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One thing I have learned over the years is that whoever or whatever country the US targets is generally because the US and their global agenda is being threatened. The American people have been brainwashed by the constant drum beat of "RUSSIA EVIL" for many years and especially since the Obama/Biden administration. Anyone that has been paying attention knows the US and Ukraine have been in bed with each for decades. Ukraine is corrupt beyond pale and the US is right there with them. Ukraines money laundering, sex trafficking, Bidens, Clintons, Obama, Azov, these are the real enemies. Biden got us involved (he instigated it) in the battle between Ukraine and Russia because the Ukraine has so much dirt on Biden and his entire family including Jill that he had no choice. The US involvement in this battle is to hide the crimes of many of our elected who have been beneficiaries of Ukraine's corruption for decades.

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Mikhail Murashko, Elvira Nabiullina, Alexander Gintsburg, Herman Gref.

ever heard about any of these people?

as long as the people behind these names (and their relation to Putin) mean nothing to you is exactly the amount of time you will keep on thinking that the Russian Powers That Be are friends to Russian people.

the names I wrote often come up here: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/

it's about time everybody learns that the biggest enemy of every nation is their own government.

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Tovarich Slavsquat is a friend of this substack.

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I certainly never said Putin was an angel but what we are being told is taking place is all a total lie. And I agree 100% with your last sentence. The biggest threat to America is our own government and that was pretty much my original point.

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Thank you 2nd Most for posting the entire Putin speech, one of the most important, and telling, of a world leader in the last 100 years, and with which I am in full agreement. Articulate and honest. I’ve more relevant background than most, e.g., inside Kremlin without ID in 1991 for all night meeting re discussions post-USSR. My education inside Russia on reality of “Mother Russia”, fierce, deep loyalty resultant from WWII experience, and how in 1991 they had great respect for and wanted to emulate our apparent democracy, as well as most of their General Staff’s respect and admiration of our military, which I passed onto General Alexander Haig. I was “trusted”, and with good reason. To say I’m ashamed of our governments’ (plural) selfishness, dishonesty, and betrayals in the meantime is an understatement. Putin hit everything on the head in this very long speech, as he does with his four hour open press conferences, the likes of which we would never see in our country. I look forward to the day when we can return to being an honest nation, respecting the sovereignty of nations, International Law to which we have signed our name, and our own Constitution.

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The other possibility no one discusses is Putin is winning because the USSR shape shifted and in alliance with China is set to impose the NWO. The Leninist running the WEF may only be a useful idiot for global communism. The suicide of the West is forcing deeper integration of Russia and China. Dugin compares the two allies as standing back to back. Long before all of this Christopher Story interviewed for the show “The Mcllhany Report” in 2003 about Anatoliy Golitsyn’s books, “New Lies for Old” and “The Perestroika Deception”.

Christopher points out how governments have been infiltrated, taken over and that Western countries are headed towards a condition of international and globalist controlled police States. However, he points the finger at “The Soviet” or calls it a “Leninist Strategy” as though “communism” is the engine behind these events. We live in a time of “information wars” where selected information is leaked to the common people for political reasons. Selected information, some truths and some subversive ideas are offered together, creating layers of deception. Statements should be matched up to real world observable events and facts to arrive at truth.

Here are some quotes from these interviews:

“… control over the foreign policy of this new globalist regional government that controls Russia, that controls Europe and controls Britain…”

“At the European level, no political party can participate in the European parliament if it’s not one hundred percent signed up to the idea of the European project.”

“…which will eventually provide for the same kind of internal passports or identification papers that were used in the Soviet Union.”

Long Description:

The Cold War was not won by the West. Instead it was a multi-decade long deception strategy from Russian KGB to deceive the West and to defeat U.S. and their allies and to implement a totalitarian-like world government.

This is the overall thesis from the works of Anatoliy Golitsyn, the most important defector from KGB that escaped to US in 1961. He published two books where he explained in details the strategy and even made some “predictions” for the future of URSS and the Iron Curtain. The first one was called “New Lies For Old” and it was published in 1984. The second “Perestroika Deception” came in 1995.

His predictions were independently evaluated as been accurate by the rate of 99% 8in the nineties). He predicted the Fall of Berlin Wall, the coming of Mikhail Gorbachev into power and his policies “Glasnost” and “Perestroika”.

Forget all you have been swallowing as “history”. Democracy under the Iron Curtain was staged by KGB to work in the shadows.

Here I present two interviews (in two part each) from the English publisher Christopher Story, publisher of “Perestroika Deception” and other books like “Red Cocaine”. William Macilhany interviewed Story in 1995 and 2003 on the subject of this deception strategy.

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Thank you. I may do a post on this later.

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Western money financed Lenin and Trotsky. Russia changed with Stalin. https://www.rbth.com/history/327129-armand-hammer-ties-with-the-ussr

Who was Stalin? The "real" Stalin some argue was replaced. Stalin did erase his past and eliminate people who knew him. Was the new Stalin a British operative gone rogue? During his lifetime, details of Stalin’s life were forbidden for discussion or even a faint hypothesis, let alone research. Everything concerning “the leader of the peoples” was the work of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, which contained the Joseph Stalin Foundation that, in turn, classified and stored the information. No outside research was carried out during his life. And even after death, not a lot of it was discussed, due to the backlash against Stalin’s cult of personality, which impeded any thorough research.

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Ukraine should never have happened. Every corporate fundraiser button I see makes me think of an arsonist who is raising funds for more gasoline while calling for "full investigation and punishment".

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I, as an American citizen don’t trust my government so why should the Russians. I remember as Russian troops were positioned to attack Biden said that keeping Ukraine from joining NATO was a non-starter. I have as much faith in my government as I do in my doctor.

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International Communist Revolution at work.

Folks, the plan has not changed since around 1960.

Read “New Lies for Old” by Anatoliy Golitsyn.


“There seem to be three possible scenarios around which the history

of the next half century will be written:"

"In the first, communism, meeting neither ideological nor political resistance from the West, continues along its present course to disarmament, then to convergence with the West on its own terms, and so to world domination."

"In the second, the West realizes in time the nature of the communist threat, solves its own national problems, unites the noncommunist world, and adopts a policy of open competition between the two systems; as a result, the peoples of the communist bloc repudiate their leaders and the communist empire disintegrates."

"The third scenario resembles the second except that both systems remain intact and competition continues for a very long time."

"And who shall say that unrelenting competition between two opposing systems of government, each secured by the nuclear deterrent, would not prove fruitful? But where are the statesmen who will recognize this path to possible safety and guide their peoples along it?”

First, second, or third?

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Can We hold "two" theories at the same time? I can see the Communist KGB Deception Theory.

But then I Know the Deceptive LBJ Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam False Flag, I've seen The Bushies destroy the Middle East over very questionable precursor events and propaganda. I've seen the Obama Bolsheviks take over of the democRats, and then rinoRats join in a sElection Coup in 2020.

Now the "two" theories seem to be only One, a NWO-Communist-Islamic Union that the USA is also facilitating. Just the Rulers and us Peasants again.

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I believe that America has been infiltrated by an evil cult since the time or before JFK was assasinated. America was meant to live at peace with our neighbors. All of the true American ideals are good. These cult members have distorted them.

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I just wrote a new post that may answer some of your questions.

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One of the keys to understanding this material is found in the Soviet defector literature.

This leads to a completely different understanding of the Islamic issue which was infiltrated and weaponized against the West long ago.

As is understanding the whole Golitsyn/Angleton/Nosenko story line from the 60s & early 70s. This was a key point illustrating the long range Soviet plan, and the KGB's cover up.

The fact that the CIA was unable to accept the fact that they had been penetrated/deceived and essentially began parroting exactly what the KGB wanted.

As was British, French Intel Services, all brilliantly exposed by Golitsyn.

Golitsyn told Angleton that French Intel was going to be told to spy on US ICBM silos, which Angleton disbelieved, until French contacts told him some time later!

Angleton was run out of the CIA, he had been at the Soviet desk, but was secretly hired by the NSA!

I feel that all of this was critical in getting Kissinger to convince Nixon to go to China, which still remains to this day the greatest Intel Op ever by a foreign government.

I always say that "Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy wasn't 100% correct, he was 500% correct, finally proven in the early 90s by the released Verona intercepts. "After the old enemy had removed himself (not)." Nobody cared anymore, disarmament, peace dividend, everything, from the "45 Communist Goals" seemed attainable, even decided.

Even #2, we "Capitulated in preference to Atomic War." (??!!???). Did we?

2SG, the WEF, Greens, IMF, World Bank, UN, China, NWO, Soros Open Society, Democrat Socialists, Terrorism Islamic, WHO, Cartels, all financed by American Taxpayer money and "Red Cocaine" cash.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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McCarthy was also digging for UFO tech. And Nixon was allegedly wanting to share said tech with the Soviets, as did JFK. Free energy, and all. Can't have that.

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2SG, a terrific resource for people that want to read much more literature on Communism has been compiled by a fellow in Europe at the following address.


It is simply astounding what is available for free download (no registration) or able to be read on-line. I actually aided him on many of the links.

Many are familiar but many may not be, for instance:

"The Sealed Train – Lenin 1917: Journey to Revolution"

"Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America"

"Marx, Prophet of Darkness: Communism’s Hidden Forces Revealed"

"We Will Bury You: The Soviet Plan for the Subversion of the West by the Highest Ranking Communist Ever to Defect"

And so many others.

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""But the truth and the reality is that people in most countries do not want such a life and such a future""

Putin sure nailed this part

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it did not started now ... longtime in the making ...

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Imagine, a leader who can talk pretty like that, with sentences and stuff. Just imagine.

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You are doing what you can. So are many others. We continue!

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You might be second, but you're first (if that makes any sense) Thank you for this post.

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I believe the US and the EU want war with Russia Russia. Our goal should have been to avoid conflict and we should have been talking to Putin long before the invasion and we should have been talking with him all along, including now. We have said we aren’t. Instead we have called him crazy and unstable which would only piss off anybody.

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"These include censorship, media closures and arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures."

All of which are also rampant in Kissinger-controlled Russia.

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