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The mind f@&kery is so ridiculously effective but such that those under the spell don’t remotely see the obvious. Case in point: I now know 2 people out of my collection of friends/acquaintances who are among those willing to risk nuclear war; yet are also self identified liberal democrats who literally used to be anti war anti Reagan anti Bush anti cia. Not people like them but literally the same individuals. They still claim they are liberal renegades. But their opinions are now exactly the same as the deep state on every major issue. 3x vaxxed too. I know you’re surprised

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It was said 8 or how many years ago, that the "special vaxx" will rob the willpower w/o the victims noticing. Good luck explaining the invisible (save the hyperdimensional) consequences to someone in denial even about his/her 3D body rotting away alive.


Focus on this part at 5:30:

"what's the purpose? yeah you go around

and change everybody's dna

what do they become they become a hybrid

the insidious part of this is that

once a person is injected

almost immediately their dna undergoes


almost immediately they lose all

awareness of the fact that they've lost

their independence

their ability to think on their own to

make decisions on their own

and to affect them on a moral

level their moral independence their


religious moral ethical

legal all of those go away

if you remove the independent thought

and that awareness that you've lost

your independence is gone

what then do the powers that be do with

these new forms of humans hybrids

they can control them they can turn them

into a serf class

not s-u-r-f not surfers

but s-e-r-f a

class of slaves"

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I swear everyone I know who has gotten the mRNA jab specifically, for all intents and purposes, acts like a member of a cult. These are people who were aware and skeptical of our government action in 1963, the revelations of the pentagon papers, Church commission hearings, wmd, etc.

I’ve said half jokingly that there’s gotta be something in that shot doing this. The joking part is gone now.

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Excellent post. This is all part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Even the Ukraine war. even Russia and China. James Corbett red-pills this in this recent video that discusses how Trudeau, Putin, Xi, etc, are all on board.


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Thank you very much.

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I've been disappointed in all of the so called free energy stuff.

One takes the cake: guy supposedly discovered free energy. His house got ransacked, everything removed.

Maybe he was dumb not to keep a copy of the data etc elsewhere... I'll give him that.

Ok, but then he couldn't recreate it, like he forgot how to do it?


And all the Tesla free energy stuff was not that. It was a way to transmit power without wires. The copper and related industries didn't like that...

But it's great to see imagination lead people to make up bullshit...

Anyway, I'm open to free energy devices, but so far none of them that I have seen in person or online have been exposed to simple testing of energy in vs energy out (watts in vs watts out in the electrical devices).

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Water-powered cars also supposedly exist (and were independently invented several times) and have been suppressed:


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All the ducks are lining up as this cunning plan comes together, so perfect yet so fleeting, with so many moving parts that it mesmerizes with its sheer complexity. For a plan this diabolical to come to fruition, the walk has been long and tedious and this monstrous cabal can sense victory. No, they can feel and taste it as one by one the pillars of the old world order are ripped apart and torn down. It is theirs for the taking as the programmed masses fail to wake from their ignorance and fear-induced slumber. The lack of curiosity by ordinary people is breathtaking. Do they ever wonder? Do they ever question why their freedoms have vanished so quickly for reasons that once would have been laughed at? Why are they so quick to dismiss alternative explanations as conspiracies from tin foil hat wearing nutters?

As someone much wiser about these things than me said, "Don't label me a conspiracy theorist because you've failed to do your research."

Anyway, the gig is almost up as far as I can see it. The white hats who are meant to have the plan for the plan and stick to the plan keep vanishing into the ether. 'Are they part of it all? Who knows? Yes, some small wins do occur, but it seems that this evil clutch of demons hold all, or most of, the cards at this point. How I wish it was otherwise.

Love your work, by the way! Keep it up :)

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sickening how the Death Cultists love to comply with their death.

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