Hopefully Americans (and the rest of the world) have wised up about these ghouls and will take legal action against them if they try it again.

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I'm with Jonathan Couey on this. This is not biology, or nature. Pandemics are not naturally possible. No single virus strain can circumnavigate the globe without being radically changed. Similarly, there is no gain of function for pandemics, there is only bioweapon research making freak viruses that are not viable outside of the context of a purified weapon. These shitbags have no clothes.

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Well I guess I should get prepared. If we haven't figured it out by now they have most of us by the short and curlies.

If you are on any pharmaceutical you are trapped in their system. You need them and they have you needing them. Don't expect any "normal" person to resist. They absolutely have to trust the doctor because of the addictive meds they are on.. And the doctors will be pushing the next round of injections if they want the meds. All will fall in line. Expect violence against those that do not comply.

So learn to fast. Learn to store food. Learn to grow food. Prepare for the mass fear. Learn to walk. Lose weight.

You have plenty of time. Get communities together.

Get healthy and strong. Get your kids out of Satans education system.

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Since there were no meaningful consequences (yet) for the covid fiasco, I’m not optimistic for future nonsense☠️

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Seems to me like they are taking a specific interest in African nations as those countries are the bain of the WEF et al in the wake of Covid. Most African nations’ vax uptake is a fraction of Western nations and so is their Covid death rate, coincidentally enough. People of color around the world have long been tools of experimentation. Their distrust of the West and regular use of Hydrochloriquine and Ivermectin enabled them to avoid the Covid b.s. in large part. This time they might not be so “lucky”.

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There has to be a breaking point when the narrative of covid vaccines and corruption fails. Just saw a bit on msm about dormant chicken pox, shingles and relation to the rise in strokes. How many more excuses for vax damage can they pull out of their hat before people go "waait a minute:?

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They're telegraphing it. The hubris and taunting of us to try and stop them is off the charts.

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They are doing it to save humanity!  That is their mantra!  They will release another biological weapon To maintain global medical control of humanity! I pray I’m wrong!

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Oh those mother- are just going to go straight to "martial law" under the WHO/UN of course.

Yep, all planned, "You can't protect your children!"

We will see, we will see!

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We have an important lesson to learn from the present pandemic / state of emergency, and we have to closely look at the types of casualties and victims that were sadly generated in various different ways. We have to assess: Which kinds of victims can we avoid next time, and which cannot be avoided as avoiding them is outside our sphere of influence?

Which were due to federal or individual state policies, which were due to hospital protocols (and how much of that again due to incentivating policies and how much to individual opinions of hospital managers), which were due to despair, which were due to toxin exposure, etc. Which causes can be mitigated WITH new pandemic treaty and IHR rules - and which can better be avoided without those?

The lesson must not be to - based on the awful experience - let us be bullied into "preemptively" endowing the known actors and mechanisms with even more, and more permanent, power, in the hopes that then -appeased- they may decide to mildly spare us the maximum version of their announced "catastrophic" contagion.


We have to be aware of what that catastrophic contagion is planned to achieve for them: Mainly, consolidation of their grasp on power. All else follows after that power consolidation.

Of course the wanting to kill children is a threat, threatening what is most dear to functioning humans.

But even if culling is an intention, it may not be a priority on that occasion, as culling at scale would be made so much easier once their new mechanisms are in place.

So, the targeting children is their calculated threat, expecting that we will be menaced into giving up everything, including our threatened children's wellbeing and freedom, by that surrender trying to avert _immediate_ bodily harm to them.

Threatening this way is a mafia strategy, same mechanism as extorting victims to accept protection of mafia against harm from same mafia.

But, given the eugenics angle, which in mafia extortion is missing, the analogy is not complete. Mafia may protect against mafia harm. Cullers will not protect against culling. We have to have that in mind always!

What role is played by the fact that they are currently preparing their new International Health Regulations and pandemic treaty?

Are those to be seen as instruments already used in the next pandemic? Or as tools to first be procured with the help of the next pandemic?

I say, they count on either already having them in place at the start of it, and using them freely. As a very important tool.

Or, as a fallback, they count on achieving their adoption through the intimidation created by that next pandemic.

And this is an important rule for us to ensure: Both must not happen!

There is a crucial third possibility:

That they don't have it in place - and they don't achieve it by that pandemic - instead, they _merely_ manage to stage a (maybe deadly) contagion event - but that is a criminal carnage full stop - not a means to an end - we manage for it to have NO positive bearing on their treaty and IHR plans!

That is what must happen. We cannot avoid crimes being committed, but we _have to_ thwart the benefit they are planning to reap from them!

They are planning for their new powers-of-emergency mechanism (pandemic treaty, new IHRs) to be in place by then. Having that mechanism in place would greatly enhance their gains from such a contagion scheme. This means that it is paramount for us to thwart installation of that powers-of-emergency mechanism. Without that mechanism, they can still kill victims, and maybe many of them. Maybe even more if they don't have their tools in place. Why? Because maybe, in absence of the powers they had this time, and are trying to perfect for next time, maybe in absence of those mechanisms and powers, they cannot _simulate_ and _fake_ as much - and therefore they may need to resort to creating more _real_ world victims. That is possible and it is tragic for us. We may not be able to prevent that. However, for the long run, it is very helpful if that next time they don't have the means to fake so much as regards testing and numbers. In fact, if we manage to prevent

their procedural power usurpation, even if they create more real tangible victims, which we can't help as evil will be evil - at least we will have our sovereign national powers in place. Which means that as destructive as their measures may be, we will be able to react to them in a constructive way. In a more constructive way than with Covid, because lacking their tools, and with more awareness on our side, they will be barred from again suppressing our constructive response, to the fatal extent, or even more, that they were able to suppress it during Covid.

And: Narcissists beg to be stopped. They desperately try to gauge where our limits are. They are compelled to go on escalating in absence of limits. We have to show them our limits or they will not be able to relent.

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I do think “enough” are wising up. Without societal forums that allow free debate, well, again: What’s “enough?” Enough to realize it truly is a fight against evil ideas and evil people. Enough to be comfortable with the thought that collateral damage of the willfully ignorant will be unfortunate but acceptable. We’re getting there.

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There are three worlds here. The world of them, the world of us and the in between world of country bumpkins at key places. The people spoke out against the covidian contraption, and they are too awake, now, to allow the world of them-clowns the time needed to put all of their makeup on before the rebellion brings down the circus.

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Their above stated roadmap must be our roadmap. What they say must happen, to us are the items to be prevented from happening.

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Dec 21, 2022·edited Dec 21, 2022

they probably mean well, pls give them the benefit of the doubt.

Trump was in a very tough spot with covid coming and mRNAs as the only immediate option. never again!!

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When talking to 'normies', it can be met by disbelief, and it can be intimidating.

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