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All the while ignoring the "carbon footprint" their private planes make. I suppose there is a dumber term somewhere but "carbon footprint" is awfully stoopid! Just refer to them "Delusional in Davos - All Your Carbons are Belong to Us, peasant!"

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I'm sorry, but I have to say this. Fu-k Klaus Schwab and his WEF. I will continue to heat my house with wood. I will not pay a carbon tax on anything if this bs goes forward. One more thing. Stay off my Fu-king lawn.

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Typo edited.


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That guy makes me wish I could catch and redeploy meteorites. Big ones.

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I still don't know who died and told those losers that they should be in charge.

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The other thing to note is that digital tracking/surveillance crap only works with a consistent and reliable power supply which is looking unlikely with the 'green' stupidity. Also we are due a big solar flare like the Carrington Event but far worse as the Erath's magnetic field has weakened significantly since the 19th Century. A big one will likely trash the power grid and negatively impact things electronic. These are interesting reads:




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