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I am a member of American Contingency, a fan of what Mike Glover tries to do (make people self-reliant) and I respect the work he put in to make it into the SF community.

But I agree with you 100%. A lot of people in the MIL/LE community are still uninformed, or misinformed, about the global agenda. I’m curious where these people will stand once the NWO, WEF, UN, etc. drop the proverbial hammer.

I hope they stand with us!

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I fully retired at the end 2008. At that time I was the Chief of Police of a small town in CA. I remember the Obama Justice Department sent out an advisory memo to all police and Sheriff's offices across the country. It listed a bunch of different things that could make you like likely to be a domestic terrorist, and requested the police agency to identify people in their jurisdiction who fit one or more of the items.... and asked that we keep an eye on them. It included such innocuous items as: veteran, believes in states' rights, supports 2nd Amendment.... in all I think there were something like 20 items.... and as the Chief of Police... I fit 9 of them.

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Very very interesting, someone who is just a tiny bit awake - but so unawake as well. I hear that same partial awakeness from so many people who say stuff like, they wish the government were not so stupid - meaning they don't get it, what is going on.

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always remember, dont talk to the police or fbi without a lawyer

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Well spoken and fair assessment of Am Con & Mike Glover, 2nd Smartest Guy...

I was a beginner member of American Contingency a couple years ago without fully knowing what its true direction was or exactly who likeable and believable Mike Glover was.

I left as Am Con officially left Locals.com and while the concept and stated purpose of "preparing Americans for any contingency" was a noble lofty purpose but I had met some local (state specific members) full of themselves: ex MIL / LEOs who thought they were smarter better and "cooler kids" than the rest of us non coms. Bad taste.

To be fair on the other hand, I had met several trustworthy, level heads in American Contingency who I would ask their help in a real pinch if it came down to it.

I still think Mike can be a very valuable asset for all of us when he FULLY AWAKENS to the fact that his former employer gov-corp hated him and was merely using him as all other military men from day 1. Some former military guys are already at that point in their hearts and heads.

I still do not fathom and I wrote one prominent retired Spec Ops guy (like Mike) why with all the gabillions of $$$$$$$$ taxpayers invested in their training as Special Ops Super Soldiers that the scum of the earth Bolsheviks on the streets as well as in the D.istrict of C.riminals are STILL in power and have not been arrested and had prearranged visits to military tribunals and the Gallows yet. There comes a Point of No Return. Have we passed it? Possibly so, I really hope not, but hoping is not an action plan.

I didn't even get a crickets reply from this very likeable, smart, former spec ops guy. 😒

My "theory" is that these guys wait and only act upon "orders" - but no orders to restore sanity and freedom will ever be issued to these deaf, dumb and blind crayoneaters. Brainwashed ? Asleep for sure. And highly trained to topple and take over those in power worldwide, for 100+ years in cahoots with the Cee-Aye-A. Nice work...then tossed aside.

Lizard Reptilian Henry Kissenger said it succinctly if not truthfully decades ago during the Vietnam era: "All military men are nothing more than dumb stupid animals to be used as mere pawns in foreign policy implementation."

I'm rooting for Mikes full awakening and success.

Again, great essay 2nd Smartest Guy... more please!

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When they designated very angry parents at school board meetings and those that rejected Deathvax, masks, lockdons as terrorists, alarm bells should have gone off in EVERYONES heads .

For shame, for shame they didn't in liberals, Rinos, other people who don't deserve America. We're trying to save America, you slerpwalkers, and cowsrds, and sycophants, and virtue signallers (of your creepiness)

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Wake up, Mike. Just because you worked for and with them, just because you’re a good guy, doesn’t mean the rest of them are. We need you awake. Fully awake to what’s really going on. No time for fairytales anymore.

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Good review. Dead on.

Hopefully Mike wakes up soon. Deprogramming can take a while.

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At this point there's no question that the FBI has become the political enforcement arm of the Democrat Party's Marxist wing.

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When I found out I was a terrorist 😱 I hid under my dooner and had a good cry. I was really scared because I have never seen a real terrorist before. My mother eventually coached me out and said that I’d had a “bad nightmare and here’s a cup of tea, you’ll be late for your violin lesson”………………. 😵‍💫🎻🦟🎶

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FIB doesn't want any competition; Independence is Insurrection. Ask Green Beret Vet Jeremy Brown how he likes his jail cell or the Jan 6 DC Gulag inhabitants, or Alex Jones in his Bolshevik Show Trial. I am absolutely AMAZED that the combat spec ops guys are so willfully blind up to this point. All Tactics and No Strategic? Certainly No History. Listen to their incredulity, sheesh It's like they missed Waco and Ruby Ridge and Bundy's Ranch entirely.

Another one : https://ncrenegade.com/we-are-targets/#comments

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I get what you mean. I worked for the War Office for a period in the 1960s and have been 'tagged' ever since. Big Gov don't ever let go. We have teams in UK too but HMG is very, very subtle in the way they deal with dissidents. I wrote a note about the British way the other week;

" One of the most bewildering things my South African wife came across as an adult immigrant to Britain was how people are so subtle when acknowledging our social class structure..."


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BLM, Patriot Front and other fringe groups are all culture war nonsense. Keep aiming higher.

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I hit the send button too quickly Mike. Others, very many, have been military

contractors for .gov and worked with the FBI. Something goes wrong, and Bam!

they attack you. You won't win. Let it go.

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I’d like to know this guy duplicate his efforts


Because things have gotten way out of hand

When antifa blm create violence

And get corporate $$$ to buy


Something is horrendously wrong

America was built on individuals

Self reliance

And defiance

Against any tyranny

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