i thought it was the Ukrainian Pres that was the comedian

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As Putin is a puppet of the WEF too he is handling his cards well.

One never knows if he is onboard with the script or if he has chosen his own different way.

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I mean a betrayal of the cause of this point would be pretty epic. Lot's of theories to this being a collected united group -- till the end one way or another.

What if it's actually several groups, not too unlike how 1984 itself has "groups" that hold the power. I think you'd only need to actually defeat one group, and ideally an opposite of another perceived group.

Any significant losses that going on without cost of life expenses would be suspect to me as accepted collateral damage. You'd have to turn off the internet if any world leader went rogue and gave 1 minute of absolute truth to what they really know. This does not even have to be about any death cult, it could even be a truth of "we were told it would work, it did not -- worse.."

I think Canada is the biggest risk to anything right now. Not sure anyone else agrees, but when they tapped CF I think they realized trouble was brewing. The NDP were also bought, and that party no longer stands for what it once was. There is significant resource deployment in the country, also admitted to by the WEF.

Is it if Canada falls, between immigration, multiculturalism and all the social projects.. can you then convince any other society "The Canadian's agreed to this..." Is the country model enough, been marketed properly enough to the world, that if Canadian's agree to this, well then the rest of us should. You have to put on a marketing and public relations hat here, AUS can't be a model anymore because it went too far -- much like Austria. You'd want a moderate, compassionate people with good worldly reputation to be your role models here.

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Sweden is already convinced. The modelling of the society has been going on since way way back. They did not even had to have state injectable mandates here, people went anyway for the poisonous needle as Swedes are very much like Canadians, tranquil, peaceful, trustworthy of and obedient to the government. As well as moderate, compassionate and well behaved.

Still there is quite a huge number that has not fallen to and for the massive propaganda machine, nor complied to any of the governmental so called restrictions in the name of health and safety.

Kind of hard to get an actual number of the jabbed as the health authorities are telling lies here as well as in every other country.

In Sweden as well as in Norway things take place behind all too many closed doors and people believes what the state tells you even when they see things with their own eyes and knows that the government lies. Many in the populations of the aforementioned countries are therefore sadly, gullible and wonderful subjects for an abusive regime.

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