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The Bolsheviks swept through and destroyed a communal peasant population that could take care of themselves in an effort to take control of land production. Killed 400,000 and enslaved the rest on fascist farms. The elite were amazed how easy it was.

Now that machinery has largely taken over for labor on the land production front, they don't need people. They have plenty of money, and now machines to replace other forms of production. Matter-of-fact, they think there are too many people now since we've adapted to the easier lifestyle and want to get rid of a few billion of us. Well, more than a few billion.

No doubt we are all chewing through earth's resources at an unprecedented rate to maintain the "life will go Jetsons" illusion. No, this system is not sustainable not even with fewer people. Its their collectivizing system under a single command that replaced a workable arrangement that is the problem.

The modern day Bolsheviks are to the scene of their original sin to reset is my view.

Captain Kirk come and save us!

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Thirty four dollars! And another seventeen for the booster!

"You really can't make this $h!t up."

"Um, mam, I would like to get all seven boosters today, my family needs the money."

These "great humanitarians" are DEMONs.

Somebody tell me I m not the only one who sees it for what it is!

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