And yet…the general public remains blissfully unaware while people are dropping like flies around them. What a grand success this plandemic has been, for everyone except the duped masses. Seems we’re right on schedule for the Gates, Soros, WHO, NWO (et al) depopulation scheme…

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's a crazy and very successful coup by pHarma, isn't it. Make countries pay for the initial injections, come what may, or be sued for breach of contract, then win win win over and over again on the plethora of addicional drug sales as a result of the harm.

Brilliant marketing strategy - as long as they can get away with it. You know, I think they will. They are 'too big to fail' and if folk _need_ the medication it is _unethical_ and inhumane for it not to be available.


Nefarious and Evil for sure, absolutely. But brilliant nontheless.

Thanks NE

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They want me dead.

Imma NOT gonna comply!

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They are not only WANTING us dead, they are making it happen. Especially to our healthiest population, ages 15-44.

The slow drip of deaths and disabilities is turning into a tsunami.

No more vaccines! Get off medications!

I hate them. I hate them all.

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Us proud Conspiracy Theorists were never in doubt this whole Covid and DEADLY INJECTION crap was a farce to make fortunes for some whilst depopulating planet earth for The WEF (New World Order).

Such nonsense only reinforces our resolve to fight authoritarian despots that work for the WEF (and their pathetic New World Order. They are heading for a spectacular and very painful 'FAIL'!

As I've stated many times; You can't expect to Pfuck with the human heart with 'experimental' injections, and expect those casualties to get better. At best they might just have been administered a SHORTER LIFE EXPECTANCY. At worst, they will get long term Adverse Reactions or perhaps 'Die Suddenly'?

The World Economic Forum, make no secret of infiltrating every Government Worldwide! Adolf Schwab has stated this as fact! He thinks they now run the show, but there are several of us that have decided the WEF, UN and the, recently terminated, WHO were a danger to humanity and all needed terminating!

My first reaction to anything stated by any/all the aforementioned, is to assume it to be lies and manipulation. My Policy is to assume the opposite of what I hear or read from them.

It's safer to be pessimistic instead of joining the other Muppets that either suffered long lasting Adverse Reactions (health side effects) from the WEF sponsored Covid injections, supposed to be a 'Covid cure'' With each jab, recipients find they've suddenly become more susceptible to Covid and all other illnesses than they might have been before they were conned.

What happened to "Safe & Effective"?

Why do vax makers demand ZERO LIABILITY?

Why did Ivermectin suddenly get 'rubbished' when it had a 30 year safety track record?

What happened to Doctor's Hippocratic Oath = 'First Do No Harm'!

What ever became of 'Informed Consent'?

Why did FDA permit Pfizer etc, to enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for their DEADLY EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS, when pre-existing medicines were available? That's just manipulating the rules to suit Big Pharma's insatiable greed.

Our post Covid vocabulary now includes many new phrases like 'Died Suddenly', 'Died unexpectedly', 'Excess Deaths', 'Turbo Cancers', 'Myocarditis', 'Pericarditis', 'Blood clots', etc. These new expressions have developed since Covid and the useless 'EXPERIMENTAL' injections were invented then released, with an unjustified EUA, seemingly to satisfy the evil WEF (New World Order) intentions = The world Depopulation CULL!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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The partner of a friend’s sister has been cancer free 10 years. Now he has very aggressive lung cancer. Positive they are both vaxxed. This sister already lost a partner to cancer right before Covid.

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Please, please don’t waste good Ivermectin on the jabbies.

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' They' said in summary.. A slight increase!! Don't believe your lying eyes!

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Our only hope is that the insurance industry, which underwrites most new construction, will collapse, or that the insurance industry will force all governments to halt the use of clot-shot and FORBID its use in children. Gov won't listen to voters but listens to big insurance companies in Switzerland.

The other story here is falling birthrates and miscarriages from VAXX. These women may never carry a fetus to term in the future??????????????

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I really find this protocol for cancer intriguing https://www.floridasharkman.org/protocol/protocol/FloridaSharkman-Protocols.pdf

..... anti viral protocol .............. protocol b for active cancer, monthly until no evidence of disease (NED) ..... protocol c for maintenance

glioblastoma (brain cancer) protocol .............. apparently viruses/parasites could be source of brain tumors.... https://jeffreydachmd.com/2016/05/cancer-as-a-parasitic-disease/ .................. also heard that vitamin c crosses the blood brain barrier .......... https://medicine.uiowa.edu/content/grant-will-fund-cancer-clinical-trials-test-high-dose-vitamin-c

would seem reasonable to try these seemingly low risk options in some fashion ...................... https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Cancer-Care-2023-12-11.pdf

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The only positives for humanity as of this crime are firstly that it have increased the percentage of the population that are wakeful and rational. The other positives are dependent on whether those that believe in justice are able to wrestle away enough of the criminal elites power to hold the culprits accountable with their lives. That in turn will again increase the percentage of principled people in the world.

Ultimately the lessons re-learnt by this sociopathic display by these Billionaire/Trillionaire criminals and their whores may give humanity the resources to end the reign of these demonic upstarts, and very necessarily end thier perverse blood lines from polluting human society with their destructive reptilian mindset.

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🧠 VET ROGER see his top post Zombie Apocalypse


Roger S. Meacock BVSc., M.R.C.V.S.

Quantum Veterinary Medicine


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