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Fat General Milley is a fat slob and a disgrace to his uniform.

SecDef Austin has blood on his hands for forcing the covid death shots on military troops.

Dr. Jill is an enabler to the dementia pedo in the White House.

Hunter Biden is a disgusting pig.

No more political correctness for me...

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Schools today in America aren't much more than babysitting campuses where the Devil is allowed to proliferate all the evil brainwashing curriculum that exists in the public school system today.

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What is frightening is I’ve seen videos of normal looking older female teachers in red states talking about how they purposely indoctrinate in subtle ways regardless of the law. They were laughing about how easy it is. And even if you don’t have an idealistic groomer teaching your kid the curriculum is all indoctrination with little focus on developing skills proven by the dismal proficiency test scores across the country. And it isn’t just the indoctrination, these schools have become dangerous hell holes. We just had a 6 year old sexually assaulted in class by another six year old that the school tried to hide in west TX. I have to disagree on this one, do everything you can to keep your kids away from this insanity. So many people are home schooling people can form groups and share responsibilities for teaching. Schools are funded based on students and the less they have the less funding they get. Starve them out.

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I live here in Hellertown, PA. The Saucon Valley School District was swamped with local support against allowing the "club" to hold "meetings" on school property esp when one public and one private venues were available and agreed to having them use their building. The community knows who was the single parent who contacted the satantic "club" to come to our area. The parent did so as to "stir the pot" in our quiet, sleepy community. Typical troublemaker.

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Notice in this topsy-turvey “shared realm”, where yes means no and no means yes, they play with words to shape “reality”. For instance, “progressive” now means what the shunned word “retard” used to mean.

“Politically correct” is nothing but groupthink, where “behave” is prioritized over being true to your own heart.

I’ve a friend whose teen was putting on the pounds and anytime her mother tried to guide her into using food as fuel and encouraged her to exercise; she would be accused of “fat-shaming”. The teen is almost 19 and is now morbidly obese.

We used to fat-shame ourselves, diet and exercise to fit back into perfectly good clothes rather than waste money on buying more. Consider the food squandered as well. That’s shameful!

Also, these wannabe overlords don’t love US, but despise and spitefully use US. Whereas, God so loved us, He sent His only begotten Son. -Who taught us to love as He loves US, and pray for our enemies. I pray for they’re repentance, and stand on the promises of our Savior and Our Heavenly Father.

They use fear to bend US to their will. Stand in faith, bowing only to our Lord and Savior.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms❣️

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“The basis of the leftist religion is not a deity, it is self perception. They worship themselves and think the collective is valuable so long as it reaffirms their identity. Anything that might restrict their pursuit of self aggrandizement is considered oppressive. This is why they often argue in favor of moral relativism. They have a delusion in their mind of what they are; they see themselves as a fantastic gift to the world. But, if people are allowed to judge them on their moral failings then they will always be reminded that they are not all that impressive. So, they seek to control the views and speech of others.”

Very well said.

The culture of self- and body-worship is going to find itself wrecked and stranded on the shoals of falsehood, lurching toward destruction on the sharp rocks of reality. The future for those who refuse to heed the alarm is bleak. For the rest of us, it’s probably wise to stay out of the blast radius.

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When people begin understanding that it's all about converting the world to satanism and satanistic rituals, but more relevantly those satanists (AHEM, ... Babylonian Talmudists) (John 8:44) that are behind it, then and only then will we make progress. Unfortunately, over the past decades have indoctrinated via the varying propaganda mechanisms, that God is whatever you want him to be, and that satan isn't real. It is impossible to fight and win a war, particularly a spiritual war, if one either is ignorant of who the enemy is, much more if one refuses to believe it, which is where we are today. The indoctrination and underming of formerly Christian western society is all but complete. As evidence, consider all of the churches that actively took part of the LIE that stated that the Injections(TM) were good and many going further to state that they were from God.

"One of the most striking proofs of the personal existence of Satan, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that he has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to his existence and doings, as to make them believe that he does not exist."

- Pastor William Ramsey, 1856

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The rich ruling 'families' that are behind all this, long term, know that strong families create wealth and become powerful, indeed that is how they rose up oh so long ago. So destroying 'family accumulated wealth' is an obvious tactic, simply to keep their power, (though few competing families could ever really challenge it realistically, it takes generations to accumulate such wealth). I would point out again that with declining sperm counts and hormone disruption (mostly from plastic exposures, 24-7, for 50+ years), our ability to even create families is already greatly compromised. Here is a great video that explains the depth of this problem scientifically, how phalates and other plastic elements are literally making boys into....something else, lacking the sex drives required to keep humanity going. https://youtu.be/uLxFazLK2Mg Endocrine Disruptors - Common Chemicals That Severely Alter Your Hormones - Dr. Shanna Swan I am on my 3rd watch of this video, much learned, accessible science.

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I both agree and disagree. I am not a Libertarian myself, but I have far more respect for them than I do for those who identify themselves as democrat or republican. I used to be what was called leftist, fighting against war, government overreach,, huac, for unions, women's rights and civil rights for all. I feel dizzy from what leftist seems mean today - far closer to the definition of fascism. My preference would be for an egalitarian society based on the needs of the planet and all who occupy it rather than on the greed of the few and megalomaniacal. I don't like the idea of censorship of anyone. Who gets to decide who gets censored? Remember the Mark Twain story (speaking of censored) The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg? I think people need to be taught from a very young age to think for themselves, to practice using their own brains from a very young age. We need to learn how to debate and listen to each other and analyze what we hear. When I was young, mothers immunized their children by encouraging them to play in the dirt. I've had 2 vaccines in my lifetime and zero allergies and pretty healthy and non-medicated at 84 years. My children, on the other hand, because I took for granted that "authority" had our best interests at heart, all 3 of my children were vaccinated and all three have allergies or low immune function. I believe that vaccinations destroy natural immunity and I am also sure that the medical mafia is well aware of this.. What I take from this is that teaching chiclren to discern truth from fiction on their own would do a lot more good than preventing them from hearing what somebody (and generally never those with good intentions) thinks they should or shouldn't hear.. Kind of an intellectual immunization from b.s. I am convinced if people were taught to think rationally all but the very few would do anything but laugh at the absurdity of what's passing for reality right now. I also believe there's very dark intentions behind this - to indoctrinate children to have no fealty to family but to attach themselves to the state as parent and, as said here, narcissism as a religion. They have destroyed everything else, remade our food, so now most Americans are eating fake food, making fake everything they can in order to patent what our Mother Earth gave us free of charrge and much healthier. I think the rich are drunk on money and powerr and utterly corrupt in every meaning of that word. If they are allowed to stand, the entire earth, not just humaniity will be doomed. But censorship will never be the right way to go. We just need that one little boy to get through to the masses that the emperor is naked . The Emperor is not only naked, he is also our enemy and spouting gibberish. A far better solution, in my opinion, is laughter and ridicule at the absurdity of the rules. laws and unscientific ramblings they are currently atte,[tomg to force on us. A little trick I use to determine if our so-called leaders are lying to us, I check their lips for movement.

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Have our educators gone bananas? Is it time to start firing them is the time to illuminate public schools and go private entirely?

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Australia has been pushing back hard against this. Strangely, this has been in the media whereas there was pretty much a total media blackout of the covid protests - true crowd sizes, etc. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/protesters-descend-on-council-meeting-to-oppose-drag-queen-event-20230426-p5d3bo.html

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Heillo......2nc Smartest Guy in the World....Just wanted to let you know that SEAN from SGT REPORT

listed your article about: Just 0.3 % of Scientists agree humans are causing....Climate Change... on

his website.

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Good article! Our tolerance fuels their perversions and we have let these people take over everything including our religious leaders, corporations, governments, and schools. They certainly have cowered the republican party. They are turning America into Epstein’s Island.

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I do not understand fear in the face of Truth! Truth sets us free; compliance is the slave. STAND THE EFF UP, AMERICA.

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Thanks 2nd. Tolerance is their code word for inflicting subservience on the world.

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