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My predictions to my wife a few months ago were:

-all convenience type things (gas stations, fast food, coffee) will go to drive thru or self serve as much as possible due to no staff.

-medium type restaurants that can survive no staff will mostly go to delivery only

-grocery/department stores will consolidate and go delivery only amazon style.

-expensive restaurants and shops where elites go will stay open but become unreachable except for the upper classes.

This consolidates the working class into a place where they are needed the most, to serve the "important people" who survive this

Just a random thought on where I think we're headed. The drive thru part is escalating everywhere I've been lately. Going places to buy things seems to be being phased out. If you don't go places you don't see people missing or staff shortages or empty shelves.

After 2 years and into a "recovery" it makes no sense that places can't find people to stock shelves or man a cash register. Either people are sitting at home on welfare or they don't exist because the extra unemployment benefits ended. The "great resignation" is code for people are missing. I see the official mortality numbers and wonder if they're being fudged down.

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It is literally insane what is happening. These truckies are not going to get jabbed. It is amazing how those with apparently low IQs or in mundane jobs seem to know far more about what´s going on than most "elites". It has to be something about wanting to fit in and being then indoctrinated into some club.

Never underestimate the power of the dude who delivers your food!!!

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lol Rich

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I disagree. I don't think that their experiments will work.

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