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The import of this is that an entire generation will inherit DNA that codes for this cytotoxic pathogen. Make no mistake about it, this is a greater crime against humanity than even Adolf Hitler himself could have dreamed of.

It is not a coincidence that internal Pfizer biodistribution studies showed that a major area of concentration of this mRNA payload was in the ovaries.

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#sevenminutes #sevenminutestodie #sevenminutesatshoppers #bivalent

let's use that to raise awareness about the Canadian woman who died 7 minutes after the shot at shoppers drug mart in Saskatchewan. and put it at the foot of the pharmacy.

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When in the beginning it said 'reversable' I thought it meant it could be un done? A triple vaxxed friend who developed blood clots in her brain and lungs that finally dissolved over 3-4 months just got her fourth jab. WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

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I spoke to a doctor who specializes in treating the UNVAXXED should they get covid. He said all the big medical groups are being bought up by Hedge Funds. Why didn't Zero Hedge tell us that?

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