful. It is also about rigid, planetary control of we the people. Maybe the WEF isn't all by itself all powerful but when they command the actions of all major nations and economies it seems pretty straightforward. If this is not Global Fascism then I would like to know the preferred definition.Between the government puppets, the puppet corporations and all they have been at this for a long time. Fascism wasn't defeated in WW I, WW II, and the Civil War - those involved were simply plotting their actual pincer play to trap us in this. Now we have these "incompetent, overpaid buffoon" kleptocrats strutting around like they own the place.

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Everything is well and truly fucked.

Even if we can stave off things like a global Social Credit system and digital currency, there are no good (or even neutral) long-term trends.

The next generation of children will be sicker in mind and body than any before them.

The next generation of university 'graduates' (our future 'leaders') will be even more radical than the last.

The bioweapon (V) is out and spreading, and the damage done to billions of people is irreversible.

The Climate Cult is so ingrained into our institutions that they are literally spraying us with heavy metals to 'protect us' from the sun.

The monetary system is completely broken.

The "Rules Based" international system has been destroyed by the American left, and the world is fracturing into tribal camps again.

Not one single public institution remains functional - everything is broken, nobody is watching anybody, and those with power are free to wield it however they see fit.

War, including nuclear war, is back in fashion.

Racism is alive and well, and White Hate will eventually turn into genocide.

So yeah... good times.

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How do we stop our government just destroying humanity & our UK ?

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Everything is by "their "design....

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Thanks, excellent outline of reality. P.S. a few lines in #7 are repeated - need an edit.

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