Yes of course, the W.H.O. WILL BE MONITORING THE SITUATION CLOSELY. And if that gives you any comfort, I've got some beachfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you.

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Incinerate all the biowarfare labs!

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Thank God for Indiamart.com Nitazoxanide and ivetmectin dirt cheap.

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I don't know what irritates me more. Assholes like Tedros making these statements, or the idiots that lap it up.

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I would like to comment but I cannot.

I do not have the extensive four letter word vocabularly it would take.

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What a deluded prick. Release him in the wild and there’d be a bounty on him.

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I can't take another media fueled, 🐑 hysteria! Is there hope less people will be hoodwinked?

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This is the 'variant' that infects everything? Just by chance? Not engineered, defrosted and released?

Like that FCS patented to Moderna but somehow spliced by a bat and a pangolin?

Are the victims dying with (euthanised) or from? Is the PCR 'test' any more accurate this time (trick question)?

These people are cultists. And they will never stop.

The idea that they have a sliver of credibility remaining beggars belief.

Literally everything they did for years led to death and injury. If they had any sense of shame or culpability they'd be killing themselves wholesale as a fraction of the atonement required.

Thankfully, more are awake now than in early 2020. But we need to continue the work, so they can't find a crack to leverage for their psychopathic Agenda.


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So when a bird in a flock gets bird flu, the whole flock does not automatically get sick. Just as with humans. However, the protecol for bird flu vectors, is to euthanize the entire flock, because of that one bird, INCASE it infects the whole flock AND/OR crosses into humans.😐🤨😉 Purely, a cost risk analysis for large farmers. It's expensive to replace the flock, but not as expensive as to feed and water birds that ultimately can't get sold. It also wipes out smaller egg producers.

So the question is, what are they trying to distract you from?🤔🤨

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These psychopaths are signaling that they intend to launch a new lab-created, turbo-charged, mRNA-based bioweapon in the form of an influenza chimera (SARS-CoV2 + 4 HIV inserts + 1 or more deadly revved-up influenza variants).

Many of those who have been multi-jabbed with the Deathvax™️ now have vaccine-induced A.I.D.S. Their immune systems cannot battle against the The Genocidal Globalists’ ‘Flu.

We can count on their money-grubbing Pharma co-conspirators to, totally by accident, produce a “vaccine” against the GG ‘Flu almost instantly...just like a miracle!

And, of course, the surviving multi-jabbed will be terrified and propagandized into taking the jab...unto the grave.

These past three years have been a planned, coordinated, organized campaign of worldwide GENOCIDE at the behest of globalist psychopaths. These demons from hell intend to murder over 4 billion innocent souls...and clearly they are growing impatient. A lab-created influenza chimera is their next bioweapon of choice. Get yourself and your family prepared for their attack. World War III is well underway against the civilian populations of the planet using bioweapons. Everyone you believed would stand in the way to protect you and those you love are complicit. They have betrayed us all. I urge you to quickly adapt to this new paradigm and safeguard those in your care. We are alone...yet we are together.

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Well, if we look for the "drills" and "simulations," it should be there somewhere.

Should be interesting.

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This is a scam to kill all the backyard chickens of the American countryside communities

For those who have been paying attention Purina was just caught poisoning chicken feed , and they’re partnered with the largest commercial egg producer hmmm

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Who is going to stop these psychopaths? They get little to no pushback, they are supported and funded by international organizations. They are not afraid of keyboard warriors.

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Dear Smart Guy,

I am currently looking into body language analysis to better assess the situation in the "enemy camp" and stumbled upon something interesting.

This video from the Munich Security Conference 2022 brings me to the following conclusion:

Bill Gates has completely failed with his "vaccination program":


When he comes to talk about the "Omikron Variant", it becomes clear that he failed exactly on that.

The "Omikron Variant" was allegedly discovered on 09 November 2021 by the South African (family) doctor Angelique Coetzee and classified by the WHO 17 days later.

Quote from Wikipedia German:

"On November 26, 2021, this variant was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a "variant of concern" (VOC) and was given the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet Omicron as its name."


The Munich Security Conference was held on February 18-20, 2022, about 100 days after the "discovery" of Omicron. Bill Gates seems to be still very upset about it after those 100 days. Omikron has put a spoke in his wheel.

Since I am not convinced of the existence of any virus, because viruses have not been proven correctly so far, I assume that there must be some grouping that must have intentionally burst this "vaccination program".

I don't believe in "white hats" or any other "wimp hats" who are supposedly fighting for mankind, but something must have taken place here that has brought the plan of Gates and Co. completely out of control.

Recently he admits that it didn't work out as planned and sells his shares.

Now the question arises who could have rushed to our aid with "Omikron".

What was really going on back then?

Furthermore, we must of course prevent the planned "decade of pandemics".

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