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The same Bronfman family that helped fund the sex and slavery cult NXIVM.... Hmmm...

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And just when you think it can't get any more demonic... Clif High refers to some these as species from another planet. I'm starting to wonder if he is onto something.

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This makes the stomach turn. The extent of evil these days is impossible to deny. We are living in the days of 2000 yr old Bible prophecy. Do you believe God? He won't force Himself on you - the choice is all yours and He will honor that choice. He has said, if you seek Him sincerely with all your heart, you will find Him. Believe in God, believe in Jesus Christ; He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14)

"I would have lost heart, unless I had believed

That I would see the goodness of the LORD;

In the land of the living.

Wait on the LORD;

Be of good courage.

And He shall strengthen your heart,

Wait, I say, on the LORD!"

(Psalm 27)

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What do they all have in common?

They are USURERS.

The crew that controls the money system for their own benefit, which always ends badly for society, and then for the usurers who are banished or destroyed. Every time.

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Was hoping to see something here about RFK, Jr. He admits to flying the Lolilta express twice, so I'm sure there were more. Anyone going to Epstein's Island was involved in something dark and dirty. Nobody just went there for fun.

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Obama has 'ho in his blood. Out of the gay bath houses in Chicago (where he was discovered by fellow perv, Rahm Emanuel, and on to a life of paid punk/politician.

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There is a lot of truth in here and also some loose associations, so it is likely this article is designed as a PSYOP to confuse. The Rothchild, BIS, FED, Goldman Sachs, Epstien/Mossad/CIA relationship is linear. Other relationships indicated are horizontal and therefore suspect.

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So much info contained in this excellent article!

You didn't even touch on the tie-in with the Clintons, Pizzagate, NXIVM and adrenachrome use.

This is a great article to share with our "normies"and disbelievers.

Thanks @2SG 👏👏👏👏

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May 1st is big in Russia, and the bear has had enough poking.

Russia killed TWO ENTIRE UKRAINIAN ARMY DIVISIONS in the last 48hrs. That is somewhere around 30 thousand men.

Where are the US Statesmen? Is everyone a war hungry neocon now?


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Here's something else they have in common: Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the liberal-fascist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission prior to his fall from grace.

William Burns (CEIP/CIA), his deputy David Cohen, and CIA "spokeswoman" Tamara Kupperman are CFR members. Joshua Ramo is a CFR member. Bankers Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan) and Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman) are CFR members. The Bronfmans and Lauders are CFR members. CEIP chairman Penny Pritzker is a former CFR director.

Ex-president Bill Clinton is a lifetime CFR member, and back in 2000 while he was jetting around with Epstein, young Kathryn Ruemmler was his "associate counsel". Lynn Forester de Rothschild, BFF of Hillary Clinton and associate of Ghislane Maxwell, is a CFR member. The Rothschild couple spent their honeymoon at the Clinton White House in 2000.

See article by Alan Dershowitz, trying to distance himself from the mess: spectator.co.uk/article/the-ghislaine-maxwell-i-know/

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I have seen both those pictures of Obama’s mother, a truly upstanding woman. Does anyone remember the claims Larry Sinclair made about Obama? Those claims include doing cocaine and having oral sex with Obama. We’ve gotten really good at electing sickos and perverts.

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So..where did Obama's children come from?

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Wow. Wow! What an expose! Even if it's only 3/4 true this is shocking

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Not surprising but quite telling to be sure.

So I did a search on "What did Obama's mother mean..." and of course you get the usual debunking BS from the like of politfact of which we all know have little if any factual basis in their claims. Surprisingly the 2nd hit was from the Gateway Pundit with a age restricted video inside

"More racy photos of Barack Obama’s mother were recently discovered. The photos were apparently taken at Frank Marshall Davis’s home in Honolulu. The photos reveal an intimate relationship between Obama’s mother and his childhood mentor."


At the end of the video it has a website listed


Many may be aware of it, but I wasn't so for those who weren't.

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Let me point out something relevant.

Morality, morals, values ethics, a sense of integrity HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH " Intelligence".

YES, I TOO WAS OVERWHELMED, SHOCKED and disgusted when I tried to grasp this.

I was luckily (I will explain) brought up by a strict Irish dad, and British mother that truly gave me heeps of love, guidance and care.

Yes, I want to a Catholic primary school with nuns and priests in charge.

Yes, I got the strap (and frankly probably deserved it a few times .

My patents always hated the saying that chukdten should be seen and not heard. I was taught by them TO QUESTION EVERYTHING including them .

Although they believed in rules and consequences, in our home - they stated it was the greater good.

I has a right and should and could question literally anything and anyone .

They saw a child's coureous question WHY , as good.

If my patents could not calmly and logically explain rules and their need for social rules, maybe it wasn't a good rule.

Equally they clearly stated that I didn't go to Catholic school or church to believe it in religion, but rather to learn the golden rule and the difference of right and wrong.

Later in my military training my thoughts on integrity values and morals hardened.

However , like my parents, I learned to be slow to judge and gather intel from expert sources.

By now , you are asking what is this all about?

The first time I truly heard and questioned two words 'GOD BRAIN' was after reading Dr. Howard Gardner's book CHANGING MINDS.

Dr. Gardener (Harvard and many degrees ) hypothesis was that a so called sense of morality and ethics HAD JUST STARTED to show up RECENTLY in the brain.

In a sense , we think we are smart and evolved, but the truth is we were mainly barbarians and dark in nature until very tecentjy .

After reading this ULTRA SICK expose of young down into the caves of hell or the darkest deepest rabbit hole, I continue to try and advance Gardeners hypothesis GOD BRAIN .

WELL good news and bad news. In the last fifteen years more and more experts and books have been written on this topic of whether or not humans will ever achieve a united sense if global morality .

If you search and explore this most complicated and fascinating area of evidence questioning a human moral compass - you will going nuggets of hope and equally despair.

For those atheists out there, one common denominator is appearing.

Go to CHURCH is GOOD. It doesn't matter much what church but we are seeing that learning the golden rule and do called commandments like , honor your neighbour , thiu shalt not kill are indeed impacting HOW HUMANS THINK .

Expressed simply, all humans are creatures that develop over time from habits AND LEARNED skills .

This includes morality.

What is equally true is that the child's developing brain is in A CRITICAL STAGE of development and it is this childhood where children LEARN both good and bad .

In essence EVERY CHILD has a STRONG PREDISPOSITION to follow in the footsteps of their parents and early nurturers .

I call this INHERITING suns of the mother and find of the father, and equally inheriting GIFTS of their mother and father.

The apple does not fall from the tree.

My point for now is:

key points.

1. Intelligence is totally independent of morality, integrity and ethical conduct.

2. CHAT-GPT will confirm this

3. The human brain is one of the last frontiers and ee are still in infancy in understanding the compexity . It appears that we as a human race , are just now reaching a point in Revolution of a built in GOD BRAIN that may better equip mankind with empathy , understabding, tolerance and most of all values, morale and ethics.

4. It is VASTLY important for kids and youth with a developing brain to LEARN by example and teaching of rules for a greater good than self .

5. Although it is early science , study has suggested that humans going to church have more likelihood of developing, not just better mental health overall, that makes them socially responsible, but equally STRONG in values morals and ethics .

6. Today's political leaders ARE VERY VERY WEAK . By this I also imply that they are NOT evolved and will use lies and even can become psychopathic liars that only appear strong to a large percentage of voters.

7. When you see troubled souls entering the dark world of pefophilia, LOOK TO THEIR CHILDHOOD and upbringing .

They are likely engaging in BOTH sins of their father and mother AS WELL AS hanging out with a very bad group of sick peers, they call friends .

If you hang out with neurologists, you will likely become one.

If you hang out with Hells Angels and gangs, you will likely become one.

Question EVERYTHING and for your answers grind out WHO is the world expert of that specific topic .

Best to all freedom fighters, intellectuals seeking answers and those seeking a fair, tolerant, democratic, liberty loving nation WHERE the RULE of Law is restored for the common good .

Here's a good starter but there are newer books on this topic.

Best in life and health.


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Many think that, but the CIA has well here is a quote: “The CIA papers don’t say why they need actors to impersonate Obama, but clearly say they approached Tim Russ last year. They mention putting Russ through rigorous training so that even astute observers wouldn’t be able to tell he wasn’t Obama unless they were right in his face. They taught him to walk, talk and act like Obama, just as they taught actor Arthur Roberts to pretend to be Joseph Biden. Tim Russ is the new Hussein Obama,” our source said. Tim Russ used to be on Star Trek.

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