I wonder if Meadows would be willing to be one of the first to be culled? Or is it culling for thee, but not for me?

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Thank you for continuing to expose the Club of Rome - so insidious, and yet so unknown to most.

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The great culling is underway, no doubt about it. We are being attacked on every level. Just finished watching "Frankenskies," a doco about how much geoengineering plays its part in the die-off. Find it here -> https://vimeo.com/222928194

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May I swear? Okay, I won't.


Culling for thee, but not for me/correct.

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Evil might have failed in the past but today things are very different. Many of us are no longer humans due to the wonderful life saving vaccines. We are not dealing with the same species as we have been transformed.

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It all starts with Rockefeller and The Club of Rome. Its members are embedded in governments and "think tanks" (aka government influencers) across the globe.

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If I may make an observation; The planning and power of suggestion for this event has been in the works for more than 2000 years as indicated by Biblical prophesy. I hope that observation doesn't offend to many people.

This nightmare was put on rails beginning in 1970s when the USA was 4th in the world in health and longevity, we are now 79th last I knew and falling like a rock.

So CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) welcome to your new home. We built it ourselves and we won't get out until we own this! To that end I add the following:


We need a point of agreement we all can buy into as individuals and then later as groups and parties. As you say Sage we are "out in front" of them by a long way. So I post these as a base line from which I will not back down. Here they are:


We as human beings face the following. We are in the midst of a large test injection program.


Natural immunity is not recognized


There is no control group recognized

Since we the citizens of the USA and the world are the test subjects of a the largest test injection program ever. We need to require the following be established for medical efficacy and our own bodily integrity.

1) Natural immunity must be paramount

2) There must be a Control group. Not mice, but humans.

3) All humans have a right to choose which group to participate in Control or Injected.

4) All contents of Injectables must be fully disclosed as documented by third party analysis. Further spot checks by third party of vials directly from the manufacturing line to continuously verify contents and purity.

Remember the Occupy movement. We need another. This time we all need to Occupy our bodies. We need to require at a minimum the four points above.

I believe that the scientist I have read on substack and their peers are qualified to set up global test criteria. These criteria must be rigorously followed and when harms that exceed the harms of past true vaccines occur the Injectables must no longer be injected into the test group.

This is what I live by. I hope it is clear enough for you to take it to

the team of people you work with so that we the people of Earth with true

science can take direct control of our situation.



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What a self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing piece of shit!!! Waving his hands in a well thought out, scientific assessment [reminiscent of Bill Gates] of how many people planet Earth can support in freedom!! He "hopes" his homicidal fantasies can be accomplished "peacefully"... without the "rich" having to club 7 billion deplorables to death!!!

He is the dictionary definition of "pompous moron" who fancies himself a brilliant thinker!!!

It's interestingly ironic that these "deep thinkers" named their "club" after the city that created the Gladiators to distract the peasants from the debauchery and corruption of the "Emperor Class."

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New Movie now coming out on an old Theme; and You should know by now that the NWO likes to give you plenty of warnings, comrades.

BTW, this is a Real Threat, though Purposely Ignored. I read the book, "One Second After", in 2009, it changed my life.


Now! a New Movie is coming out! Not necessarily a "bad thing" If sheople wtfu, but it is Grim Reckoning. Mainly Due To Feral DC Gov Malfeasance at least since 2009. CYA as best you can.

"Grid Down, Power Up", David Tice was on Rumble with Jenna Ellis

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You fail to understand the concept of "lock and key." The "locks" have been placed as markers in the body, now a "key" will deployed through the new "variant." This is what will cause mass casualties.

A researcher noted that "if one was to be conspiratorial," the vaccine put a marker in everyone who took it, a "lock," if you will, and later, either a "new disease" or "vaccine" can be administered to attack this "weakness," that is now uniform in everyone that took the vaccine. It was a unique perspective, and one that should be considered. Unfortunately, I came across this study near the beginning of the "pandemic," and did not take it seriously (with a grain of salt), and in hindsight, see that his posit may be correct. Just something to consider.

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FoC is is in Australia and his material has become harder to locate on the web.

I believe he is the true compiler of the the Almanac of Evil and he was a Jesuit Priest.

Here is a video he narrates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OGcxX-z0Co

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Years of practice on insects and pests. Now pointing that tool at the population. Like an insect growth regulator. Igr. Also spoke protein. Look up Bti protein crystal.

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Yep, they are all about a purge...of anyone other than themselves.

A question; what, "squirt of hot gas" event is that odd man referring to??

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