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Thanks for this incredible analysis and powerful wake up call.

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Thank you for your kind words.

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Check out my latest posts on my Substack. I elaborated upon that article with a 4-part series. I've since come to find out that all of this is far worse than I thought. Look up Nathan Wolfe and who he was connected to.


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I'm disappointed by this second Spartacus letter. In the first letter, Spartacus vowed to stop the globalist behind this- but there's no mention of that here. (I secretly hoped Spartacus would turn out to be a ultra-rich billionaire with a private army!)

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The historical Spartacus was leader of a slave rebellion.


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Please correct the spelling of “imminent” in your title.

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Thank you.

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Your Spartacus Letters are no longer available on MEGA--I'm getting this error on 3/15/22 "The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This link is unavailable as the user’s account has been closed for gross violation of MEGA’s Terms of Service."

Are you planning to post it anywhere else? Thanks for your exhaustive work on this. Very enlightening to have it all in one place.

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It's available on my Substack and on IPFS. If you have Brave or use an IPFS portal, you can use this link:


This is peer-to-peer and censorship-proof.

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I am now reading the book Viral and confirm some of what you wrote here. What an advantage to those who have a scientific background and can grasp the technical descriptions of the first part of your paper. This was a lot of work on your part, and I appreciate it. The more time goes by and the more I have read in these recent months, the less shocking it all becomes; it's as if I'm getting used to the evil plan.

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Eeerrrm, not what to say after reading that. Thank you dosen't seem like the correct thing to say.

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Manmade? Haha 2020 total deaths in most nations are in line with previous years.. and the average age of death is around life expectancy...

Anyway, what isolation? It's all coding that we got from China and some how trust it.

I was actually shocked that the US trusted china's code and in interviews their guy says they didn't isolate it... So probably bullshit tech like PCR...

Whatever, genetics is a broken science


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I wrote a long comment, cut it and pasted it to an email to myself. All I feel compelled to write and share lately, goes beyond the limits of lived human experience. I grow closer to God every day, thanks to the times we are living in now.

Ya know the..."let go and let God" principle. I am a hot mess lately, one day I want to join the fight against the WEF/NWO/Fight the medical tyranny, join the The peoples convoy...ect. and the next I want to throw away my Mac book, Iphone, TV and stop gaining knowledge like what has been presented by Spartacus.

My flesh desires the worldly things, but my soul has no use for such things.

"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" 1 John 5:19

"For this purpose the Son of God was made manifest, to break up the works of the Devil" 1 John 3:8

"The swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unexpected events overtake them all" Ecclesiastes 9:11

Prayers lifted for all of humanity. Gods will be done. I am headed out to feed my horses and other farm critters, do ranch chores and ask God to give me clarity and peace of mind.

Interesting read Spartacus (I guess lol) I truly am conflicted about knowing these things.

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While there is clear evidence that the spike itself passes the blood-brain barrier (hence neurological adverse effects of pseudovax), I'm not aware of evidence that sarscov virions pass through. I know that in the Salk Institute's 4/21 release if its covid-19 research findings that c-19 is a primarily vascular disease caused mostly by the spikes, they specifically saw no evidence that the virus crosses the bbb, but speculated that the spike alone might be the cause of neurological effects of the vax (which don't occur in c-19.

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There is some sense to me that Spike would have to be able to gather material within the subject to move to phase 2. If viral contagion of C19 does have spike, but a "toothless spike" so to say. It's unloaded Cv19 versus the vaccine C19 matter which then could have a payload in them.

As I sit here watching the war, it is no different than troops bailing out of a transport. Natural covid is an armored transport without the troops inside. Vaccine covid gets troops attached?

Unless Spike left something like markers (a path to follow) or weaknesses that could not be cleared up since infection.. I think IF a secondary virus is the path then you may see recovered C19 people be in a "default" immune system, versus the vaccinated that may have no defense // or even bait on where to go.

Release Virus1 which is bait/food, then Virus2 which will "heat seek" spike out and do collateral damage while trying to eat spike. I've not see a great deal of reporting on how long spike lasts.

Now you can just replace spike-seeking virus with "I have no immune system" and get the same thing, but I have to imagine you did not go all this way to just make spike "for fun."

I'm just a an observer, no credentials.

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I'm having a hard time following you. I will try to respond point by point.

"There is some sense to me that Spike would have to be able to gather material within the subject to move to phase 2."

I don't know what you mean by "spikes gathering material." Or "phase 2".

"If viral contagion of C19 does have spike, but a "toothless spike" so to say."

The sarscov spike causes the majority of the c-19 disease.

Viruses have 3 basic parts: 1. the genetic payload of dna/rna instructions how to replicate itself 2. The nucleocapsid, a protein case that contains & protects the genetic payload, & 3. Landing gear made of proteins.

Corona viruses, including Sarscov2, are spherical in shape & *covered with landing gear in the form of spikes*.

It's important to note that, due to its protective function, the coronavirus nucleocapsid is a very stable design that doesn't mutate much or often. The spikes, however, are very mutagenic, allowing the virus to develop new ways of entering cells.

In the case of Covid-19, which is caused by Sarscov2, it has long been determined that the landing gear spikes cause the majority of the the C-19 disease. To unload the rna into cells, the spikes bind to Ace2 receptor proteins on endothelial cells (which line the blood vessels) unload the rna into the cell, where it hijacks the cell's ribosomes which start manufacturing more virions.

Per Salk research, the process of binding to the Ace2 receptors prevents needed molecules from reaching the cell's mitochondria (energy factories), causing them to fall apart. Without the energy from the mitochondria, the cell dies...causing damage to blood vessel linings.

The rna vaccines enclose artificial rna instructions to make the spikes inside of lipid coverings.

While the virus enters through airways & first encounters mucus & IGA attacks, the vaccines bypass that 1st wave attack & are injected directly into muscle or, inadvertently, directly into the blood stream. There they begin producing spikes. Those spikes circulate throughout the bloodstream, causing damage wherever they go. Having bypassed normal respiratory entry defenses, they trigger only adaptive IGG antibodies that are highly specific to a few of the spike proteins.

As to the rest of your post, among other activities, natural immunity 1. creates IGA antibodies that bind to all types of viral surface proteins, including *both spike & nucleocapsid* proteins, 2. Creates somewhat generic memory of the virus, 3. If the virus overwhelms the initial attacks, moves to the adaptive, very specific IGG antibodies, & 4. When the virus returns with mutated spike, the IGA generic antibodies & IGG specific nucleocapsid & some spike antibodies continue to be effective against the it, & 5. Once the virus is beaten, antibody levels quickly subside, leaving a few sentinal antibodies only This is inportant because if they linger with no virus to bind to they can cause autoimmune issues.

In contrast, vaccine immunity creates specific antibodies for a few spike proteins, which lose efficacy as the virus spike mutates.

Another important difference is that with c-19 disease, your body is exposed to millions or, in severe infection, billions of spikes.

Whereas each vaccine jab exposes you to trillions of spikes. Injecting over & over to maintain high levels of IGA antibodies significantly increases the risk of autoimmune disease.

That's really about all I have as a synopsis. Hope it helps. 🤷

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It does! I struggle to articulate sometimes. I think we could have a productive chat. If you have a moment and some curiosity. No spaces, sub plot 84 at hot mail dot com . Further details from there.

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