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This is the most stunning of all off the frightening, jaw-dropping pieces I've read, and I've been reading Substacks since last Fall!

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If you need to hire a professional copy editor, please hit me up. Four+ decades in the book business, freelancing now and have been for a while. It's getting vicious out there. Punishment abounds for those who are awake and aware.

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Yep, same shit I'm hearing from former associates. The eye cancer thing is really weird. Early in my career I ran a pharmacy in a medical building with 17 eye doctors. You should have seen my Rx ophthalmic section, I had everything ever made! That was back when the detail men would give you actual real product, in my case a couple or more of them, just so they could tell the 9 eye doctors they had appointments that day with "the pharmacist , Ed, downstairs, has it in stock!" Eye or "orbital" cancers were very rare, very very rare.

2SG, great job, and Dr. Kory is one of our heroes.

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Traffic deaths are way up over 2019, too:

2020 saw 10% fewer miles driven (lockdown) but 6.8% more deaths than 2019; it works out to +19% more deaths per mile driven.

For comparison, 2019 was DOWN 1.3% total deaths & DOWN 2% deaths-per-mile compared to 2018 (which was also lower in both stats compared to 2017).

Since 2020 was not a normal year for miles driven, I compared 2021 to 2019; total deaths are up 10% and deaths-per-mile up 18%. 2022 only had good data through May (as of when I went looking a couple weeks ago), but total deaths were also up 18% over the same period (through May) in 2019. I don't have a comparison of miles driven.

I don't know how often a car fatality is looked at for, say, a stroke or heart attack causing a driver to make a mistake or lose control. But blood clots look to me like the most reasonable cause for such a sudden & dramatic rise in traffic fatalities.

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This was really good. I doubt that most took the time to read it though. It explains why so many doctors and nurses have completely lost their mind, and are PRO vaccine. Ultimately though, people are falling victim and dying because of idolatry. Their faith has been placed on their physicians, not God. I’ve witnessed it for years.

I’ve watched people who are diagnosed with cancer, get conned into chemotherapy and radiation within mere hours of their diagnosis. I’ve heard nurse friends complain about the greed personally witnessed by the doctors they work for. Cycling patients on/off chemotherapy/radiation monthly in an effort to get paid $20k for multiple sessions, (this was many years ago, it’s probably a lot more now) instead of just getting paid once. Of course, these docs spin it to their patients as if they are doing this in the patients best interest. (Give their bodies time to heal), but the nurses can see what’s going on.

I used to wonder how otherwise smart people could fall for such foolishness as chemotherapy and radiation, but being in fear is the trigger that gets people to stop thinking logically. When someone is told that they have cancer and are in danger of dying, and then pressured to start treatment within hours, it doesn’t give people time to do anything other than panic.

Fear of dying is exactly how they sold us this fake pandemic as well!!! Scare people, then point them towards a solution. I could see the Hegelian dialect from day 1. I assumed this was a push towards getting everyone vaxxed, and a forerunner for the eventual biblical

Mark of the beast. (Mark of the Empire)

So far, I’m looking like a genius, (I’m not) I just have realized that the only thing I can truly trust is God’s Word.

Once again…I see all of this vaccine stuff as idolatry, and the reason why is simple….because I read the following within the Bible one day, And it profoundly spoke to me! Here it is:

And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians. And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign.

2 Chronicles 16:12-13

The lesson here is self-evident and vitally important for us to heed, especially at this time. Peoples faith isn’t in God, it’s in their physicians.

If people don’t repent and turn back to God, the following is their fate:

and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

The truth that is being rejected here is the Word of God. How many profess to be believers, but have abandoned the Genesis account of creation for NASA’s Big Bang heliocentric model? Either you believe or you don’t. Don’t tell me you believe that the Bible is God’s Word and then claim that the Earth is a sphere spinning through outer space. That nonsense isn’t found in the Bible, it’s found in your state sponsored educational system, Hollywood, Freemasonry and NASA. Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it, or don’t read your Bible?!? Then perhaps it is you that has cognitive dissonance. You are being lied to about EVERYTHING. The Bible contains the truth, and you need to be reading it, in order to discern the signs of the times we find ourselves in. One of those things is that the earth isn’t billions of years old, nobody has landed on the moon, and aliens do exist, but they aren’t what you think they are. These things can easily be deciphered by just reading the Bible.

This vaccine agenda isn’t about just poisoning and depopulating. It’s about implementing the Beast System aka New World Order. If you don’t see the big picture, you’ll never understand what’s going on around you. The one verse that I want people to stop and focus on can be found in Daniel Chapter 2, verse 43. It indeed is the secret that Freemasons know, but will NEVER write down. It’s imperative that people understand the truth behind God’s Word and these “Mrna” jabs really are.

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

Daniel 2:43

Here is the meaning: And whereas thou sawest nanotechnology mixed with human beings, they 👽 (aliens are fallen angels) shall mingle themselves with the dna of men:

These mrna jabs were to introduce iron (nanotechnology) into humans, and to alter their dna. The mere fact that they contain an ingredient called Luciferase should slap the stupid out of some of you self-professing Christians. Would a satanist ever inject himself with anything named after Jesus? Of course not, so why are you church goers lining up for your dna altering shots? Could it be that you don’t really know Jesus, and you are just following your Jesuit teachers/preachers advice to go inject yourself with something that will defile your body aka the temple of God?

Let no man deceive you!

Study to show thyself approved!

2 Timothy 2

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Thank you for sharing Dr. Kory’s substack post. I appreciate that you share other posts as I can’t possibly subscribe and read all that I want to because I do have a life that needs to be lived. I’ve been distrustful of Pharma even before COVID, so this whole fiasco has only cemented my previous beliefs. My sister is a nurse and she has refused the jab and was lucky to receive a religious exemption from her university hospital system. I think only because she always refused the flu shot so that she had a record of not wanting injections. She recently finally came down with Covid her first time after working in the system for the past 2 years. She got over it fast and is back to work where there are staff shortages due to all the vaccinated staff having Covid. She says she talks with doctors all the time who definitely suffer from disassociation.

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Now THIS is what I've been waiting for. The inside scoop. BEST article!

I asked a continuing education teacher whether he's heard anyone in our field of chiropractic discuss the increased risk of stroke and what it means for our profession who already has the perception that adjustments can cause a stroke. I'm hesitant to adjust anyone's neck who's had the jab (fortunately/unfortunately, I'm hardly working these days and have only had to do it once or twice, very gently and specifically). He replied that my query was the first he's heard of it, and that he did know a doc who's getting sued after his patient had a stroke 2 WEEKS post-adjustment. I suggested the doc's attorney should bring up the connection and attempt to discover whether patient had the jabs.

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I knew. I knew in my fucking gut that these motherfuckers were lying about the “fact” that only the unvaccinated were the ones dying in hospitals. This is beyond insanity. I have an uncle who is a very successful gastroenterologist - he sent out a group email to my family basically calling anyone who doesn’t get the clotshot a fucking retard - the browbeating and arrogance - related, Meredith Miller did an interview with Reiner Fullmich about the psychological techniques, and warfare surrounding C-19 messaging. It’s scary but it has a lot of explanatory power re: what people are calling “Mass Formation Psychosis” - I always like you Dr. Cory can you remind me of bosses that I used to have when I was in the bartending business. Here’s a link. https://youtu.be/8mDPKG5Yv-k

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THIS was not surprising. I knew early on to avoid that jab. Just wow. THANK GOD for these nurses and their bravery.

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WOW. So scary. I'm nervous for my adult children who were led like sheep.

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Once they cannot hide the injuries and deaths they will crash the stock market and economic collaspe will escalate.

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30 y/o Daughter is an RN in a state univ hospital. Refuses to discuss the vax other than she herself said it would be worth getting GuiillanBarr syndrome vs getting covid when these death drops first came out. As a momma I cry just reading all this; I wish she wouldn’t be so brainwashed and do something else where she isn’t forced to be jabbed. But she still has student loan debt and has just lived in an alternate world of existence, instead of facing the rotten truth. So many prayers…..

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Thank you for everything you are doing Dr Kory, you are amazing and it is greatly appreciated by thousands upon thousands of people across the globe.

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Thank you for your relentless pursuit of the truth concerning these experimental gene “therapies”. I am astounded by the medical community’s ability to totally ignore the shell-game being played. It’s difficult to grasp that so many have lost (or perhaps never had?) any kind of moral compass. Their priorities are so skewed as to be (truly) within the realm of “high absurdity”….. I’m speaking as someone who has legitimately observed this phenomenon: my husband is a physician as is my daughter.

Sigh…truly mind boggling …although I should temper my statement on morality. I do know many who are excellent physicians (husband and daughter included) but am at a loss to explain their positions especially now that so much information has been unveiled.

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Hopefully one day this will be over, like a bad dream.

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First thing ive read that makes me feel like they cant keep this covered up. It has to come out if half of this is true. Right??!!

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