I saw a replacement battery for a volt billed

Receipt for $26,000 !!! That’s about 3 good

Used cars for 1 electric battery for Volt

I am sticking with cars I can pay cash eat gas

If that’s alright with Klaus? And who gives anyone the authority to say what kind of car

We ought to buy/use or for that matter who

Says you going to outlaw gas cars …do you

Really think that’s practical since America was

Built for cars. WEF global elite snobs

Why don’t you cash in your Lear jets and call it

A fair trade you give up your jets we will keep

Our damn gas cars 🚗

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Wouldn’t want one if it were free. They are very expensive. Open the pipe line and our gas problems will be solved. Dont the elite devils realize the world needs CO2 to function?!

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I live approximately four miles from a coal-powered electric facility that keeps Kansas City and its suburban regions well-lit and humming along. The small town of about a thousand people where I live has no delusions about where electricity comes from. We get to listen to the trains loaded with coal come through like clockwork every 20 minutes.

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Sorry, have to smile at my original State of Calif. Ban gas cars as evil, and also don’t charge your electric autos, etc. I know the time frames differ, but it’s a clue to the future of such thinking or the lack thereof. From exactly what kind of tree were these fruits who run (?) the state picked from?

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Facts? Feelings don’t care about your facts! Come on man! Just kidding. Very well said. If we didn’t laugh, we’d have to cry…

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I fear that our corporate friends at the WEF, with their faux "green" agenda (electric everything, wind, solar, etc) have done more to damage support for our serious and legitimate environmental issues than their "the economy is more important than the environment" fathers ever could. They're now doing the same with their woke embrace of civil rights.

Those who've delved into the inner workings of "No Child Left Behind" recognize it as a poison pill for public education. The elite's success there has given them a new model -- hide behind the appearance of doing good while destroying the very thing you claim to protect.

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and it is almost complete! https://francesleader.substack.com/p/the-ten-fold-plan-of-the-bilderberg

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There is a theory floating around that it is not about buying electric cars but to totally eliminate the ability for us to be mobile. Mass transportation for us all. I can understand why they want us to give up our land and move to the cities. Frankly I want to do the opposite of whatever they come up with. Just because.

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The climate changed today in Australia! It is now spring!

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Well said - thanks!!!

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how wonderful ! Buy a 50 000 bucks car but don't drive it ! California as smart as Germany !

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It's fallen apart for those with an active brain and proactive thought patterns. Most of us have been onto some, most, or all of it for decades.

It's still alive and well for the rest. Even when the inevitable shit hits the fan, these people will blame the others in their emotionally charged tantrums, which is their entire essence.

The one thing that the independent thinking have going for them, is that the ones that fully support it still, are the same ones that largely "trusted the science" and their doctors and appear to be a rapidly diminishing contingent. Which is a good thing from that perspective.

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