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Much thanks 2nd Smartest Guy.

I am now having 3 Japanese friends over here digging for more information, and if there is anything important enough to add, we will translate and post. In the meantime, I am crossposting this and sending to about a dozen 'private' Facebook groups, most of which are in Australia.

An 'Effective' New Year to ya from Japan — Steve

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I can GUARANTEE that Biden will threaten to cut them off if they continue with this investigation. Those researchers better hire some damn good body guards. There will be HUGE pressure for Japan to turn a blind eye to this. I pray this is one country that still has a moral compass. Japan is the country that ended using MMR because it caused huge numbers of SIDS. But of course the US still uses MMR and healthy babies die.

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Meanwhile, Here in the good old USA…

Why was everyone “mandated” in most cases, including our military, to get the COVID jab but our Congress and their staff were exempted?? A vax for thee but not for me???


I rest my case! 😩

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I had NO idea there were higher temperatures of vaccinated corpses, but I just told my husband yesterday that I believe the bodies of immune compromised, sick vaxxed people are actually decomposing, much like a compost pile that's loaded with bacteria/fungi does, especially since the immune system can no longer hold these critters at bay inside the body. Further, we all know that a compost pile gets warmer as it's breaking down, especially within.

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I've lost all faith in institutions. They might push for a lame acknowledgement of "rare, 1 in a million" adverse reactions, but make the burden of proof insurmountable for all the actual victims.

No question as we speak, they're in smoky backrooms with pfizer-moderna-fauci to come out the heroes, to smirkingly calm down the peasants & assure them they "did the right thing" you know, for Science.

The only safe way was to not get on the bus.

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“As a result, the spike proteins facilitate in reactivation of the herpesvirus.”

Herpetic viruses = Epstein Barr 😉

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Hot hugs from zombies incoming!

Must be the 5G exciting the newly installed transistors.

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An article the other day pointed the technical differences between mRNA jabs and the others. Each dose of mRNA progressively degrades the immune system. I guess that is why 'they' insisted in Australia and other nations that the booster be an mRNA jab. They can't argue it was all a big mistake for a number of reasons - a couple; the animal trial results and how the animals died and the lability shield.

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> “And yet, only 10% of the members of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who are leading members of the vaccine campaign have been vaccinated.”

Same goes for the CDC, I’m sure. #NuffSaid

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I’m curious why deceased bodies are retaining heat. And what a ‘coincidence’ - there is a new and sick push to compost human bodies.

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Thanks 2nd. At last a genuine government pushback against the GENOCIDE.

Well done Japan.

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We would be grateful if someone who has time could interpret event 201 for us newbies into a "Reader's Digest" format (perhaps someone already has)?

Does anyone know the resolutions regarding the predictions at event 201?

Ok, as event 201 predicted: Japan recognizes ignorance of its situation...

what was the resolution from the studies at event 201?

What are the predicted outcomes from 201 regarding Japan?

Do they shut down Japan, or the Dr.'s who are now screaming for Honor in studies etc?

What were the discoveries and resolutions from event 201?

I am not asking to be spoonfed here, yet AI and 201 seems to be attempting to predict the future based on the antecedents: War, Virus, Weather etc.

This plan is basically good old Psyc. 101 Operant Conditioning on a Massive scale...

IF EVENT 201 was the Baseline STUDY where are the Dr.'s and Organizational Psycologists who can easily recongnize antecendet, and outcomes behavior who have read the results?

Where are they who is interpreting the results to inform the Newbies of these tresults?

Not accusing anyone of anything, wondering out loud?

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The sad part is that no matter what the Japanese find, no matter how bad they say these shots are--our media will ignore it and the majority of the people here will remain in the dark and nothing else will happen.

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Hot Bodies!!!!!!!

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A disaster, wrapped up in a cluster fuck, surrounded by fubar, dipped in homicide.

Brought to you by Pfizer.

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