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It is essential to pay attention to the utmost weapon in the globalists' hands.

The technology has been around for decades and it was limited only by networking, storage, and computing capacity. For networking, 5G and satellites are now omnipresent, for storage, there are huge facilities all over the world, and graphene computing was already 12k times faster than "supercomputers" in 2012.

A lot more sinister plan is being implemented.

At least one, but probably a lot more, quantum-nanotech graphene "super AI" has been fed live data at least since 2007, when Skype started recording all calls, but chances are all the NSA archives have also been fed to it after 2001. Its role is to run a live world simulation and based on its findings, advise the globalist technocrats about the next move towards global control and genocide.



What hope is left:



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yes, if NSA can take snapshats of entire datasets of a nation from the past and analyze then they can accurately predict behavioral patterns.

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Plus, most people are more than predictable from their list of contacts in their e-mail/antisocial media/cell phone accounts... Predictability matters, because it determines the type of mass manipulation applied and also provides an algorithm for potential "resistance" of individuals, groups, or areas.

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We know that Substack isn't actually free.

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Yup, it's a data collection hub and a honey pot. :)

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💯 There is the power of Love too, which is greater than hate. The ones that are driving this madness are missing this concept.

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Do not underestimate the human spirit which has historically at some critical points overridden human conformity and stupidity. It's a social conditioning and brainwashing response that restores balance.

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This is why they will ultimately fail.

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This is a fucking nightmare that never ends.

I remember standing alone one night, 30 years ago, in gas chamber #1 at Auschwitz [Southern Poland] and seeing two openings in the ceiling where poisonous gas was dropped on those inside. The victims must have wondered ... what, no shower? what's really going on here? And why is the door locked?

What was going on was that they were all about to die -- and before they were murdered, they were lied to. They were set up. I see deceit and manipulation today, thanks in large part to a media that fails to do its job.

It's shocking that people can't see through the COVID vaccine scam. That is what gets me. These folk are either naive, stupid -- or have a death wish.

I felt for the Auschwitz victims, but I have no pity for today's adult victims of the vaccine. They should know better. But as they say, they've made a choice.

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Do you see the parallels in this analysis with Covid today? They are using the same play-book proven effective over centuries:


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Looks to me like one more way to compile a "social credit score" and use it to restrict people.

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Utter bastards.

A powerful account blocked me , pre blocked me. I didn't even get one tough post in on the creep.

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I never know whether I should "like" a post such as this, when in reality it's simply terrifying...

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I’m guessing we are Edge cases! Btw fuck


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I love it! Let’s all get on Twitter and Getter and retweet FWEF!

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I started a new FB account to join a new group that I belonged to in real life. I've had, and deleted, multiple FB accounts over the years and really didn't want to join again but was missing out on a lot of activities. The first person I tried to add as a friend, I was told I was not allowed. Weird.

Then a week or so later, I tried to log in again. I was told my account was suspended for violating community guidelines. I hadn't even made a single post or added a single friend. I'm thinking it might have been my use of VPN? But seriously...these folks are paranoid AF. They clearly know that people are against them and are abusing their power. They're all sociopaths.

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may be we need to get back to snail mail soon

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These ghouls bring the term "control freak" to another level. They so don't think like we do, need to keep reminding myself of that point. Independent thinking sure does scare them, wonder why/s.

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Twitter is run by the deep state.

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😱🤬 Time to come up with our own language 😂

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This appears to be an ongoing war of cat and mouse, a sort of game which has no end - it's infinite - and for me it's fun - a real challenge out-thinking these pretentious WEFers. There is a little book about this which will give us an understanding of what weapons we can use to defeat these evil bastards.


Game theory is a theoretical framework for conceiving social situations among competing players. In some respects, game theory is the science of strategy, or at least the optimal decision-making of independent and competing actors in a strategic setting. Mug up guys and gals, we are a war:


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I've started looking at Twitter and FB differently after watching Ghosts in the Machine and reading 'Unrestricted Warfare' [and Von Clausewitz, Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Plato, Antoninus and The Bible]. It's now my informed opinion social media was hijacked by our military to ID people with Marxist and anti-American viewpoints, herd them into echo chambers full of like minded bots, and convince them to remove themselves from the gene pool by getting vaxed [to show everyone they aren't alt-right anti-vax, racist, Christian, Ultra-MAGAs].

By removing truth from digital kill-zones it makes the job easier. By doing it this way the Federal Government, MSM, Pfarma and Big Tech will ultimately be blamed for the holocaust. The side benefit is since the entire military is playing #PfuqAroundPfindOut this effectively dismantles the military industrial complex.

Change my mind.

The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD.


It had to be done this way.

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I am confused: is this "artificial intelligence" or "artificial insemination?" I always get these two mixed up. At least one of them requires a long rubber glove up to the armpit to administer the first process.

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Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy and Life Has Never Been Better (Tales From the Great Reset)

Welcome to the year 2030. Thanks to the Great Reset, you will own nothing and you will be happy - just like Ida in her city... ;)


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If we are ever going to retrieve our country

Back we need to excommunicate every

WEF fucker and we know who they are


America where are you?

MAGA may be a start

But I expect more than words

Or political soft shoe diplomacy

I am an old white guy

Jesus fan


Considered to be a white supremicist


While these WEF fuckers who are gaslighting blood sucking pedophiles

That promote abortions illegal alien invasions violence in antifa

Corporate blm shit go Scotland free

With no legal hammer being applied

Does not make sense

But hoping that Truth Honor dignity

Family life liberty the pursuit of happiness

Without being an evil empire of imperialism and viscous ness comes

To a screeching halt.

Basically this is a spiritual battle

Of epic proportions

When you have 800,000 in the USA

Go missing every year

100,000 dead od on fetananyl

And monkey pox is considered a public health emergency.

This is 1984

And if IF IF PEOPLE don’t fully embrace

The significance of wtf is going on

We will own nothing and eat grasshoppers

I am willing to die on the hilll


AND everything they touch.

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