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Brother, you barely scratched the surface! I may be a permaculture guy who makes his living wring books about herbs now... but I spent 20 years or so in economics and politics before I came home to Appalachian Mountains and decided too figure out a way to make a living without a cell phone... but there is a freaking nuclear bomb about to go off in our economy, mostly due to government manipulation of markets.

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Thank you for putting some ridges on my smooth brain!! Much appreciated!

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Thanks again for the H/T 2ndSG. What the article doesn't go into much detail on is the enormous deleveraging that will take place in relation to rehypothecation.

This is a pretty decent article: https://www.thebalance.com/rehypothecation-investment-disaster-357232

What's going to happen is, instead of having one "bag holder" when the SHTF, there could be dozens, or hundreds, or thousands - and that's just for one asset/"asset"! Especially where assets have been rehypothecated dozens of times.

I can't think of a good example but maybe a casino goes bust and then every client who ever gambled there is on the hook for their debts would give you an idea.

As the author of the post accurately states, when you let criminals run profitable scams with no threat of punishment (the anarcho-tyranny I frequently refer to - anarchy for criminals, the rule of law with built-in-absurdities for the tax cattle) then you will never fix the problem and only get worse problems in future.

I know we all know that's a feature not a bug, but that's why I hate normies so much. If they stopped hiding behind their dislike of "conspiracy theories" and actually woke the hell up, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Let's call these people - bank CEOs, giant corporation CEOs, politicians, the global "elite" what they really are - a massive criminal gang who are above the law.

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I used to think the Great Reset was about the Elite trying to secure their wealth BEFORE the global economy tanks by oppressing the rest of us with Central Bank Digital Currency. After more research, though, I learned the opposite is true: the ruling class planned financial collapse decades ago to bring about their New World Order.

Here's a fascinating 2008 interview with an Illuminati whistle-blower ("Mary Anne"). She says 80% of the House is under their control; and 100% of Senators and Presidents are also controlled. It seems that all politicians are like Biden. They just mindlessly read a script and most if not all policy is actually made by the Deep State. The Supreme Court is also controlled. When the court ruled against the Biden vaccine mandates, it was just for "show" in order to maintain the illusion of democracy. Mary Anne says that public resistance might cause the Illuminati to shelve their plans for a while. But in 2022, I doubt that can happen now because they've gone too far to turn back now:


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Exactly! People were freaking out at blackrock buying up housing. But that was to prop up the balance sheets for the banks.

This is unsustainable, as if all the housing was expensive, who could afford the mortgage or rent on the property? Notice how we had this huge inflation in housing (which takes most of our budgets) for 2 decades, but the media and government didn't report it as inflation and Americans thought ooh investment!

Edit it was that guy Louis Rossman who was linked in the article. Didn't notice it was him until after...

There was a third party apple repair guy in NYC who was looking for a store front. There were many buildings that asked for huge rents and he asked to buy and they said NO.

He theorized that a lot of dirty money went into real estate in order to launder it and protect it.

I wouldn't be surprised.

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Yeah, that's what happens when some voted for this guy........buyer's remorse....."FLASHBACK: Trudeau Praises China 'Dictatorship' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJNtFG9GSPU


"Trudeau defends donations by Chinese billionaires" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4uP1c9alLY

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thanks man, made my day!! send this to Wolfstreet and shake up the bailiwick over there.

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here in Germany my loan on my investment block is up for renewal in 3yrs. the bank is already asking me if i want to sign on for another 10yrs or more at a still very low interest rate. I think i will then literally i can ride out any crash. but this is scary. anyone with variable rates not locked in are effed. in germany most people get a locked in rate for 20 or 30yrs. Currently less than 2%. i think we will be fine but the anglo world is as i like to say in more shit than a faggots finger.

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I'm in agreeance. Money is about to be worth nothing. There might be a micro moment between metals blowing a hole through the roof where you can trade up with Vegas and wipe out all your debt for some silver -- but this will be a death rattle. Toss in the vaccine time-line, today with news of permanent spike protein production.. endless.. the fire sale for earth is now on!

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