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I thought the motive for the Great Reset was financial i.e. the current economic system is collapsing and the elites are trying to secure their wealth with CBDC and downsize us "useless eaters" because of broke pensions and entitlements. Then I went further down the rabbit hole, and started researching the cabal/Illuminati. Now, it seems that financial collapse was the plan all along in order to bring about the New World Order, according to this whistleblower.


The long-term plan is to make China the headquarters for the NWO.

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We were already screwed when housing costs shot up after Clinton's deregulation... It's just that people didn't seem to worry, thinking that rising real estate is a good thing...

It was in fact huge inflation that now they are crying about but didn't give much of an issue back then!

It's about time that this wall street fraud is ended... Those people don't actually produce anything but grab most of the money...

Gambling is the stupidest game that we reward in Crapitalism.

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I think the only upside here is that a global collapse will hurt the elites as much or more than the rest of us cattle.

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I've been reading about the imminent collapse of the financial system and index markets for more than 10 years. Everytime there is a large correction the bears come out of hibernation and warn that "this time it's really happening!" And the markets hit new all time highs several weeks later.

I understand the index markets and not tied to the financial health of our country, they do not represent the health of the economy. We are seeing generational inflation and will likely see negative GDP growth numbers in the next few quarters. So what does all of this mean?

For me it means continuing to buy dips. Buy dips in the index markets and especially oil, either USO or CL futures if you can swing those. I have no doubt the markets will collapse at some point but I think we are far away from that happening, many years at least.

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I live in an affluent area in southern Cali. So far, nothing has changed much for me with business actually doing great these past years. I wonder when the bubble around here will pop, because I’m sure it will.

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i wonder if i should start learning Russian

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