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Holyyyy monkey’s shit.

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"“live virus injected into population with VAIDS = conflagration beyond anything we've seen since 1666.”"

My good family friend (who I am certain is double vaxxed) was stricken by a cold two weeks ago. I met him and he said it was "one of those May colds" (he's a Yank...whatever that means).

His message from today (I sent him a load of Technical Analysis (TA) I did last week and yesterday Zero Hedge published their TA on the Nasdaq and S&P500 that tallied strongly with my own ((a week late but whatever... 😀))

He sent me this on Whatsapp earlier:

"I've had a cold today. Very unpleasant. Slept a lot"

I don't recall anyone getting a cold twice in two weeks ever. I also don't recall a cold rendering anyone bedridden. Is it just me????

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Not just you. Yours truly wrote many months ago that for the DEATHVAXXED a common cold will be enough to wipe them out and in many cases kill them off.

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and rebrand the common cold as a deadly plague regardless of how harmless it is to the rest of us. scariants, ad nauseum.

in the meantime: https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/

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I may well have had OG Covid in December 2019. I was ill for six weeks - and this afflicted a guy (me) that had climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest 2.5 times from sea level in the preceding two months. I was fit as f*ck and have never been ill for that long before.

I almost certainly had Omicron about two months ago, it was weird and I was "ill" for about five hours.

I know Dr. Yeadon has previously spoken about "scariants" but I disagree with him based on my own experience. Plus he said that a long time ago coronavirus-lineage-speaking.

Let me be clear, I have never been scared of "Covid" and regard the flu as more dangerous to someone of my age and fitness level (and I literally don't give a flying f*ck about catching the flu 😀).

But now I have an interest in epidemiology/virology, dismissing this as just "meh" isn't really the adult thing to do. I find it fascinating, and as an unvaxxed person, it's really interesting.

Not clicking your link, set up your own Sub if you have anything interesting to say.

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I had something in January-February 2020, my partner had similar in December 2019 I got the worst of it and like you, it took me about 6-8 weeks to get over. Following that, several weeks later I developed what many describe as long haul Covid w neuropathy in extremities, extreme lethargy, inability to catch my breath, aches and pains in all joints to the degree I became bedridden for over a years before then developing symptoms in July 2021 for what people who tested for delta were describing. I never did test, but I’ve also never felt such odd symptoms before in my life w anything. That’s when I contacted myfreedoctor.com for the protocol medications, which FINALLY got me over all symptoms, including long haul. I have never been so seriously ill in my life for such an extended period of time. I lost all strength and muscle tone and am still recovering those.

All those who created this toxic pathogen need to be tried and hung. And I don’t even think they deserve a trial. None of those they murdered got a trial before being put to death.

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Shit. Like H.G. Wells and the Martians. Damn, I care about these people...

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I would love to use this Clark W. Griswold line from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation...if only I could say this to Fauci, Gates, Schwab, Trudeau, (fill in blank).....

"I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of MONKEY SHIT he is! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?"

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👏👏👏👏Brilliant!!! 👏👏👏👏

I second that emotion, especially with regard to Justy Turd-Castreau.

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DEATHVAX™ is indeed "the gift that keeps on giving".

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Hey mate, sorry for no posting lately (you may regard that as a good thing 😀)

I "hit the jackpot" on my trading strategies. I'm sure I don't need to explain that a 50%+ win rate and a risk:reward ratio of 1:3-5 on a backtest with simulated variable spreads and realistic slippage over a twelve year period is holy grail territory, but somehow I did it. Ho Lee Fuk. 😎 I told you I was the third smartest guy in the world. 😉

Anyroad, I posted the following on the Wholistic Substack yesterday: https://wholistic.substack.com/p/monkeypox-share-your-thoughts

"Hi Stephanie, spinal tap? Jeez, hope you are ok, that must hurt like hell. This may sound schizo but what are the two strange illnesses on the loose right now? A paediatric hepatitis (likely caused by an adenovirus) and a monkeypox. I am by no means saying this is right, but it sure seems odd that this happens after injecting millions of people with J&J/AZ/Sputnik adenovirus vaccines (literally based on chimpanzee adenovirus)."

Some deboonker obviously entered the chat and entirely misconstrued my post so this was my rebuttal:

"I totally appreciate what you wrote and I thank you for it.

All I am saying is, it seems odd that there is a "common denominator" between GMO chimpanzee adenovirus injections and a sudden rise in paediatric adenovirus hepatitis and monkeypox.

I am well aware that "post hoc ergo propter hoc" is a logical fallacy (my favorite example is a "link" between a new ice cream being released correlating with an increase in people dying in bed after being entangled with their bedsheets) but I'm just stating that it seems odd.

I'm also well aware that adenovirus and poxes are different viruses."

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So happy for you and your trading!

Sounds like 3rd smartest guy needs to become the patron of 2nd smartest guy's substack😎

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Your response behooves me to ask this question. Who is the 1st smartest guy in the world?

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Seems like no one's smart enough to figure that out......

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If you are reading this, Bill, spoiler alert, it isn't you. Sorry.

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Quite honestly, that would make my life. Not sure if you are into trading, but look up Heiken Ashi charts. Not the indicator, charts. They may change your life. I will say no more.

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baboon, you are into drinks now?

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Vaxed, constant coughs , colds, covid. This week 2 colleagues admitted they’ve been vomiting every morning for last 7 weeks. I asked if they were pregnant (even though they are males), you have to now 😂😂. Told them to get blood tests, mention amyloidosis to your doc

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George Bernard Shaw talks about his experience with smallpox. Will history repeat itself?


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I used to think life sucks and then you die was funny. The current reality has changed my mind.

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The Medical Mafia in Action - Offering Isotropic Humanicide Services Worldwide


AHA = Assisted Humanicide Association

AMA = American Murder Association

CDC = Center for Death and Corruption

DIC = Drugs Industrial Complex

DHS = Defense for Humanicide Services

FDA = Fraud and Death Association

HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services

MD = Most Deplored

NIAID = Novel Inquisition for Allergic and Infectious Dogmas

NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

WEF = World Enslavement Foundation

WHO = William Henry (III)'s Omnipotence

Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker:

 Glendale Adventist Hospital


 These people deserve the credit for the deaths of nearly a million Americans


 An open letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS


 NIH Scientists Pocketed $350 Million in Royalties — Agency Won’t Say How Much Went to Fauci


 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug.

 The sicker America is, the richer the Drugs Industrial Complex (DIC)

 No curing is allowed, ever. Treating symptoms assures recurring revenues.

 Natural healing methods are relegated to Quackery.

 An Empire of Lies, Corruption, Degeneracy, and Death run by a Covidian Cult.

 The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response


 The New Rules of Medicine


 The Smallpox Pandemic Response was Eerily Similar to COVID


 New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save


 Why Do Doctors Close Their Eyes to Medical Injuries


 Harmaceuticals are intrinsically toxic


 Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far


 COVID Policies & Actions by Governments – Scientific Frauds of the Century


 We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable!


 Ontario LTC Residents Were Denied Essential Supplements by the “Emergency Holding of Medications” Orders


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This sounds like a nightmare. Like one where you wish you could wake up and it would be all over with the night sweats and feeling of dread.

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Holy Hacksxxxxxine Batman, big Harma is going batshit. Monkeyeshit. Apeshit.

We'll be scraping for crumbs and scraps , if we survive. When should i start being a scared again?

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in all honesty, I half expected to already have been put in a train car and shipped off for "reeducation" for being too mouthy about bioweapons and government racketeering.

I'm hoping that the concentration camp remains out on the horizon rather than enforcers knocking at my door.

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I joke about being shipped off too. If it happens, I figure I’ll be in good company.

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And here I had been convinced everything now is chickenshit.

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I checked the WHO site today, it showed Transverse Myelitis as a side effect for the AstraZeneca covid shots. I then looked at Transverse Myelitis on the NIH web site, and it confirmed that is can be a reaction to vaccines in the immune system, and can include shingles.

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I checked the WHO site today, it showed Transverse Myelitis as a side effect for the AstraZeneca covid shots. I then looked at Transverse Myelitis on the NIH web site, and it confirmed that is can be a reaction to vaccines in the immune system, and can include shingles.

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People who eat organic, go to the gym, etc have no hesitation injecting monkey shit remnants into their bodies because it's the newest fad pushed by tptb. If only critical thinking wasn't obsolete for so many.

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