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The bad news is as you stated, and around s f killafornia may not be quite that high, but I have heard from others East Bay hacksxxxxination rate is near 99%. Good Lord God Almighty have mercy.

Regards from the control group.

The article goes on to state that the school district didn't bother fighting due to the 98%+ hacksxxxxination rate.

I feel bad for these poor masked brainwashed injected child sacrificeees.

When they figure it out, and they will, they will take some kind of action, I suspect, despite the injury.

And that is what the elite are in fear of that they are having and holding in their hearts and minds....

The murderous elite commit child sacrifice. Please stop. dear God

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They were always cynical. They threw up unlawful rules, hoping most would comply.

Not interested at all in dignity of process, or history judging them

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One bizarre and an ominous comment in the article. "We would not say there is a correlation between this decision (to drop the school vaccine mandate) and our recent rise in COVID cases, as our eligible students were nearly 98% vaccinated at the time." The disconnect there is staggering. Then there's this. "the superintendent is recommending that the board of education remove COVID-19 from board policy until the California Department of Public Health and the state of California adds it to the list of required immunizations found in the health and safety code." Death cult seemingly only visible from the periphery. These people must be stopped!

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98% of students vaccinated = 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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The picture of the kid blinded while being shot is just horrifying

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“It would have been worse

if I hadn’t had the Quackcine”


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What the hell is wrong with parents? I would not send my kids to school and if made law leave and it furthered join a group to fight the government. These things just don't stop themselves.

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I was going to say that Oakland (Alameda County seat) still has a vaccination requirement for public accommodations like restaurants and theaters. Just checked. They ended it for all places except senior care facilities as of May 17.


Mind you NYC and SF had dropped their infamous indoor public space requirements in March, and Ontario back in February.

Too little too late or better late than never?

Looks like the East Bay won the game of chicken, taking the most of what they could grab while they could.

Is there any school district still requiring COVID-19 vaccination, or city left in the world requiring vaccination for entry into public places (apart from crossing the border)?

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