By design. If they couldn't guilt the masses into not traveling by car or air, they can make it a terror by putting bio-time-bombs into the pilots and crew.

A more demonic plot would be difficult to devise.

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Well, are you aware of the New and Improved tick bite? This one doesn't give you Lyme's disease. It makes you allergic to red meat. Eat a steak, get sick. Funny thing how ticks just had a Wuhan moment and developed the ability to make us Not support the ranchers raising the cows that fart and blow society ever closer to the DOOM they have been hyperventilating over for the last thirty odd years.

alpha-gal syndrome, first encounter in 2002.

I'm sure someone is being paid to figure out how to sto,,, err,,make it worse..

It's not More evil, I can't even Prove it was created, but it sure seems ConVeenYunt,, no?

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Lone Star Tick Bioweapons

Self-spreading, indeed.

This evil proliferates in a society of people who've lost their moral compasses.

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I know pilots that refused to take a shot, and decided to fly a desk while all this craziness was going down. And now they can triple their rates because they are some of the few that will pass the medical test with flying colors and within the tolerances of the original guidelines. Not the adjusted ones for Covid vaccines.

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All on purpose. You will not fly, and be happy.

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All commercial airlines will be gone within five to seven years.

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Honestly, given how many pilots and planes there are in the world, it's a testament to their skills, teamwork and tech that there haven't been more serious incidents. Still, I'm expecting it to get worse in the coming months/years, and them changing the standards for fitness, only hurts everyone in the long run🤔🤨😐🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Where did all the responsible peeps go?🤔🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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And add to that their focus on DEI hiring.

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Fact; 386% more airline 'Mayday calls' between 2020 and 2023. I wonder why?

Could it have anything to do with the MANDATED INJECTION of poison called covid Vax that determined the aviation authorities had to modify the health parameters of pilots to accommodate the sudden general deterioration in heart conditions that follow the Covid injections for pilots?

Big Pharma's wealth has long-reaching consequences and we are expendable as part of the New World Order's (WEF) long-term intention to CIULL the world's population.

And, to this day, EVERY deadly Covid injection comes with manufacturers' LEGAL IMMUNITY from LIABILITY for Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and other pharmaceutical murderers that distribute the deadly crap!

Obviously, Astra-Zeneca Covid jab was discretely withdrawn from public use with stealth to avoid damaging Pfizer et all, who create the same poisons from being impacted by 'association'.

AZ was probably less financially robust and resilient than the other well-established medicine (POISON) makers like J&J, Moderna and Pfizer. Subsequently, they were more vulnerable to the justifiable criticism and blame for Vax-related deaths & injuries and perhaps had not embedded as many formal AVOIDANCE Contract conditions to avoid LEGAL responsibility for such events as do the other murdering injection makers. The others deny all LIABILITY within every supply Contract!

Suddenly, the sh*t is hitting the fan with several lawsuits opened against AZ for the DEATHS caused by their version of a SAFE & EFFECTIVE injection.

Pfizer is realising this 'LEGAL armour' could be breached because of the volume of injuries and deaths that are occurring POST-VAX, and is pretending to be experiencing 'Financial problems'. This can only be an excuse to distance themselves from the inevitable BLAME and responsibility they will have to accept due to the sheer volume of vax-related disasters. If they declare BANKRUPTCY, they will simply reintroduce the organisation in a different unassociated guise with a different trading name.

The US has, for decades, permitted bio-labs to function in US Universities - until recently, when it became suspected by the wider public. Congress decided that the US should not permit such dangerous 'DoD bio-warfare' experimentation to continue on US soil! The dangerous experimentation has moved to other countries like Ukraine and China and probably continues in the US where it can be hidden from the public.

Big Pharma realised the massive financial opportunities of making people ill and pretending they have a 'CURE'.

That is why COVID-19 was designed and released to justify a profitable 'cure they pretend is a VACCINE. it doesn't work, can injure and kill recipients and is marketed with absolutely NO LIABILITY for the millions that suffer the consequences of believing the narrative!

'Vax HESITANCY' is borne out of the realisation that these, once-trusted interventions really used to be safe and effective. Now, even those that still keep accepting the dangerous and ineffective Covid shot realise the crap is useless - but some keep accepting these poisonous 'boosters'. I was told by a friend who still lines up to be poisoned, that the only reason she continues with the insane suicidal activity is "because I believe the medics and it's FREE".

Hopefully, others are realising that the WHO has been infiltrated by those (WEF members of the New World Order) who have different sinister agendas to those portrayed by the WHO's bandit-in-chief (Tedros). Their aim is to assume total universal dominance of ALL human health matters - with the hidden intent of enforcing all medicines that control, pacify, dumb down and enslave the entire planet's population - driven by the unscrupulous Elite (the WEF's New World Order).

This sinister intention has been planned for decades and Bill Gates (the world's richest man) now finances the entire WHO's Policies and Plans. Gates states; The most lucrative investment I ever made is VACCINES"!

Many of us now realise that every jab was/is EXPERIMENTAL and comes with total Immunity from LIABILITY for the makers. How can this continue when so many vax injuries and deaths continue to rise?

Join the dots - get off the fence and refuse to be dictated to by those who intend to harm or enslave you!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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FYI the Biden administration is having bat research take place in Fort Collins Colorado. At the University of Colorado.

Unless the people of Colorado take up arms against the University they are going to be ground zero for more gain of function disasters. I swear this is all planned to wipe out humanity. Interestingly enough it’s not that far from Denver we’re all the underground cities are. That’s where the elite plan to go when the natural disasters like floods or biblical floods reoccur.

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Did air traffic controllers take them too? Any brain fog encountered could easily prove catastrophic.

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well, herr schwab doesn't want anyone flying anyway so this works out ok

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This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen this data and everyone copies and pasted the same explanation. The 29.3 cannot be a percent. Just look at the vertical axis. Percent of actual calls does cannot exceed 100. The 29.3 must be an average of an actual number of either daily or weekly or monthly calls received. That explains how that frequency can exceed 100 per time frame in 2022 and 2023

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The article states that what is is: an average no of 7700 calls/month. Was 29 and is now almost 4x as many.

My pilot husband says he would want to verify this with FAA stats.

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My hubby and I decided not to fly anymore back in 2019, due to all of the problems we kept having on various trips. Now THIS...

It's become Russian Roulette of the skies.

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Honestly the danger is overrated. It's exceedingly unlikely that both pilots will both die suddenly on the same flight.

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What is good about flying in an airplane anyway? Look at the disaster of life today and trying to maintain ones own homeland much less ones own home is hard.. Stay on the ground like a wolf or bear and maintain your territory. Brilliant pilots have been murdered by the cabal of nasty government infiltrators. No participation in their weapons of mass destruction is the safe and sane way. A single human lives only once and does not go to heaven or hell. This earth is our only home (our origin as a species is the Pleroma) and you and I can have a heaven or a hell here on our planet. It is each ones decision to make.

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I see the cargo ship industry seeing an explosion in it's passenger market.

Cargo Ship Travel :


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Thanks for the link. I am going to check it out.

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You need to be vaxxed.

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One of 12 -- out of 900 -- with a pair. What does that tell us?

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It tells us everything we need to know. Avoid Australia!

Meanwhile plenty of European countries are running at less than 50% vaccination rate.

Hard times, strong men, good times, weak men... You know the meme.

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Re the meme, I do indeed. :)

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I'm with you Stephanie! I realise many other places of learning in the USA were historically used for Bio-Weapon medical research and experimentation. These procedures used to be the responsibility of your DoD, but Big Pharma saw the commercial benefits of creating DISEAESE in order to justify 'Cures'.

These dangerous practices were generally determined as unsafe to continue on US soil, but obviously, your current unfairly elected Government have their own secret agenda, which suits most WEF New World Order intentions.

That's how we arrive at the greatest 'man-created' medical catastrophe in human history. But it is now so well managed the general public doesn't realise what's really going on.

We must keep spreading the truth - even if it becomes tedious and repetitive!

Mick from Hooe (UK) uunjabbed to live longer!

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That graphic is a mess. Look at the dates.

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Who exactly changed the heartbeat rule and why? We have regulators being manipulated as well. There must be threats and bribes. It’s pervasive across many industries and governments.

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Well, it appears that the depopulation agenda is well under way.

Pilots not exempt.

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