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In regards to the jab's dangers, I am very much in agreement--within years (possibly as soon as this flu season), we're going to be seeing some terrible effects.

This said, I'm not altogether sure that I share in your optimism concerning eventual lawsuits and murder trials.

When things are moving this quickly, and experiments of this kind are occurring on a global scale... I reckon the world on the other side of this thing may very well be unrecognizable to us. Furthermore, the results of this experiment may leave us with very few individuals to lodge such suits.

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My lawyer, who happens to be very well regarded, assured me that lawsuits in USA are forthcoming. Perhaps he is wrong, but given his track record, I won't be betting against his opinions. Thank you for the comment!

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That's good to hear. I certainly hope he's right! It's quite a mess we're in, and it would be wonderful to see some justice. Thank you for the great content!

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