All our institutions are broken:

- At the family unit level

- At the community level (church, elementary schools, clubs, etc.)

- At the country level (law, banks, post-secondary schools, etc.)

- At the international level (UN, WHO, etc.)

We can't last like this

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Never forget that Biden and his masters are all for turning over our sovereignty to these entities. Only brainwashed fools want a president (dictator) who wants to destroy his country.

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Yes but WHO is not the instigator. This is part of a Globalist/WEF plot to take control and the cover of more effective pandemic response is a timely disguise. The dual strategy being pursued is very clever and the aim is to ensure one of the two approaches wins. Especially since the US NEVER surrenders sovereignty over aanything EVER. So a formal Treaty is out of the question, they would not it through the Senate, hence again the dual strategy and the revised language of an "Accord" or "Instumrnt" instead of a Treaty in the second approach.

Even then, Washington must believe that it can control the outcome either way, otherwise it would never go along.

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"In effect, the WHO will become a supranational censor, "

Change that last part to:

"will become a supranational CANCER"

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Therefore, they are just trying to murder everyone faster and harder...Oh Joy.

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Conundrum: sSeing how the corporate propaganda media (aka MSM) influenced so many to submit to an untested, unsafe, ineffective jab, how to conduct a Public Debate about the WHO "Treaty" without them influencing the outcome tto be that which little billy gates' WHO wants ? (I havent forgotten the "donations" little billy gates made to many of the most influential corporate propaganda tools)...

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Thank you for this article. Here is my latest...


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One little question. Why isn't this becoming viral?

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I want to give ThinkingSlow a plug here. I hope that's OK?

They were the prime movers behind this letter and Alex has produced masses of really good content over the last two or three years, covering covid/vaccines/statistical fraud, the great reset/WEF, Ukraine, twitter bots/how they work and who they are amplifying, propaganda and psychology et al. Banned from most places of course :-), but the rumble channel is here https://rumble.com/c/ThinkingSlow. I think he has a telegram channel too.

The new web-site (linked in the article above https://thinkingcoalition.org/) is still somewhat under development. The old one is here https://thinkingslow1.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/WHO-Pandemic-PPR-Treaty-final.pdf.

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Getting fcUKd's Politicotards to listen to sense is impossible. FACT.

It was they the Govtards that put the country into this recession. FACT.

The only time the politicotards ever fill the house & pay full attention to any thing?

Is when they're voting their evil greedy selves yet another massive pay rise. FACT.

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On YouTube today:



Too funny, it you read between the lines,

interesting that his “ideals” line up SO WELL with NWO and happenstance with the owner of the company using Nickola’s name.

Psyc. 101 class folks : Operant Conditioning….

Thank you Mr. Smarty Pants

You identify the trends so clearly.

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I applaud all of the noble efforts to restore some sanity to our society, but I'm not optimistic that they'll succeed. What they will do however is eventually expose these people for what they really are, but does any rational person think that TPTB will willingly lay down their arms? Name one time in history when that's happened... Deconstruction is the only way, and it's not going to be pretty.

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