The more I hear about the horrific absurdity happening in Canada. The more I wondering what is happening here. As a Canadian, I am appalled by the evil that is happening.

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God help us all. My worst fears come to life. Thymectomy during heart surgery will pale in the face of them killing babies in need of heart surgery, harvesting all of their organs. This is breaking my heart 😭💔

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Where is the outrage of the church and religious condemnation on this evil?

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Very good question. Where are the churches? They seem to be blind to evil these days. Why I left mine.

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That's a shocker, too. It seems like the churches just flipped over their murals and suddenly announced they are the official houses of Lucifer. Without skipping a beat. All rainbow flags and female ministers and it's all the new normal. Like it was always the case.

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The lukewarm churches Christ talks about. All around us. None of them are preparing us for what is coming. They don’t even see it or are ignoring it. They should be helping us to Put on the Armor of God. We’re going to need it.

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The most religious people I know have been hypocritical Republicans, consider disabled people a drain on the economy. My family is very religious. They couldnt care less about babies after they are born. Not their problem. They virtue signal as they worship money and status and cancel people who dont do what they say, believe what they believe.

People who have emotional or physical problems, war heros, all are a burden none of them want to fund. It's the reason my grandparents hated gov was because disabled got a free ride and they didnt want to pay for poor peoples health care. They want poor to stop having babies but dont abort them just stop having them, give them up if they cant afford them.

Republican Christians cut funding for Autism. They pushed toxic jabs causing autism, lobbied and blocked EPA from protecting us from toxins, tell people like me with a disabled son that he should have just died. They are more concerned with making money than following Godly principles. Religion as I experienced it has always been about holier than though guilt trips and hypocrisy. They go to church to assuage their guilt for being ungodly. It's why my sister doesnt believe in God and so many others growing up have rejected religion. Most of the people who believe in the Bible feel God only loves specific Christian's. Their values are backwards.

Its little wonder to me younger generations reject God. Man made religion has always been an abusive hypocritical cult. Protecting sinners forgiving crimes while using the switch to physically emotionally abuse their children enmeshing with them.

New generations, sick of manipulation guilting codependent religions became the victims, now forcing their beliefs onto others. Each side wants to shove their beliefs down the others throat, causing more division and extremism. New gen are obliviously to the trap set for them, the propaganda twisting their minds.

They use the same virtue signaling, cancel culture tactics their ancestors used on them. Each generations refuses to look in the mirror. We are stuck with this shitfuckery world of our own making, putting the richest, most psychopathic at the top.

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Amen, Heidi. I agree. My brain is simply not wired to be religious or get sucked into it. We were brought up in Christianity but for some reason when I was little I REFUSED baptism and was never baptized. I always felt out of place at church and amongst “believers”. It never sat right with me and I had the same experiences and thoughts that you mentioned here. Ive fucked up a lot in my life and made a mess of everything several times and hurt a lot of people both accidentally and intentionally. But. At the end of the day, I’m a good person. I’ve learned how to forgive myself and learn from my mistakes, and think before I act. I try to be compassionate and open-minded rather than reactive and judgmental. I believe in many general principles laid out in the Bible and other holy texts that pre-date it, and try to live in truth and light and awe of creation. Don’t drink, don’t smoke anything at all, eat organic wholesome foods and mostly meat (grassfed beef and goat etc- ruminants- are the most nutritious and environmentally friendly things to eat, so.. easy choice there), try to support only small farms and business, trying to extricate myself from my relationship with my bank, try to be as self-reliant as possible, believe in goodwill and helping the less fortunate, I thrift shop rather than buy retail, I value family and blood over all else, thou shall not commit adultery (in any way, many facets of life that deception can arise), and am wide awake on just about every issue. You can be a good person and make a difference and value truth and the essence of human decency without being religious. I hope my children grow up the same way. With a reverence for nature and creation and humanity but also a desire to do good and be good and fight for the truth. To live by principles and walk the walk, not jus talk the talk as so many religious folk seem to do, sadly.

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Very well said! If you haven't yet, I suggest to study Nietzsche, you will find some answers about why all these religions are necessarily hypocritical and self-defeating in the long term. (Do not believe the bullshitters and deliberate misinterpretations, read it yourself.)

I know some decent Catholics though, but they all cut ties from the treasonous church recently.

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Thank you.

I've read and admire many Nietzsche quotes. It would be interesting to read more of his work. Thank you for inspiring me to do so. 🙏

Incase anyone else reads this and is interested I've included links below to free YouTube Audiobooks of Nietzsche in English I plan to listen to.




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Makes me happy, that I managed to spark some interest! I have some advice/ disclaimer though: Nietzsche writes in very different style than most philosophers. He often uses ancient styles of writing.

It's easy to misinterpret him. Like it's popularly attributed to him, that he declared: "God is dead." He never actually said that himself, only some of his characters said it like "The Madman" and Zarathustra, it does not necessarily mean that Nietzsche thinks they are right.

For the first time it can be also be very off-putting what he says about women, in short: women are "shallow", because they "live on the surface", but bear with him, because he well explain later, why he thinks women actually understand the real world better than men.

Nietzsche is not for everybody. I personally don't agree everything he said, but it's amazing how much ahead he was of his time. He has basically accurately deduced the sociopolitical "developments" of the 20th century and beyond.

I think the book "On the Genealogy of Morality" contains his most straightforward analysis of religion. He really digs deep there.

I'm an amateur student of philosophy, read almost everything that's worth reading, and I think after Aristotle, Nietzsche has the most interesting things to say.

He also a prime example of someone who "walked the walk", he lived by his philosophy and accepted the consequences.

Oh and by the way, he was not a nazi or a "proto-nazi", the exact opposite, he hated the state, and collectivist ideologies.

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Thank you for sharing your observations. I loved hearing them. I am much the same, never fully agreeing with any one person or belief. We all come at life from our world view. Back in his day women didnt get to have much say without being labeled something or other, burned at a stake.

My brain tends to read or listen and think of 3 ways a person could mean one thing. If it is important, and the person is still alive and accessible, I ask for clarification. Saying God is dead to me could mean He isnt in peoples hearts, He isnt stopping this madness, He will be reborn. So many ways a person might take it and the context counts also.

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I'm happy to share my thoughts, and I also not claim, that I have the correct interpretations of Nietzsche. Sometimes his "protagonists" (intentionally) contradict themselves, which can be interpreted multiple ways.

His analysis of religion is one of the things that is more direct. What he does, is that he digs up the human psychology about God and morality, it is very different than what I expected when I read it first. Nothing like the Marxist platitudes like: "Religion is the opium of the people." Though he is even less gentle in critiquing Christianity and Judaism.

So he has no prescription about God and religion, but the way he analyzes them is very unique and thought provoking. I cannot really summarize it well in a comment.

One interesting thing is that he thought that ancient people, like the Greeks had a more correct understanding of God(s) and morality, which I tend to agree more as I research the topic.

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Found something interesting, actually appalling when I searched Satanism in Canada...they do have a satanic temple....on Instagram saw a post from thesatanictemple TST Health and THE Samuel Alitos Mom's Satanic abortion Clinic provide free religious telehealth medication abortion......I do not know much at this point but it sure needs investigation by a curious substacker.

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The reason I write this is to tell people that they need to create and have access to a support team, and advocates, and speak out their spiritual beliefs - in favour of Life. Decide right now - do you believe in MAID or not. Because I can see the tactics of doctors getting you alone and feigning mercy, when you are at your weakest, all to satisfy a death and ‘body organ lust’. Pressure tactics to manipulate your permission, to end life, have been developed and honed.

I had a lesson and test on how much i valued life back in 2018 when my late husband was hospitalized due to heart issues, plus ALS, and was put on breathing apparatus. We were encouraged to end his life. All the doctors were onboard - Esp the younger docs who must have been trained by BigPharma to use their Godlike discernment to evaluate the quality and worthiness of life. i understood their perspective, he was going to die anyhow, but I could not pull the plug, on his life. Fortunately i had his large family to stand with me and helped guide me. Early on, During a ‘small’ midday meeting that was just to ‘update the immediates’, expecting only me, they brought 8 doctors and admin people - who were to their surprise received by me plus 15 family members, there to support him and his life. Their End of Life agenda was foiled as they exited, while all taking notes and more notes. After the meeting , we were treated well and Of course he died eventually. But at least he died a fighter who fought for his life that was a gift from God.

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Wow. Beautiful. So rare to see family hold true and together in this culture and point in history. Sorry for your loss. He would be proud that you stood up for him and let his death come on “his” terms.

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Thank you for the kind words. I agree rare to have such a family - and he brought the best out of us all.

Having been in a position to 'choose death', I encourage people to have the life discussions to discuss your personal will, while you're not in a crisis and being influenced by people who gain from your death, like the MAID agenda. They are bold but we need to be bolder, and trust we have the courage of our convictions

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When the “human race” reaches this point - the point of no return - that they are willing to kill babies and young children for their organs .. then one has to question, at one time barely conceivable (excuse the pun) Are there poor families and mothers who are prepared to “breed for the kill” and how are they rewarded .. no different to “puppy mills” The horror of it is that l find myself so numbed that l would now believe anything .. which in real terms means .. that “normalising” atrocities no longer carries the weight of criminal conviction!

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This would be consistent with the persistent reports of organ harvesting in the Ukraine, the WEF's crackhouse.

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Yes, reportedly, per Amnesty Intl, a lot of kids were kidnapped from Bakhmut by the Ukrainians and sold as sex slaves or for their organs...

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I will be 81 yrs old this march 12th. amd with being 80 there are of course certain health issues that come into ones life at that age. Fortunately small ones , However, regardless of these health conditions I know our Canadian leader and tyrant, Justin Castro wants me dead. MAID is a government murder weapon and age doesn't matter. I watched my best friend die, Steven Phelps from turbo cancer, and two others from the same thing. The Bio Weapon killed them. Babies have been murdered both inside and outside of the mother since the Bio Weapon was introduced to the world population, and unfortunately, it will continue . MAID is another horrendous move by our government to step up on the harvesting of baby organs. It is not the gun that is responsible for the death, but the individual that holds it. Justin Castro and his army of murders are responsible , as are some of the men and women.

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WHO is it that are getting all these transplants?

How long will the human body retain the transplanted organ?

I understand its 10 years, along with tons of immune suppressing drugs that mess with body functions anyhow...

Is this true anyone?

What is the ultimate purpose of all this organ harvesting?


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do unto others.... time for Dr, Roy to be harvested and not gently

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May I repost this on my WP blog? I've been blogging on "brain death" (a lie) and organ harvesting since 2011?

If not that's ok, I can just use some excerpts.


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yes, of course. share anything of mine at any time at your discretion.

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Unfortunately body parts come at a huge premium and some unethical morticians and physicians think harvesting is profitable and morally correct. Where is the conscience???

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In the US they're doing Post Birth Abortions - let that sink in, an abortion after the baby has already been born - off the scale of evil & you just know they'll be carving that little soul up for as much dirty cash as they can get while the childs stupid mother gets nothing.

I'm pretty sure there are US states that will pay to fly you in & put you up in a hotel so you can have an abortion if your home state doesn't allow it & it's the same for gender reassignment surgery.

Under that queer (his wife just left him) Chinese agent, Canada has become an utter cess-pit of a place to even start discussing atrocities like this, as if MAID wasn't bad enough already.

I feel if humanity is going to allow this to become the norm world wide, it may be better to just Nuke the whole planet because we'll of all become demons as well for standing by & allowing this to continue.

This is classic BAAL or Moloch worship, feeding babies to demons, it's one of the original evil Babylonian religions & is back in a revised form with a vengeance.

God was outraged by this & warned the Jews to cease the practice immediately or beget his wrath.

It spread all throughout the middle east & beyond & the seafaring Phoenicians (they were later known as 'Venetians) spread it out throughout the Mediterranean - In Ibiza they still have well visited shrines to Tannit, another child killer.

The ppl behind this have been around for a very long time & are still worshiping & making sacrifice to those old Gods, especially children to Moloch, BAAL is also often compared to Satan.

See the 1914 Italian b&w masterpiece 'Cabiria' that explicitly depicts High Priests throwing young children into the flames of the mouth of Moloch

This scene was also heavily 'borrowed' in Fritz Langs epic 'Metropolis', which also contains themes of the Occult & Witch Craft - complete with Pentagrams on the wall & Soul Theft using technology - it's all there if you know where to look


Children are beloved of God, his heart must breaking & he must be ashamed & disappointed with the rest of us for allowing this to be done to our little ones

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Re the phoenicians...I've noticed over the years that some of our misleaders in Canada and US are wearing Phoenician blue on key days like budget day etc.( deputy p.m. for one) ... On another I see the Satanism has a temple of sorts and quite a following in canada.....worth looking jnto....

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The Phoenicians actually run the whole show - I'm not in Canada or US but if you see a Court document, the Plantiff & the Defendants names are always written in capitals which originates in Naval Law which was invented & originally comes from the Phoenicians who were Master Ship Builders, Seafarers, Navigators, Traders & Merchants (hence their mastery of Law), responsible for transporting the might of the wealth of goods across the Mediterranean & back, building Empires & amassing enormous wealth to eventually command Venice, a debauched, evil place if you were to study the monstrous goings on during Carnival - where huge numbers of exotic animals were shipped in to be tortured to death in public spectacle & entertainment akin the sights of the Colosseum of Ancient Rone & masking provided the annominity for fornication between those of different classes that wouldn't normally be permitted.

Yes, Venice might be picturesque but it has a dreadful, ugly, cruel history including the invention of the Ghetto, or Jewish Quarter which was locked off every night after curfew to keep the residents inside until dawn.

Nicholas Roeg's 'Don't Look Now' (from a short story by Daphne du Maurier) captured the eerie, spooky, atmosphere of Venice perfectly & is considered a masterpiece of horror - he tapped into that creepy Phoenician menace perfectly.

Thank you for the heads up about Phoenician Blue being a popular colour for the elites - no surprise really, all their state buildings have Phoenician architecture so why wouldn't their clothing reflect their alligences to 'secret forces' the rest of us aren't supposed to be aware of & wearing certain colours has always been employed by the elites as a way to display their superiority - only the Emperor was permitted to wear the Imperial Yellow of the Chrysanthemum in Imperial China, the Patrician class of Rome wore Tyrrian Purple to impart their status, made from a dye produced from thousands of molluscs & incredibly expensive & only available to the rich. There was also Torjan Blue & today we can see it on display most notably with Communist Red, giving rise to the appellation of the name 'Reds'.

For centuries only the elites had access to colourful clothes, the peasants had to dress drably as they couldn't afford the luxury dyes. Scottish tribes or clan had their own distinctive colours in their Tartans & Armies marched behind their 'Colours' into battle - a very interesting topic - the language of Colour

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Wow, the knowledge you have! I don't know much but I was following a fellow on you-tube trying to warn us about Phoenicians. He dwells on the color aspect a lot..blue clothing, purple lights everyshere...purple reign etc. You might enjoy him. Another thing I saw was the phoenicians love of the sacrifice of children....pretty obvious now.. Don't know what to think anymore with who's all destroying humanity ...we have Satanic temples, freemasonry and who knows what all. Trying to make sense of it all but it's tough going.

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Take a deep breathe because this turned out to be as long as my dissertation (almost!)

The Phoenicians worshipping Moloch & BAAL & his consort Tannit are the 4th or even 5th incarnation of one of the 1st religions ever, well before Christianity & the others ever came along & that old ancient religion is all about Human Sacrifice - spilling human blood.

David Icke, who many ignorantly decry, explains that our field of experience in regard to Frequency & Dimension is so limited (there is ample evidence of genetic tampering clearly visable in our DNA not just happening once, but multiple times in the distant past & now happening again with the Death Vaxx!!) that we are no longer able to read or detect (some sensitives can) these very near frequencies where these evil entities dwell, they are just outside our visable light spectrum but they are & always have been there & essentially our energy or life force is their food.

These entities infiltrated humanity through Religions, Priesthoods & Satanic Ritual to create Gods, Sacrifice, Offerings, Superstition, elevating their followers into power over their pray - US

(See Peter & Ginger Breggins book 'We Are The Pray' - Of The Global Predators)

These entities control & drain humanity to feed themselves & they use religions like Moloch Worship to access the life force of the most pure & innocent - babies & children & at a push, the rest of us.

These entities have a very limited ability to shape shift or briefly enter a human & have been seen by witnesses many times, in different locations, over centuries yet all describe the same experience. You could say our whole world was created by these entities & their Royal or Aristocratic & now Political lackies to dominate humanity which is why they're so adept at creating whatever outcome they want - Lockdown, World Wars, Bank crashes etc, whatever it takes to keep us down, to keep us in fear, they relish it & devour it as a delicacy - these things don't happen by accident, they're engineered by them - The Archons, Demons, Jinn, Satan, Dark Forces, Leviathan, writter H.P Lovecraft called it 'Cthulhu'.

It has many names in many cultures & it uses Culture, Law, Religion (inc Masonry & Black Magic like OTO, Golden Dawn, Temple Of Set etc) Media, Education, Science, Medicine, War, Military Contractors, Bio-Weapons, all secret Govt Agencies like MI5 & 6, Stasi, Deep State etc & corrupt ideologies like Communism - anything it can to maintain its dominance & achieve its aims, feeding off us & suppressing the truth of what their up to - they great game their playing with us.

Humanity needs to sever itself from this appalling, destructive force because now after centuries of mission creep, they intend to put us all in the cage & slam the door using their bogus organisations like the WHO, UN, WEF, Bank of Settlements etc to utterly enslave everything we do, then we'll be at their hideous mercy, but not for long, as they'll kill us & suck our life force, I bet they can't wait but they must be stopped asap because no one who's not on their pay roll would go along with any of it.

Israel is full of Ashkanazi Jews, these are Khazars who came down on horseback from the steppes of Khazaria, they were aggressive war mongers who worshipped BAAL & Moloch & they caused a lot of trouble. Eventually they were told they had to intergate & chose a religion from Christianity, Islam or Judaism - they pretended to chose the latter & have infiltrated Israel completely - every single President of Isreal has been an Ashkanazi Jew, so you can see why Bibi has no problem using Isrealie's as experimental subjects for deadly Vaxx trials & he admitted the same.

The Rothschilds are also Ashkanazi so you can see the link to death worship in them too. In their most evil guise they are Sabbatean-Frankest Jews who practice unbounded Sin. These Ashkanazi's created the hateful Babylonian Talmud which is quite something, evil on every page, child rape is permitted & worse, just like in Islam - again you can see the link back to BAAL & Moloch, Satan or the new name for our era, Lucifer - the Light Bringer - what a joke!!! & we have War again in that old testament land between the old foes, dragging as many others into it as possible to distract everyone, whilst they desperately try to get their Digital Currency & Universal Ledger crap pushed through whilst everyone is being distracted to look the other way & all the talking heads screaming about that War are deliberately causing that distraction for their masters.

I actually learned about the significance of colour through the ages by different cultures through studying Fashion of all things, I found it extremely interesting & informative & even though it's evil beyond words, I've always been drawn to the mysterious, murk of Venice, but was heartbroken to learn of all the horrible animal killing they did for entertainment.

Sometimes a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

I believe colour is Magical, it's used in Ritual extensively, different qualities assigned to different colours, the bride in her virginal white like a sacrifice victim of old - it's powerful stuff, I really dont like Red, unless it's on a Cup, a Lip colour or Strawberrys & would never paint my walls with it - nasty!! It signifies Blood, Danger (Red for stop Lights) red lighting in Nightclubs makes ppl aggressive & we all know how calm & refreshed we feel when we walk in rolling green hills under cloudless blue skies. All colours have a unique Frequency - checkout that wonderful book 'The Invisible Rainbow' by Arthur Firstenberg

It's never to late to throw yourself into study, you don't know this stuff because your not meant to & they've spent a lot of time & effort hiding it from you but the good news is this info is much easier to source in the digital age, though I do prefer books - far more superior & cannot be wiped off the net so easily. Also I stopped watching TV 35+ yrs ago because I thought it existed to rot my brain - it had to go & took up reading big time.

Once you can identify their methods & trail, you'll see them everywhere, don't accept the official explanation, look deeper from multiple sources, it's pattern recognition through the eons as they haven't really changed their modus operandi as it's always worked so well for them so why would they??

My wish would be, that some whizz kid Scientist could locate that Frequency their using to harvest our energy & we could send the death Frequency back to them, like the bomb sent up to the Pyramid at the end of Stargate - lets all make a wish - Death to the Archons!!!

If your not feeling bookish you might want to checkout Flat Earth British on YouTube, I'm not a flat earther at all & Martin doesn't really go into that much, but he does go through hours of old fabulous photographs of what existed in the past & all the Phoenician Architecture everywhere all across the globe (& the mud flood) cities full of it, utterly beautiful & otherworldly, so I recommend that - his shows on Saturdays last for hours but you can watch the vidz after.



And if you want high strangeness then checkout The Higher Side Chats podcasts - 1st hour is free & you can download the episodes & listen at your leisure.

Always thought this guy was controlled opposition but his guests are good & the topics wide ranging.


Checkout author Michael Hoffman - he's excellent, kinda heavy but great

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I'm going to have a fun day looking at the links you provided. Have been very frustrated with the info I could find on the net, but now feel like I'm on a mission. I too am a reader and recently purchased several books like " Rape of the Mind " and others. Quit the t.v. many years ago. Hopefully get back to you after my poor brain digests all this excellent info.....

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Knowledge will come to you - it already has & more will follow, the Flat Earth British images are amazing, I need to get back into it myself as I adore Art & Architecture even if it is bloody Phoenician !!

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Nuke it! Reset~! It's Satan's country now!

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Obvious way out of this horror is: More Horror.

Run the numbers, see exactly how much this or that foetus/corpse is worth as body parts for transplant or "research "..

Then demand half at least. Try for 90%.

Simultaneously encourage govt crackdown on incoming body parts, entire corpses and other marketable human flesh .. slaves and so on from Ukraine, Gaza & Texas.

Then only aborting women and suicidal citizens can cash in.

This should put an end to "donating body parts" in case of death becuz some medical health entity sez it's "the right thing to do" or somesuch flapdoodle..

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I am so glad you are covering this atrocity and bringing it to the forefront.

God has shown us mercy and grace far too many times but with this going on, how much longer is He going to put up with this?

His wrath is coming to the sons of disobedience and those involved will feel His wrath if they don’t stop and repent of their evil deeds!

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Can't really say I like this but have been thinking the same thing. I believe Sodom and Gamorah were destroyed for much less evil.

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Yes, for much less but their sin was so bad that when God put a stop to it it was to show us what can happen when sinning that bad. He’s not going to do that again but the time is coming when it’s going to be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Revelation has it all spelled out what’s going to happen and how no one, and I mean NO ONE wants to go through what is coming to the sons of disobedience. Now is the time for salvation for Christ Jesus is returning soon. But before He does God the Father will tell Him it’s time to go get His bride, aka rapture. After the rapture there is 7 years of tribulation that the world has never been through. So to any and all who read this, God has forgiven you and wants you to live with Him forever. That is why He sent His Son, Lord Jesus the Christ, to die for our sins. He took our place so we don’t have to face Judgment Day. All we have to do is accept His gift of grace, ask Lord Jesus to be your Lord and Savior; follow Him the rest of your days here, letting others know so they won’t be left behind. If they don’t then the day will come to receive the mark that is needed to buy and sell. Without the mark no one will be able to live. Those who refuse will be beheaded. Either live by faith now or die by faith then. The choice is yours. Please choose wisely. You only get one life (if you don’t choose Him), and die twice (of the flesh and then eternal damnation). Or choose Him now and live twice. One in time and the other in eternity. Godspeed 🛐✝️💟

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Also canadian. Fuck I hate this country. I mean I hate all of them. I’m also an Italian citizen and trust me, Italy’s got problems too. All governments are just organized crime syndicates, it’s all the same shit. This is getting scarier and scarier, though. Even though we all probably have nanotech and crap changing our DNA and graphene etc. in our blood whether vaccinated or not (they are putting that shit in everything), standing against it and just simply having made the choice to REFUSE it and NOT COMPLY is, on a philosophical level, worth so much. It speaks volumes. It’s a powerful statement that encapsulates everything that’s going on. And I can sleep at night knowing I said, NO.

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Of course people are tired..............tired of the insanity and sewage. Even with all the division I'd say we can reach agreement on the issue!

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