I pray that you are correct.

Because these perpetrators are not humans. They are demons straight from the pit of hell. What they have done to mankind is so evil that I'm still struggling to fully comprehend it.

Magnificent writing. Thank you.

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This isn't over yet. I don't say these people are evil because I like using that word.

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Love this!! And then, like you, I believe in the power of the "stubborn, iconoclastic, self-reliant individuals who just wouldn’t play along" - big famous people (Peter McCullough, Reiner Fuellmich, etc), and lots of less famous people also holding strong and gathering others.

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“ We are just now emerging from the greatest propaganda and gaslighting scheme of all time.”

Maybe. Another view is that “Elon”, who owes his wealth to suckling on the teat of the taxpayer, is a puppet of those who hold the purse strings, and is the front-man in a limited hangout -- a partial and controlled disclosure of some of the facts as a step in covering up the more horrifying whole truth. Why do we get curated screenshots and not a full data dump?

I think personality-cult thinking is highly dangerous. No “savior” is coming.

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Wonderful post 2nd. Many thanks.

You are our modern version of the ancient seer/shaman/wise man.

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Yes people will wake up, but the plans here in the NL are already ready for the next round with this weapon of mass destruction (Karen Kingston's description based on facts) VAXX in autumn and winter 2023.

1918 was caused by VAXX by the USA Military that then got send all over the world, and people got killed by, to high dosages of aspirin by Bayer...it was prescribed by the grams in stead of milligrams. (people drowned in their lungs) (google aspirin overdose)


How do we know, cause Bayer got busted selling it to the enemy during WW1 (court documents), the patents had run out.($$)


The only people that survived where the people that got healed with herbs and such.

There where 2 other that came out of a VAXX that time; polio + encephalitis lethargica (movie awakenings).

Killing the children, and if that did not happen they turned to psychopaths or worse got sleeping disease.

In the movie Awakenings the main character in reality only had 1 dosage, why? cause the had turned into a full blown psychopath. So he rather be in sleep but alive then really being alive alive? YES

It also means that a VAXX can alter your spirit.

This is > 100years ago and its the same shit as usual !!!

About forced vaccination mandates, read the the horrors of vaccinations 1918, if you have the guts.

Children died of the tetanus VAXX off what? Tetanus!! and horribly, rich and poor children.!!


They are not smart they just bought everything.

Beware the Stupid Takeover! (Sam Vaknin Rant, Read https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3rZXrLQUXw

--Quote--The stupid have always had opinions about everything under the sun. But they were wary of expressing them lest they be shamed, ridiculed, and shunned by their betters. This is no longer the case: the dumb are brazen and vociferous, drowning out, by the force of sheer numbers, all informed voices.

The ignorant and the retarded are the overwhelming majority. They trust their pitiable life experience over science. They adhere to magical thinking. And they are fierce in the defense of their grandiose, inflated, fantastic self-image as undiscovered geniuses (Dunning-Kruger effect).

Technology empowers mediocre failures and losers in their self-delusion of malignant egalitarianism.

Access to raw information is not the same as possession of structured knowledge. But the stupid can’t tell the difference: “I am as knowledgeable as my doctor or professor because I can google. My opinions, therefore, count as facts.”

Stupidity is on the rise for two reasons: 1. A reverse Flynn effect: there has been a precipitous decline in average IQ scores in the past 4 decades; and 2. Inanity is tolerated and legitimized thereby encouraging indolence, entitlement, and nescience.--end Quote

But as we may have noticed this behavior is also in academic people, science and most trained doctor's the last 25-35 years....

This last generation of GP are to put it blunt protocol whores, and this has all to do with $$ and nothing with healing.

And then Corona BS came..... mrt 2019, day 1 I said my health is none of you business, and still do.

I learned the hard way.

As always; CHEERS!

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"Consider the Spanish Flu of 1918: there was no medical intervention whatsoever, so there were three waves over three years driven by seasonality before the native immune system dealt with it once and for all. No Pfizer or Moderna forcing experimental medications on the world population. The age-old well-established system just simply worked. As it always had."

Pretty sure there's plenty of evidence to show the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research had plenty to do with shoving vaccines in the arms of soldiers and anyone else who'd sit still in the years from 1918 to 1920. Unless I'm missing something?


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I pray you are right that there is actually enough simmering rage but I am not yet convinced.

I myself have a Bamm Bamm, 2 siblings and a FIL that still need convincing and I am not confident I can convince any of them. With my FIL maybe be the most likely to turn. It is incumbent upon us to enlighten those in our sphere of influence to realize the coherence in this article.

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It is not over. A few more are beginning to awaken but not enough yet. Combine that with the affect of the shot crossing the BBB and damage to the brain, Dr Peter Breggin's explains the apathy we are seeing perfectly. I posted his discussion with Dr Naomi Wolfe and Dr Reiner Fuelmich. It's a good. watch.

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I'm not that optimistic regarding the legal industry. I'm alarmed and angry that the current crop of attorneys is so fearful or unwilling to defend the "unwashed," such as the J6 defendants held without speedy trial (yet defending the Gitmo terrorists is no big deal), Rittenhouse, any Trump staff personnel, etc.

Modern-day attorneys lack any spine to stand up for the little guy or to ignore cancellation campaigns. Just as the "free press" is no longer the fourth estate (but rather, an extension of government Deep State), attorneys are no longer independent sources capable or willing to fight for anyone. Attorneys are beholden to the Big Narrative only. They cancel each other so nobody will defend those who most need the defense or sue those most worthy of being sued.

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There won't be an end game until people realize and combat the totality of the Covid Operation which has never been about a health emergency. There was no pandemic ever- as an aside the story we are repeatedly told about "The Spanish Flu" is also a lie.

The problem with focusing exclusively on the "vaccine/viral" story is that they will invent yet another reason why you can't do X and must do Y. They are already doing so and they will do so without a vaxx passport and without the "viral story" as the driving force.

That is happening as the digital panopticon is going up all over, CBDC's are in trials all over the world and we are immersed in the largest upwards wealth transfer in history and the evisceration of the working class is in full swing.

In the end we aren't dealing with a "viral problem" or a "vaxx problem" we are dealing with a tyranny problem.

The Spiky Ball is yet another prop in a theatrical performance, none of it has to be real and it isn't.

The manufactured perception that there was a global medical emergency, beginning in March 2020, was an artifact of mass media manipulation, behavioral conditioning techniques and social engineering.

Fake photos of people falling dead- fake images of coffins piling up- fake doctors claiming hospitals were overflowing- fake tests to produce a fake disease- fake scenes outside hospitals staged by PR firms- fake media parrots lying through their teeth every night- fake trials of a toxic bioweapon- fake everything.

"The Virus™ itself is superfluous, just like the Swine Flu scamdemic of 2009. All they needed to do was create the perception of a pandemic/mass panic with staged Hollywood productions, doomsday models, and the fraudulent PCR test to manufacture the cases/falsely attributed as “Covid deaths.”

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It appears that Arderns replacement is going to redouble the evil in NZ.

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In Canada, a tender for a digital health passport was posted on Twitter - dated November 2022 and closing in December (the feds can work fast when they choose to do so). I don't think they're done yet.

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Great article, however I wonder if the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan was planned in order to allow them to create new weapons and business for the MIC, whilst creating more global chaos in the Middle East? Disaster capitalism at its best. Kinda like how Blackrock owns the arms manufacturers profiting from the war in Ukraine and now have a contract to rebuild it with New World Order standards.

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The WEF didn't count on us Black Sheep, aren't we an odd bunch?!

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Rich Little and Johnny Carson used to spoof on Kissinger like people make fun of Schwab. They’re clowns. The problem is all the shallow order following, virtue signaling masses that rush to take selfies to show the world that they are first to comply so they can get the most likes, or tweets, or ...... to quote Liam Lynch,.....Whatever!

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